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A Couple Raw Secrets + Quotes   14 y  
...when others try to give you some of their food at parties...and raw traveling...more quotes
Ask if you can, and then bring a favorite salad or h’ourderve to parties. If someone wants to give you food it is often much easier not to explain that you won’t eat it or why. Unless they are really interested in nutrition, change the subject and when they’re not looking tuck what they gave you UNDER your salad and just don’t eat it. Great to take with you while traveling: apples, avocados, dates, nuts, seeds, a jar of sprouts that are completely ready to eat (but which can also grow when you are not eating them). Be sure to have a ”restaurant card” for restaurants. I’ll have to chec ...   read more

Imaginative Raw Recipes   14 y  
...from Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, N.D. in her book THE CURE IS IN THE CAUSE
RAW SWEET POTATO SALAD Shred an organic sweet potato, skin and all, with a shredder. Quickly add some orange or lemon juice so the potato doesn’t darken. Add finely chopped celery and onions, parsley, raisins, walnuts, apples (and anything else you may like). Dress with fresh orange juice, olive or flax seed oil, a pinch of Celtic sea salt and mix well. Chew each bite slowly. You can use any dressing you like. You can’t mess it up! TAHINI DRESSING OR DIP Grind a cup of sesame seeds....Add the fresh juice of an orange or lemon (thicker less juice; thinner more juice). Add herbs ...   read more

Thought for Food   14 y  
Some quotes for raw transition/raw diet support
”Good thoughts and good food are good medicine.” -- Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, N.D. ”Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.” --Richard Hooker ”Meat is a second hand food. An animal ate the green, growing plants that produced the meat [that is so] hard to break down.” -- Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich, N.D. ”Eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Raw is imperative. You must realize that this is not a fad, cult or some new religion. This is a fact that will improve, extend and achieve your optimum health and life span.” -- Dr. Ruza B ...   read more

Counting My Blessings   14 y  
I really AM feeling better from the raw vegan diet!
I just had to stand up from a sitting position and walk across the house. It was a surprise. It was so easy. It reminds me that I have been having such awkwardness, pain and general discomfort for so many months now that it’s a surprise to be able to do something as simple as standing up from a sitting position with relative ease. I was thinking of things to say to myself the next time I find myself in front of some non-vegan or non-raw temptation. ”Is tasting this really worth risking that I won’t be able to walk as well tomorrow?” Of course the answer is NO, but it’s amazing how muc ...   read more

Too Muddy to Walk Today   14 y  
...but I had a 2-day stash of dandelion greens -- Yea!!
It rained all night and there are no paved roads within 3 miles, so I was not able to take my walk today. Now it is raining again. I hope it stops soon and dries up! Will have to learn how to use the treadmill here otherwise! Looking at my breaks and bites of non-raw non-vegan foods the last few days, I remind myself not to consider myself as having fallen off the wagon -- which would only be an excuse to pig out on more unhealthy stuff. I know I must get up, dust myself off, and continue ”as if nothing happened.” It’s the only way. Ran out of watermelon today. Hopefully will be ab ...   read more

Mostly Good, Some Not So Good   14 y  
Had a couple bites of non-raw vegan...
The scary thing is, it only take a few seconds to bite into something I should not. I know it will be much easier when I am not living in a SAD diet household, but I must tow the line while I am here too. It’s hard sometimes. Other times it is easy. Had a good walk today and collected more dandelion greens. Made a big green smoothie that included losts of dandelion and also frozen blueberries. It was good. Had a carrot and some of that ”raw ranch dressing” (which I added more dill and onion powder to). I even ate a bunch of the dressing straight. For breakfast I had some delicio ...   read more

Day #11 Raw Vegan   14 y  
Dandelions and watermelons make for a great smoothie!
Went on my walk again this morning and foraged for more dandelion greens. It seems that every time I go back there are more than the day before -- yea!! It’s so odd how I have not been able to find them anywhere else (at least not enough to pull and eat). Had watermelon for breakfast, smoothie for lunch -- with dandelion greens, avocado, bananas, pear, watermelon, water (left out the celery this time). Ate the leftover bit from the raw chocolate bar yesterday. I plan to have celery-tomato salad for dinner. The tomatoes are so delicious. They are soil-grown and must be heirloom, th ...   read more

Day 10 Raw   14 y  
...and going pretty good!
Had watermelon for breakfast, cucumber-tomato salad for lunch, a raw chocolate bar (still ate too much -- will have to half the amount next time!), then had a smoothie made with water, bananas, celery, Bartlett pear, blueberries (frozen) and wild dandelion. It was really too bitter but today I didn’t mind. However in the future I’ll add more fruit. Then for a late night snack watermelon, and may soon have a little bit of my homemade sauerkraut (for the probiotics since I used my Zapper today). More and more I am seeing that I need to center my focus on the food I CAN eat and take my f ...   read more

Day 9 Raw   14 y  
Jonesing for Taco Bell Quesadillas in the kitchen!
The cravings definitely are not gone yet and probably won’t be for quite a while! I keep reminding myself that ANY food I crave that is bad for me will only give me a few seconds of pleasure for each bite while at the same time wrecking my body and therefore my life. I had a smoothie this morning with wild dandelions again, and with some blueberries. Now I’m having a sort of guacamole (without the seaweed). Later I think I’ll fix a chocolate bar to help me through this Taco Bell craving!! No, I won’t fix the cacao bar. It’s just too much fat. My body doesn’t want too much fa ...   read more

Wild Dandelions in My Soup   14 y  
...and made homemade raw chocolate bars!
When I went on my walk today I was gathering greens to feed Jake from his owners’ yard. (Jake is a mule.) It is not so easy to find greens around here. It’s very dry and there is not much rainfall. There is a lot of sage and a couple of other plants, but regular blades of grass that are actually green are further between. Anyhow, I noticed today there were a few little patches of green next to Jake’s owners’ house so I went over there on my way to give Jake a handful -- and spied wild dandelions! After giving Jake a couple handsful of greens I snatched up as much wild dandelion greens ...   read more

Day #8 Raw - Lost 10 lbs.   14 y  
At least in the last month, I have lost 10 lbs.!
Oh boy. I just wrote a long blog entry and in a hurry hit the wrong button. Instead of hitting ”publish message” I hit ”post a new message.” I should learn to write my blog offline and then copy and paste it. I’ll give an abbreviated version of the lost entry. Yesterday’s food was much the same, with the addition of some local watermelon which was/is delicious. (I’m having it for breakfast right now too!) I weighed myself and have lost 10 lbs. since last month. It’s a bit confusing because there are newer scales that say I weigh 5 lbs. more, but the fact is on the same scales then an ...   read more

Day #7 Raw - Morning   14 y  
Morning food, morning thoughts...
This morning I had two (small) organic bananas and 5 (small) organic raw almonds. Later I had a couple cups of green tea with honey and stevia. There is a part of me that wonders if I am deprived and thinks about eating more foods and remembers I used to eat a lot more and there is another part of me that feels in control, fairly calm, and says, ”Yes, this is enough for now. Perhaps I’ll have a salad in a few hours. Or something else.” Most evenings I feel strange because I am not used to not eating late at night. I know it is good to stop doing that. And I know that just because ...   read more

A Quote by Rumi   14 y  
I don't believe Rumi was talking about raw diet, but it sure fits!
Rumi says... ”Learning anew ~ well, at the very first — almost everyone must be bound and dragged here. Only a very few really come entirely on their own. Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of learning, lover of leaving, It doesn’t matter — ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, come even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, come yet again, come.”   visit the page

Day #6 Raw - A Good Day   14 y  
Feeling a little more relaxed, knowing that there is enough for me to eat raw and vegan
Today I had organic banana 5 organic almonds Fuji apple organic cucumber-organic tomato-onion salad w/sunflower and pumpkin seeds (and olive oil, Celtic sea salt, AC vinegar, dash fresh lime) smoothie of: 3 short organic celery sticks (hearts) 3 organic bananas 3 handsful organic green lettuce (not sure what kind, it was just the only one that was not too expensive at the store, and the last one!) 1.75 cups water 2-3 tablespoons goji berries 2 tsp. cacao nibs 1 TBL coconut butter Okay, that’s what I’ve had thus far, (except I am still drinking the smoothie) and it is ...   read more

Day #5 Raw - What I Ate Today   14 y  
Eating, Reading, Walking...
Today was a little different, so I’ll list what I ate today. First, I woke up early and at 5 a.m. I ate 5 raw almonds and one banana. Then I fell back asleep for at least two hours! I ate a carrot around 10 a.m., then around 11:00 or so I got the hankering for cucumber salad with tomato, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, onion, a.c. vinegar, dash of fresh lime, olive oil, black pepper and Celtic sea salt. It really hit the spot. I almost didn’t eat dinner but finally decided I was going to eat. I fixed a very simple guacamole with 1/2 avocado mashed, 1/4 tomato diced, a little diced wh ...   read more

A Bunch of Raw Recipes   14 y  
(Empty blog spot)
Don’t want to upset any proprietary recipe deals so I just deleted the recipes here...   visit the page

Walking, Tony Robbins   14 y  
...and a recipe for Raw Ranch Dressing/Dip...
Forgot to mention -- yesterday I walked probably about a mile. That was good. However in the evening my feet were pretty bad and between my feet and then especially the pain of my psoriasis I had a very fitful sleep last night. I was awake every hour of the night. I don’t think it is just because of the psoriasis. I think it is also to do with going raw. The body is adjusting. Another thing I got in the mail yesterday was a group of Tony Robbins tapes I purchased on eBay! This year I sank to lower lows in depression and desperation than I have felt in decades. I know I need to get more ...   read more

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