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Published: 13 years ago
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More Specifically...

Thereís Bowel Cleansing and thenÖThereís REALLY Bowel Cleansing.

Like a good monkey, I bowel cleansed twice before any parasite cleansing last year and did so, six months later before going in for another round. Now, I did Natureís Sunshine, supposedly the cleanest and one of the most robust on the market. Iíve also done Arise & Shine, Dr. Richard Andersonís cleanse (student of Jensen) for three months many years ago. Iíve only seen small bits of plaque. I started taking IF1 & IF2 in late April and continued on until I started the IP. I only pulsed off a few times but therapeutic doses, Iíd say, Iíve done perhaps 4 months of solid, therapeutic doses of IF1 & IF2. However, I was ingesting some mucous-forming foods during that time. Not immense amounts, but they were still present. All told, including the summer and this IP, (Iím 5í3Ē and rather small), I have emitted, easily, over 20 feet of plaque. I have also emitted at LEAST a dozen diverticulum pockets. How do you know theyíre diverticulum? Well, theyíre very hard to break open and when you get them open Ė you realize what they are. Your instincts, the smell, every bit of your being knows what it is.

Surface/Visible Regeneration

I burned my leg badly with a zapper tube last year, June 10, 2008. I got tired of holding them and wanted to fall asleep. I wet the paper towels and stuck them into my socks. I woke with the stinging sensation of my skin being frozen to the copper paddles. The paper towels had gone dry and my skin had fused with the paddles. The right one, when I peeled it away from my ankle, revealed a 1Ē diameter hole in my skin, through the fascia. It was very deep. The man surmised it was about 3 pennies deep. It took a very long time to heal and it was very disturbing Ė looked like WC Fields had stuck his cigar to my ankle and pressed hard. If you care to see (this photo is perhaps a few weeks in) the image is here (warning: it's icky): //

Itís still there and only a few months ago became pretty flush with the rest of my leg. The first week of the IP, one and a half years after the zapper incident, I took a photo of it. It was still quite magenta. Iíve rubbed castor oil and Iodine on it forever but you can still see the circular pattern of skin regeneration. As of 4 weeks ago, it was still ĺĒ in diameter. Today, 4 weeks later, it is exactly ĹĒ in diameter and is just about skin colored. New skin has grown over it, it's completely flush and drastically lighter.
Beginning of IP:


End of 1st month of IP:


The night before Thanksgiving and I was up late. My man had finally turned his current program in for review and had a few hours. This is an event, in and of itself, that heís free right now and so I took the cuddle hours- knowing heíd pass out soon from exhaustion and I just had to run downstairs and prepare the dressing to go in the turkey in the morning. The hand-off would occur whilst I got to sleep in so ALL I had to do was prepare the dressing and leave it in the fridge. Sounds simple, right? Well, a bouncing piece of bread, a freshly sharpened quality knife and my pulling my finger back from the rebound a second too late and I cut my left index finger pretty good. The cut was pretty exact to ĹĒ long, curved at the top, Iíd come very close to filleting an almond shape sliver off my finger. It was a good 1/8th inch deep and I kid not. I calmly put the knife down, went and got my cayenne tincture and held my bleeding finger over the sink. I squirted cayenne on it and it stopped bleeding almost immediately. The cut stung but the cayenne did not Ė at all. I was surprised. I then grabbed the powdered cayenne, packed the cut with that and wrapped a paper towel around it. The top was open though. I held that tightly whilst I attempted to finish cutting, one handed (thank God Iím right-handed) the rest of the bread. I did a pretty damned good job. Rinsing the Celery off before cutting it, a bit of water hit inside the open part of the paper towel and splashed some powdered cayenne in my eye. The universe has an unbelievable sense of humor. Yes, I pondered if God was telling me to go to bed Ė but I only had a half hourís work left and the stinkiní dressing needed to be done. I properly band-aided it that time, finished prepping and attempted to go to sleep. No matter how much passionflower tincture one takes, you canít go to sleep with cayenne pulsing your blood supply into one part of your body. It was absolute torture! I unwrapped it for a bit, rinsed the cayenne off and went right to sleep. The next day, I packed it in cayenne as soon as I got up (thanksgiving day). In the evening, I took the band-aid off and although the skin was filleted and pulling back from the finger it looked drastically better. I rinsed it, poured Hydrogen Peroxide over it bubbles. I poured it stinking bubbles. No need for bubbles. Ha! That night, I snipped off an inch stretch of aloe plant, opened the leaf, laid it against the finger and taped it around it. Itís like the plant is ergonomically designed to meld to round body parts. The next day Ė it was even better. Cayenne throughout the day, aloe at night is what Iíve learned. At the 7th day, one week from that 1/8Ē deep cut Ė it was flush and had scar tissue below it. Today, 10 days after the fact Ė there is nothing there. Only a faint line.

Now thatís a huge difference in healing capability between a year and a half wound-healing time and 10 days for a quality cut. Ha!

10 Days after 1/8" deep cut:



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