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No pressure there. ;)
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Published: 12 years ago
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No pressure there. ;)

I feel like I've been called up to the blackboard and I wonder if I'll fart or not know how to solve the equation! lol :)

I would like to list a few more things that have come off 'my list' of issues. I'm very grateful for all the support, I'll tell ya that much. I don't feel like a rock star. I've still been doing laundry and finding a moment to hang with my man - I know I'm doin a good job on the IP - I've just been beating myself up over it not being perfect everyday, ya know? Perhaps I should tap on that - I haven't. Hello perfect cleanse opportunity! Tap about the fact you don't feel you're doing enough for your cleanse! ahhahahahhaaa

I guess I'm doin' a good job by seeing stuff continually come off the list.
Please understand I've done these first liver & kidney weeks in 10 day increments. I feel good with that and so I'm going to continue it. I did 10 days of Liver Cleansing and 10 days of kidney cleansing. That is what these tales are based on:

I've been massaging the BF&C oil into all sorts of areas of my body. This example is for my face. My lips used to be quite full and over being ill, they've shrunk, literally. They're mostly chapped and if I don't feel well, even the slightest, they're split or super chapped. I've been really massaging the oil into my lips and again, into my face. Then castor oil, then a bit later, grapeseed oil, then back to BF&C. For the first many days, my face was chapped like a skier. Seriously, it looked like I had wind burn in the hardest sense. Around my lips was white, angry kinda chapped action. It hurt, stung even. I kept doin' it. After like 4 days of this, I drybrushed my face, gently but not weenie-like, along with my whole body. Got in a hot/cold shower and wet brushed (all natural brushes) even on my face. I wet brushed one half of my face (much more gently since it's wet) that wasn't in the water and doing cold therapy on the side I wasn't washing - then vice versa with the temps.

Got outta the shower, rubbed bf&c all over my bod and I had little welts all over me. Hmmm...I thought - did I go too hard? I had zits on my face an hour later-. I haven't had a zit in a LONG time. A few hours later I had the man rub deep tissue oil into my back and I swear I felt like bugs were crawling all over me. What a wild sensation - almost too much. It made me scratch - I asked for castor oil and that put out the fire on my back. Very interesting, right?

Well, I woke up the next day with my skin looking drastically different, no zits on my face, the liver spots on both my forearms (again that showed up after I stopped iodine) were seriously lightened. Seriously lightened. And my lips looked like they did when I was in my early 20s! WOW! My skin hasn't been near as dry and it's felt very differently.

I've had severe adrenal stress pretty much my whole life.
For several years now, when I take a walk, I walk by a chain link fence, shoulder high, with a lot of bushes in it. Outta no where, this small barky dog comes as if he preys all day to scare the living sh*t outta ya. He succeeds, EVERY TIME with me. Who's the idiot? Him for barking at me EVERY TIME, or me for jumping EVERY TIME?? Each time I walk off, my adrenals have been triggered and it's an easy 10 minutes for me to calm down physiologically. My heart races, my stomach goes up and I'm totally bummed out. A few days ago, I walked by the fence and again - the little terror used all his energy in the world and barked for all it was worth. He totally startled me - and I walked along and it was a good twenty, thirty steps before I realized...wait...I'm totally calm. No adrenal rush, no heart racing, not even quicker. No stomach hugging my lungs - nada. Take that barky little dog! Ha!!! The chef I mentioned I live with said he thought it'd be hilarious if it was a karmic lesson and next time he just wags his tail at me and gives me puppy eyes - like the Universe was teaching me self love and to not react. :)

I am now able to take a brisk walk every day without my adrenals being SO stimulated that I feel like I'm gonna burst right through my chest. My head isn't getting dizzy and I don't feel like my heart's gonna explode. The walks have been brisk and I haven't needed an inhaler at all when getting home. Yesterday's walk, I was a little wheezy coming in. I did 10 drops of Lobelia and I was FINE. Yay!

I've been allergic to Juniper my whole life. It showed strong on the scratch allergy test when I was young and has pretty much stayed like that. It blooms ridiculously in Texas and I moved partly for that - I needed a break from the asthma and sneezing. Soooo...Uny sent me the liver tea over the summer. She and I were a bit apprehensive of me using it for the IP because every time I drank a cup, I had breathing constriction - enough to where I did reach for an inhaler.

10 Days of Liver tea and it containing juniper - no more wheezing with juniper berries. Not once during the 10 Day kidney cleanse did the juniper (which is plentiful) trigger an allergic response for me. I think this is an excellent example of how allergies are a symptom of the body being 'full'. :)

You read below about my bleeding on time for the first time since I was a teenager without help. I'm still spotting, not quite bleeding yet - but the key for me is that I started the process within 13-15 days of ovulating. That's HUGE. I did twice as much kidney tea. I got caught (as it should be) in the web of sacred mirrors. I feel strongly about not messing with protocols and yet - I did it. I didn't read the posts on macerating the kidney tea (I still don't remember seeing it say to macerate it in the blender first in the manual but no matter) - I read the manual but not fully when I started the program. I was still reading while protocol'ing. So, here I give the number person (what is that #118752 or something?) a hard time for eyebright tea - and poof - God says 'helfinger, did you macerate the kidney tea?' and I said, 'no God, I just made it like normal tea'. lolololololol Know what happened? I did enough Kidney Tea for 2 kidney cleanses in 6 DAYS. lol So I call Uny and tell her and she laughed. On the one hand, she laughed that I did twice as much and had gotten a lot out of that cleanse and perhaps it was clear WHY - but that I talk rounds on sacred mirrors and how the Universe will invariably find a way to show how and where you are when you choose to be conscious - and poof - here it was. I did not read all the instructions I could - and I'm in the same boat for being too overzealous and diving into the pool. Ah, the grasshopper must breathe and learn the alphabet before they make sentences! lol Sorry number person - we're in the same boat. I hope you're eyes are feeling much better!

Now - the point about the two weeks worth of kidney tea is that I had symptoms of a UTI during the cleanse. That's GREAT news for me because I have an oxalic acid crystal production problem that's been (supposedly) contributing to vaginal pain for a LONG time. No more UTI symptoms and my mid back feels much better! That's when I bled on time after ovulation. I'd say that's a pretty successful urinary cleanse stretch!

COFFEE ENEMAS: Last night I did hard foot reflexology on the liver/gallbladder points before I did my first pull of water. It was miraculous. Lots more flotsam, lots more goo - all the good stuff but super value sized. :) I pulsed, did more reflexology for a few minutes and then did two more water pulls (2 cups each time) and poof - I'm a believer in doing the reflexology before!! It was awesome!

HIGH ENEMAS: Five weeks ago I was really ill. The mishap high enema thread is here: //

I couldn't get a cup in without wanting to expel it. On my back, I've been slowly trying to get the tube in a bit more and to no avail. Not more than 4" can I get that thing in and I get the 'ooooh girl, gonna be ouchy super quick' feeling. Huh. I've been wondering how in the world I could do a high enema at all. Last night I was determined. I'd made a strong solution of catnip tea and had that at boiling temperature. It's a cold old house, and I've been bein' smarty on what jars are hotter so they are still warm by the time I get to them. I have several quart ball jars, one that's ready-temp to go asap, then I put different color rubber bands around the top to tell me which ones are hotter and hottest. The catnip tea I made super, duper hot. So over an hour later when I was ready for it - it was perfect temperature and a strong solution. If the catnip quells the spasmodic effect of the bowel - I figure a girl that had a hard time with retaining any solution in a high enema position would do better with a super help like really strong catnip tea. It worked! I got on all fours, put my head on a pillow and verrrrrrrrry slowly (while praying actually) coaxed the tube up and up (or over and over at this point as my head is downward with my tushie in the air). I'd put my clamp at about 15" up the tube, knowing if I could get only 3" sticking outta my druthers till I had the clamp - I was assured I had 12". I mean - how the hell else ya gonna know if you got it in there? I suspect you won't. ;)

I slowly introduced the solution. Prayed and gave thanks and gratitude the whole time. Talked out loud about how grateful I am for this education, for having been ill, for the opportunity to study teachings that aren't readily available to people, about having met Uny (yes, with me bum in the air I gave thanks for her - lmao!!) - and poof - I looked back a few times and the 3rd time I looked back - I was shocked. The whole 2 quarts WAS IN ME...not in the bucket. Ha!!!

I stayed on all two's with head & hands on pillow for many minutes. Slowly, turned on my right side and laid there for at least five minutes (!!!!!!!!!!) with the stethoscope. Listening to the conversation of the appendix area, moving it up to hear the transverse colon talking - there was A LOTTA talking going on in there!! Wow. Then, I comfortably got up and expelled a lot of mucous, goo and flotsam. Forgot the implant, ran downstairs, got the 8 oz. of water & 8 oz. of aloe vera juice, warmed it up real quick and inserted it. Voila!! I did a proper high enema! I'm SO EXCITED!! I went from 1 cup five weeks ago to 2 quarts! Now that's a field goal!

That's not all - but I gotta go drink juice. I'll be back to type some more stuff in a bit!


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