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DangerousProduce Views: 6,265
Published: 16 years ago
This is a reply to # 712,289


The various experts determined how much of which ingredient is taken under certain conditions for their particular flush. The particular amount of olive oil for that particular flush was determined not just by using it on just one person, as you did.

Things like weight can vary greatly from person to person even of the same height. But how relevant is the weight to this procedure (flush)? Who is this determined by, you or the person who created or developed the flush formula? If one person weighs 130 and another weighs 260 does the heavier person have eyes that are twice as big? Or a head that is 2 times the size of the first person in circumference? I don't think so. Not everything in a person is larger just because there is MORE FAT. I think it makes common sense that because so many of our vital organs are about the same size that adding a lot of fat around them makes it so hard for that NORMAL sized organ to handle properly, and becomes dangerous to health. Just because there is more fat around the liver of a person who is 160 lbs. does not mean the liver is going to grow larger than normal. You could have a liver that is not functioning right (like fatty liver) and is out of shape due to having to process so much extra fat every day.

There is an average weight of the liver that is used as a standard in measuring things. One for men and one for women. You have to know how this combination of ingredients in the Liver Flush works by observing and measuring the results with different amounts. This is a functional analysis and how much to take is not obtained by studying anatomy alone. The flush ingredients are meant to work through the gallbladder and liver and not really react with your feet, other organs or get used up in your fatty tissue and make a fat person need so much more of it. The flush is specifically designed to work on those organs like the gallbladder that those who use it are talking about and not other organs. Using olive oil and the other food ingredients is not like using chemotherapy. Chemotherapy depends on how much a person weights and you are given so many milligrans of a chemotherapy agent per pound of your weight. Here it makes a difference whether you are 130 lbs. or 160 lbs. because it was DESIGNED TO GO BY WEIGHT DURING ITS RESEARCH. Unlike the liver flush, chemotherapy is not specific and attacks and is used up by the normal organ tissue that absorbs it before arriving at the cancerous organ it is supposed to attack. This makes the weight important--you have to be sure you have enough to get to the organ with the cancer.

The Liver Flush does not work by weight. The Liver Flush was designed to work on the liver and gallbladder (DURING ITS RESEARCH) and to be ignored by the other systems on its way there. For example, the liver is a large, important organ and the olive oil amount plus ingredients are designed to work on the usual liver size--they are not that different from person to person.

That the answer may confuse you is not surprizing. If this is the very first time you tried this flush, then most likely this is the very first time you came up with your OWN FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS of what is going on (inside) with the olive oil (and ingredients). Previous to this you must have thought that swallowing the olive oil was a simple chemical reaction like what would take place in a test tube. The liver and gallbladder are not inert like the test tube in a high school chemistry class. The liver and gallbladder react with the flush ingredients, because it was designed that way because of someone's knowledge the relevant chemistry, physics, physiology principles. They produce and expell physical stones (cholesterol).

You cannot design your own liver flush after one flush and just by eating a little bread and olive oil if you don't know how the body functions. Although you seem emotionally hurt that it didn't turn out as you expected, I think you got some insight into how powerful emotional forces can make anyone blind to any reason outside of the one you hold. Perhaps your husband, or someone whose opinion you value, didn't value your enthusiam for trying something new and this brought down your motivation from the very begining to follow the instructions. Per your instructions the chemistry steps took their course and you got a result that horrified you. You were honest in how you felt about it, a first step in determining what you will do next time in order to see the truth for yourself.


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