my juice fasting experience
by stephd

1 week post fast   14 y  
I wish you all happiness. Be inspired.
I just wanted to let you all you what itís like after the fast for me. After the cleansing experience of the fast I decided ĒI want to be in control of my life, damnit!!Ē because there is already too much we canít control! I decided I was going to eat healthy, and avoid meats and dairy. Well, 7 days later, Iím eating 90% non dairy and meat free except skinless grilled chicken and fish of course! Also, Iím committed to eating 5 small meals a day. Iím loving a little cereal with fruit, or oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. Iím loving soy milk and protein drinks. Iím loving my spinich salad ...   read more

Day 17 and 18   14 y  
Stick with it girl!
Day 17 and 18 have already passed. Iím on day 19 now, and Iíll definitely make it until day 20 at least. Iím feeling great- healthy and fit. Iím definitely not going back to fatty food. sugar filled foods, and junk food! Iím not even going to eat meats besides chicken and fish, and Iím not going to do dairy. I love soy milk now, and donít really care for cheese so it should be easy for me. Plus, I read a book recently on why you donít need meat or dairy and rather enjoyed it. Weight 147   visit the page

Day 15 and 16   14 y  
Ending soon
So I am getting really bored just having liquid meals and I canít push myself to work out as hard as I know beacause I get too tired and donít perform well. 2 months ago I couldnít walk for 30 minutes without getting tired, and now I can jog for 10 minutes without stopping! 2 months ago I was eating out of boredom and just beause I could, but not anymore!! Iíve decided to be in control on my life as much as I can-and that largely has to do with my health and diet! Also, my trainer is starting me on a more intense training 5 days a week. I havenít lost a ton of weight but I receive compl ...   read more

Day 15   14 y  
Half way
Half way there-YAY! I am pretty busy at work so Iíll be glad when this is over. I was very tired and weak yesterday and today. I need more sleep and veggies! Weight 153   visit the page

Day 13 and 14   14 y  
Continuing on
I stayed so busy over the weekend I didnít have time to post!! I worked Sat and was so tired that I went to bed early! I went to the beach yesterday, got some sun and went on a walk. BMs are consistent and skin is clear. I am loving this experience!   visit the page

Day 12   14 y  
Feeling wonderful
I am still feeling great and healthier each day. I have had a few slight headaches and noticing my urine is still clear and frequent, which are signs of no toxins I believe!! I continue to have compliments on my figure changing too. Weight 155   visit the page

Day 11   14 y  
On track...
Feeling great. Enjoying grapefruit, carrots, tomatoes, and kale a lot lately... and water of course!!! Iím realzing how obtainable my goal losing 10-15 more pounds is!! Oh I lathered up with sunscreen and laid out in the sun by the pool the twice this week and felt sooo good. Weight 155!!   visit the page

Day 10   14 y  
Feeling accomplished
Yesterday I received THREE comments from three different people about my body: how thin my waist looked, and how nice my skin was, and how Iíd lost weight. It makes me feel like Iím accomplishing something BIG and it gives me so much strength It really made me feel great for people to notice my body changing, and not just myself!!! I noticed yesterday I had a bm twice within minutes of juicing or have a protein shake. I also noticed my urine has been very light in color or clear the last 3 days, which usually means there is less waste being expelled. GOING STRONG! Weight 156   visit the page

Day 9   14 y  
Moving ahead
Doing great and feeling great. My level of energy and happiness has been amazing in these last 2 weeks. Not much to add- I did pilates and light cardio yesterday. BM twice looked a little veiny, so I looked it up and the sites I read indicated lack of fiber. So, I took a shake with scoop of fiber blend (wheat, oat, & rice bran). Still drinking plenty of water- 60-80 oz actually. Weight 156   visit the page

Day 8   14 y  
Feeling like a healthy person
I felt a little tired, but I had a hard time staying asleep the night before, and woke up once last night. I was a bit stuffy last night too. I looked in the mirror and my skin looks so healthy! I have lost 2 pounds but Iíve been told I look more muscular, so maybe some weight has turned into muscle! Weight 157   visit the page

Day 7   14 y  
Doing great!
Day 7 and everything is wonderful. Had a bm yesterday. Iíve been feeling very energetic. I have been working out routinly for 6 weeks now and am really seeing the results. I forgot my juice on the counter this morning but luckily I had a banana and some protein powder to make a shake! I am so motivated to keep this weight off now that Iím physically seeing results, and not just feeling good. Last night I was laying in bed thinking about how much I weighted when I was truly happy andthe weight my body gravitates towards. I remember being in an unhappy relationship last year and weighing ...   read more

DAY 5 and 6   14 y  
Having a great weeend!
Day 5 was a little hard...Redfizz you were right, I definitely felt some hunger pangs! Day 6 and doing great. Slept in til nearly 11, had my juice, and me and the boyfriend spent he entire day ar the beach. I had juice and I must have drank 5 bottles of water!! What a lovely day!! I swear I even looked better in my 2 piece! Did an enema last night-not as bad as I imagined it would be. Iíll weigh in tom but since Iím on my period, I wonít be upset if Iím still at 157.   visit the page

Day 4 PM   14 y  
This is me being tested, and passing!
So itís still day four but now itís dinner time, which doesnít bother me, but Iím sitting in a PIZZA BUFFET restaurant, armed with juice and water; refraining from the greasy goodness 100%. My boyfriend endured the first 3 day of the fast to show support, and was clear about having no plans to exceed 3 days or change his diet afterwards. All 3 days he complained of hunger and told me it was impossible to last 30 days!! I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG!!! This is just more motivation. So Iím sitting here as heís on his 4th plate of food stacked to the ceiling, and I KNOW I CAN MAKE IT, but damn i ...   read more

Day 4   14 y  
Gotta keep moving-1 foot in front of the other...
Day 4 is here. I can already tell itís going to be a good day. I woke up feeling good. I did light cardio and yoga yesterday, which make me feel amazing. Honestly, it was an extremely emotional day of sadness and shock for me at work. A 75 year old woman, who I quite frankly thought was in her early 60s, had a stroke while walking the treadmill; part of her regular routine. I called 911, held her hand and told her help was on the way as my heart beat faster than ever. Iím praying for her and her family. I suppose we are fated to leave this world, just as we enter it, and if that is her tim ...   read more

Day 2 and Day 3   14 y  
I made it all this way!!!!!
I am so proud of myself-I made it to day 3 today. Iím going strong. Day 1 was by far the hardest, and now that Iím on day 3 I feel very motivated. I wanted to eat so badly on day 1, but refrained. Day 2 was hard but not as bad. I peed every 30 min-hour, had an oily face, and had a runny nose for a minute. AND IT FELT GREAT. I did yoga on day 1 and pilates on day 2 which helped so much. I have been drinking about 48-64 oz of water each day (3-4 bottles) so that may account for the excessive peeing day 2! Iíve lost 6 pds as of morning time day 3! I had a bm on day 1 so today, I think Iíl ...   read more

day 1   14 y  
Getting back on track...
I totally cheated over the weekend- starting over today. I feel totally guilty and disappointed with myself, but not too bad. I didnít have any support from my boyfriend, so yesterday I told him how important this is to me and he apologized and offered to try the juice fast for first three days with me, which really means a lot to me. I went to the produce market yesterday and got restocked on fruits and veggies. Enjoying my breakfast of carrot, lemon, and apple as I type! Have been exercising every day so still feel good. I am definitely taking the advice of redfizz and setting smal ...   read more

Day 2   14 y  
day 2 pushing forward!
Day 2 went great. The scale is looking good and Iím feeling good. Had a bm yesterday morning and am feeling like my skin is more oily, which is hopefully the toxins expelling! I started yoga last night-and what a great time to start. Itís very peaceful and calming. I even did light exercise, abs and arms, yesterday and the day before. I will need to start getting more sleep. I am going to shoot for 9 tonight as I get up at 330am! Only 6 1/2 hours yes, but I always get an hour nap in the afternoon. Also, today is my big brotherís birthday,-24, and he is in Iraq. Heís been in the Navy for f ...   read more

Day 1   14 y  
Day 1 juice fast
Day 1 was pretty hard! I wanted to eat but reminded myself life is about sacrifices and I really want to improve my health!! I found I really like apple/spinich juice and OJ for breakfast was very tasty!! Please, tell me what juices youíve found to be tasty! BM yesterday morning, and bought my enemas to use when the time comes. Experiencing mild headaches but nothing too bad! The scale says Iíve lost 2 pounds and thatís great motivation!!   visit the page

follow me on my juice fast!! begins Monday9/7   14 y  
I have prepared to the best of my ability and my juice fast begins tomorrow!
My juice fast begins tomorrow!! I just finished my 7 day colon cleanser detox to Ēclean houseĒ a little. Iím very excited and nervous as itís my first fast! Add my blog to your favorites and support me along the way please!! ~I got my juicer today. Itís a Jack Lalane and was on sale for a steal-$50! Iím all stocked up fruits and veggies- lemons, kale, lettuce, spinich, celery, carrots, apples, tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges and kiwis and more... :) I plan on having 5-6 glasses of juice a day as I get up at 330am and got to bed around 10pm but iíve heard itís ok to drink as much as you want ...   read more

juice fasting update   14 y  
update of juice fast
Ok so it is September 1st officially, and Iím a little behind schedule, but right on track. Confusing, right? Let me explaiin. Previously Iíd decided to begin my detox the last week of August and then begin my fast, but I ended up getting a new job and having to transition into that. Luckily, and to my benefit, Iím working at a gym! This includes a FREE gym membership! BENEFITS = better sleeping habit and schedule, Iím forced to eat breakfast now, and I am working out more! I havenít started my detox yet, but this week Iím buying a used juicer I found for $50 and then I will begin! ...   read more

putting my plan into perspective   14 y  
My upcoming goals
I want to remind myself to continue my workout regime and to begin my juice fast plan. August 20-27 I will eat no meat or dairy products. Aug 27- Sept 3 I will do a detox to ready my body for the fast. Sept 3-Oct 1 I pray that I have a safe detox. My goals this week are to visit the fresh produce market nearby, purchase more fruits and veggies, and begin my weaning off of dairy products and meat!   visit the page

knowledge I've gained through research   14 y  
This post contains what I've learned about juice fasting.
I found out about juice fasting by searching the internet for insight into detoxing because I wanted to know if it was safe or not. My sister recommended I detox since I told her I wanted to change my lifestyle. I was so lucky to find this site. I stumbled upon a blog someone created to document their 30 day juice fast to lose extra weight and change their life. Iíve learned so much valuable information, like what supplies Iíll need to begin my juice fast, recipes for the fruits and vegetables, realistic expectations to maintain about how much weight Iíll lose, how to keep it off, and w ...   read more

I've just learned about juice fasting   14 y  
I need your support as I begin my first juice fast
I want to start this blog by telling you about myself and how I came upon juice fasting. Iím 20, in my first year of college, and have been thinking a lot about my health lately. In high school I was active in sports but didnít diet or worry about my weight. At 5í4 I was happy at 140 pounds. 2 years later Iíve gained 30 pounds and am sick and tired of the extra weight! Two weeks ago I began to exercise 30-60 minutes 4-5 days away and improved my diet somewhat and Iím down to 165 pounds. I really want to go ahead and lose the extra 25 pounds now so I can maintain my desired weight ...   read more


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I hope to keep a blog of my juice fasting experience. I want to record my feelings and thoughts before, during, and after my fast. I hope more experienced people can offer their insight and support as well. I hope you all find this blog to be enjoyable if not helpful.Ö more...

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