My First Master Cleanse - Terrifying!
by just like blood

20/07/08: An Update   16 y  
2 benefits, 1 confession and 1 miracle
So hereís 2 new benefits that Iíve noticed over the past couple of weeks since I completed the Master Cleanse and improved my diet. 1. Iím finding it really easy to get to sleep, to not wake up through the night and to get up in the morning. The latter in particular is a miracle. I previously found it really difficult to get to sleep and would wake up groggy, headachey and dying for a couple more hours of kip. So this is definitely great news. 2. Iím not sure that this is in fact a good thing but I presume it to be. Basically my bowels are functioning at ten to the dozen. Iím having ...   read more

Thursday: Still eating healthily   16 y  
Still feeling the benefits
Well itís been a while so I thought Iíd drop in a quick update of my eating habits and how Iíve found my health has adjusted post MC. Eating has just been a fantastic experience. Iím eating lots of whole foods, fresh fruit and veg and bar the odd piece of dark chocolate have completely avoided any sort of refined / processed / junk food. Iíve found this really easy because Iím enjoying the food Iím eating so much, itís not such a big lifestyle change because Iíve always been reasonably healthy but Iíve made a few tweaks and feel much improved. Iíve also stayed off the alcohol and alth ...   read more

Monday: I can stop counting days now   16 y  
The MC is officially over
So my cleanse is officially over. Well I suppose technically it was over when I had a big roast last night (vegan roast, plenty of vegetables I should add) but today was my first day of proper, 3 meals a day food and itís fantastic. Everything tastes so good and I actually want to just eat the healthiest things I can for fear of undoing the good work of the MC. So for my breakfast I had a bowl of bran flakes with soya milk and fresh strawberries on top. For lunch I had raw veggies (celery, carrot, red pepper, cucumber and tomatoes) with houmous and some smoked mackerel with lemon. For s ...   read more

Day 13 / 14: Back on solids!   16 y  
More energy than you could shake a stick at
I had a great day yesterday and really felt like I was reaping the rewards for my cleanse. I started the day with OJ then had some more pureed soup for lunch. In the afternoon my boyfriend and I went for a walk and he got hungry and wanted to go to this nice pizza restaurant on the seafront. Pizza being my favourite food and ultimate vice. Grrrrr. But I always feel guilty if my crazy food stuff impacts on him so I did my Ēof course, letís go, that sounds greatĒ thing. But it was actually great. It was gorgeous and sunny, we sat outside and I had a freshly squeezed OJ, some sundried tomatoe ...   read more

Day 12 - that's better   16 y  
An addict's story
Well a fantastic day after two very mixed ones. Wednesday was just a truly awful day for me anyway and itís difficult to know if and how the cleanse affected thatl. Today Iíve drunk diluted orange juice through the day and havenít been too hungry and now Iím drinking the soup I made last night. I pureed it all down and Iím drinking it with a third of boiling water on top which tastes yummy. Iíve had loads of energy, felt positive and my throat is pretty much better. Yay for vegetables :) So I thought today would be a good day to talk about how the cleanse has affected me personally. To ...   read more

Day 10 / 11: All done!   16 y  
Mixed Feelings...
Hurrah, fasting over!!! I finished my 10 day MC yesterday and I have mixed feelings. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I felt quite ill (throat still playing up), had a shitty day at work and all in all felt really down. I donít know whether that was all a product of the cleanse, a weird subconscious emotional response to the end of the cleanse or just one of those things. I drank my whole 2 litres of made up lemonade (meant to last me the day) while I was at work then went straight out for the evening and had to make do with water. Didnít get home until 1am and ate two table spoons of ma ...   read more

Day 9 - and i've lost my voice   16 y  
Maybe it's a detox symptom.... maybe I'm just sick
Well I have no idea if this is related to the cleanse or just another virus that I frequently pick up at work but when I finished work last night my voice was fine, when my boyfriend called last night it was sounding a bit íMadge from Neighboursí and throughout today it has slowly disappeared. Now I sound like a pubecent boy and I donít like it. Luckily my throat doesnít feel too sore so I took the last hour off work and came home for some hot maple syrup and lemon (decided to skip the cayenne pepper), which bizarrely tastes really different to the lemonade so it makes a nice change. I als ...   read more

Day 8 - the end is in sight!   16 y  
nasty hallucinations
Back to work today which makes doing a SWF impossible so I was back on the tea but I had a few good BMs at around 10-11am. Iíve hardly drunk any lemonade again - 4 glasses at 7pm and I feel pretty good (lots of water though). I woke up with loads of energy (before my alarm! for the first time ever i think!) but did get a bit tired this afternoon (which is normal for me at work) so Iím gonna have a chilled out evening of dry body brushing, hot bath, pyjamas and Big Brother with my tea. Last night was weird. I went to bed as normal and was lying listening to the radio with my eyes closed ...   read more

Day 7 - just rolling along   16 y  
Sunny Sunday (and a temptation)
Well for a change thereís really very little to note today. I just feel like Iím in the swing of it and am proud of myself for going a week. I did another SWF this morning and it was very similar to yesterday. Took about 30 minutes to start passing and then a further hour to complete. It took a lot of effort not to vomit but settled down after a few minutes (chasing it with a few mouthfuls of peppermint tea and adding lemon to the SW have been invaluable tips). I started by passing sludge and ended with yellowy clear water which felt good. So far Iíve drank 3 glasses of lemonade and ití ...   read more

Day 6 - empty and light   16 y  
a very positive SWF experience
Started this morning with that SWF Iíve so been looking forward to and it was fantastic! I drank 500ml of salt water first (with 2tsp of sea salt and a big squeeze of lemon in it) followed by 500ml of pure water and then some peppermint tea (just half a cup). After about 30 minutes it started passing through me and at first it contained quite a bit of sludge. It took another hour for it all to pass but by the end it was virutally clear water coming through. So I take this to mean that my digestive tract is officially empty! I know that I now have to keep drinking the lemonade and up the ...   read more

Day 5 - feeling happy   16 y  
half way house
Today has been very positive for me. My hunger has almost completely subsided and itís 7:30pm and Iíve only had 3 x 300ml lemonades and think I will actually struggle to drink all 6 which is amazing considering how desperate i was for them on the first 3 days. Although once again this is probably due to how much i hate the stuff now..... I am so excited for that veggie broth itís unreal! Itís weird but my mind is still on autopilot and Iíll start deciding what to have for my dinner before remembering that there wonít be any. I think my food habits are just so engrained that it will ta ...   read more

Day 4 - bum snot   16 y  
Well this oneís exactly what it says on the tin really. The mucus has arrived, which is a very strange feeling indeed. Iím not sure I have passed any ísludgeí but then Iím not sure how that really differentiates from bog standard (arf arf!) dioharreah? Anyway I canít wait to do a salt water flush to get it all out! In other news I am stil thinking about food ALL THE TIME even though Iím not hungry and I need to keep busy to keep my mind off it, which makes me worry about the weekend where there are fewer distractions. Today has generally been good though and Iím pleased with myself f ...   read more

Day 3 - headaches gone :)   16 y  
planning for the end already....
Well itís dinner time on Day 3 and Iíd say itís still slowly getting easier. My headache has almost completely gone and I havenít drunk nearly as much lemonade as the previous two days so I think Iím less hungry. Either that or Iím just so sick of the stuff that it takes a lot more to get me to drink it.... seriously Iíll be glad to see the back of that drink. Iím trying so hard to take each day at a time but all i can think about is what Iím going to eat first once the fast is over. But the good news is that Iím craving all healthy stuff and canít wait to be eating completely pure fo ...   read more

Day 2 - It's getting better   16 y  
headaches and hunger
Well apart from having a monster headache pretty much all day I feel quite stong. I still havenít got it into my head that Iím not eating though, like Iíll be chopping up fruit for the kids (I work in a preschool) and will automatically put some aside for myself before remembering that Iím not allowed anything. It really is a mental thing Iím coming to realise. After a horrible SWF yesterday which wiped me out for the day I took a tea last night and then again this morning.... but barely any bowel movement, like literally, a spray, which was not pleasant! Iím gonna stick to the tea ...   read more

My motivations   16 y  
my reasons for cleansing
I guess everyone has different reasons for doing a Master Cleanse and Iím going to try and outline mine as something to refer back to when all reason is gone and I just want a sandwich. Iíve always been relatively health conscious and have been a vegetarian since I was six but I became much more so during a yoga course in India in November 2005. During the course we were eating all these amazing vegan meals with loads of vegetables, all freshly prepared. We were also doing about 4 hours of yoga a day and did a number of salt water flushes. I really felt the best I had ever felt both e ...   read more

Evening of first day   16 y  
A less than enjoyable start
Well I had a bad start I have to admit. I drank my lax tea last night and then got up an hour early to do the SWF. I pretty much downed the whole litre (quart of water with 2tsp of Sea Salt ) and went back to sleep feeling pretty rough. I got up 45 minutes later and had a very painful bowel movement (took about 20 minutes i guess). After that I just felt so sick and as if i needed to go to the toilet again although I couldnít pass any more. I have a 40 minute walk to work and was so scared to do it in case i vomitted / soiled myself that I rang in sick! Not good. The rest of the day has ...   read more


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