Raw Food for One
by The Wanted
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Day #3 All Raw Vegan!   14 y  
Best I have done in weeks. Maybe this time...!
Doing good again today on staying all raw, and getting a hard-learned lesson or two as well. The first is physical: my feet hurt more yesterday and today than they have in a long time, and I know...   read more

Some Posts Here are Not Mine!   14 y  
Curezone is having some software problems
Just thought I should mention that. There is something screwy going on with the software and making it so that people putting comments (like Ren when she said she is eating fish again) go on as p...   visit the page

Day #2 100% Raw Vegan   14 y  
Finally, Day #2...!
Yesterday worked out great. I had a very pressing job which made it impossible for me to stop and eat for much of the day -- and I was really hungry! But then by evening when I COULD eat, I reall...   read more

New Day #1 and a Few Thoughts   14 y  
Referring back to Hovannesian's book "Raw Eating"
Oh my, what a hard week it has been! One ”cheat” leads to another, and it’s a good thing I’ve been doing the green drinks with wild dandelion leaves because I think that’s the only thing keeping me from coming fully out of remission of some of my worst physical ailments! But why waste all that incredibly healing raw food just to still feel at least half bad when by going to all raw I could get literally blasted with great health? This is what I keep asking myself. I have tried to go inside and ask myself why. Why do I do these perverse things (such as eating meat, cheese or bread) ...   read more

Raw Sour Cream Blueberry Pie   14 y  
from http://thedailyraw.blogspot.com
Her tester, once she got past the puckering, enjoyed the pie. It’s not sweet, so if you want sweeter I’d trade out the 1-3 T. water with honey or agave nectar. SOUR CREAM BLUEBERRY PIE 4 c blueberries, divided 1 c cashew ¼ c agave nectar juice of two lemons 3 T water, more if needed 1 T coconut oil ¼ t sea salt 1 Almond Crust Almond Crust recipe 2 c almonds, soaked for 6-8 hours 1 c dates, pitted and soaked for an hour, reserve soaking water 4 T reserved date water 1 T organic vanilla extract Pinch of sea salt In a food processor, process almonds, dates, dat ...   read more

I blew it again   14 y  
Next time I'll start number after I get to Day #2!
Ah, the flesh is particularly weak this week. I shall keep trying and let you know when I successfully make it to Day #2...! My body is not liking the non-raw-vegan foods and only my cravings and mouth like them. I will keep trying and hopefully soon can post some inspiring quotes from raw authors.   visit the page

Repeat: Day #1   14 y  
Repeat and repeat again and it becomes a habit!
I did better yesterday, and if I had not considered it my first day raw vegan I know I would have succumbed to temptation much earlier in the day. Yesterday I had to fix taco salad for the family, and that has meat and cheese in it. I had more than a few bites. My edema is worse today, no doubt because of my recent succumptions. (Is that a word?) But today is a new day, and here is a quote that helps me not get bummed or discouraged from my flub-ups: ”Repetition is a little secret of those who are truly blessed with great health, energy and abundance...Repetition makes habits an ...   read more

Day #1 Again Here and Now   14 y  
Practice Makes Perfect, Practice Makes Perfect...
Okay. I’m going to count the days again. Somehow it helps. I cannot afford to wait and go raw a month from now. If I did that I would have to be moving as a semi-cripple. I would rather be in better shape for my ”new” life. And besides, I’ll be busy with new stimulations, etc. and it will be a great help to me if I have already been all-raw and all-vegan for a month before I get there. It’s so crazy. Things that have not been hard for me to stay completely away from for YEARS, such as coffee, here sometimes every day I have to ”quit” again during thoughts of temptation looking at t ...   read more

Raw Smoothie Recipes   14 y  
from http://www.renegadehealth.com
Raw Coconut Manna A Raw Smoothie Recipe from Sarah -Take the meat and water from one young coconut -Fillet the jelly of a good chunk of aloe vera (approx. a 2X2 peice) -Add a little blue manna, spirulina, e3 live, goji powder and/or goodies of your choice. -A dash of agave nectar or sweetener if you like it sweet. Blend! Green VegaMix A Raw Smoothie Recipe from Nimisha (www.evolvingappetites.com) In VitaMix or K-Tec blender: -1 cup of water -3 pieces of fruit - e.g. 1 orange, 1 apple, handful of grapes (or can be 3 oranges - whatever combination of fruit you like). - ...   read more

Zipper Unzipped   14 y  
It was like my zipper unzipped...
Most of the time I can avoid big slipups like that by reminding myself not only the poisonous effects those other foods have on me but also reminding myself that it is only a few moments’ pleasure. But, like I told my good friend, it was like my zipper just unzipped -- and stayed unzipped for a good half hour or more. Then I was thinking about it: for the past 30 years most of those years have gone by with my zipper unzipped ALL the time. Now that I am zipping it up, it’s easy to fall back into the unzipped status -- that non-conscious, unconscious way of living and eating. Livi ...   read more

Tomorrow will be Day #1 again   14 y  
Maybe I'll get past 8 days in a row once I'm living in a vegan household!
Yes, it is discouraging, but at the same time I am buoyed by the good results of the high-raw high-vegan diet I have been eating the past couple of months especially. It’s just one of those really hard-to-do things, to overcome an addiction when living in small quarters with all the others being addicted to the same thing and not trying to overcome it. I can’t blame them, but I know I will do better once I don’t have the constant temptations in the refrigerator where I live!   visit the page

New Day #2 Raw Vegan   14 y  
Thank goodness for the 100% part!
Thank goodness for the ”100%” part of 100% Raw Vegan! So much temptation today and if I was say 95% Raw Vegan I would have taken at least a bite -- and then that would have elongated my struggle all the longer! (Tonight I made Jambalaya with Sausage for the family, plus there are all manner of cheeses and other temptations in the refrigerator.) Went on my walk again today and gathered dandelion greens, also went to the store and got more watermelon (two of them since they are so good and I wanted smaller ones that can fit in the frig once I cut them). I got other provisions too, espec ...   read more

New Day #1   14 y  
...and I made it through!
Today was good. Let’s see, started with watermelon, then a few hours later cucumber-tomato salad (same as usual plus orange bell pepper), then a raw chocolate bar, then later made a green smoothie with one banana, two apples, lots of watermelon, half an avocado, 2 cups water, about 5-6 oz. frozen blueberries and dandelion greens. Very filling! Also went on my walk today but had to go a more boring direction due to mud on my favorite route (and wanted to take the dog). Oh, one supplement I take that really is not a supplement, I don’t know what you call it, maybe a detoxer, is Natur ...   read more

Oops, I did it again   14 y  
Tomorrow will be Day #1 again
Shoot. The Chinese didn’t smell good, but there were so many entrees and, well, let’s just say tomorrow will be another new day 100% raw vegan. This may seem silly, but it really helps me to do it this way.   visit the page

New Day #2 100% Raw Vegan   14 y  
Dandelions, Chinese food and walking
It’s good to be back on 100% raw vegan again. I really AM getting better, and that feels GREAT...! Today on my walk I managed to navigate past the really muddy part of the road and get on over to the house that has dandelions in the yard. (I just used up all my dandelion yesterday, and even that was collected in town -- actually just outside the local health food store.) I was looking forward to a big crop of dandelion greens after being gone for three days and knowing that it rained so much, but it was not to be: Someone took a WEEDEATER to my wonderful dandelions! But the good news ...   read more

Re Re Day #1 Raw Vegan!   14 y  
Temptations got close, but I made it through!
Not much time to write today but just wanted to check in. Today I had watermelon, cucumber-tomato salad, a carrot with the ”raw ranch dressing,” and also a smoothie made with nectarines, plums, bananas, dandelion greens and water. Most of the day I just felt hungry all the time but now since about 6:00 p.m. or so I am not feeling hungry anymore. Yea!! (If I had succumbed to temptation to eat the cooked and non-vegan foods I would still be hungry now, wanting more bites, no doubt!) Just finished reading Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich’s book today, THE CURE IS IN THE CAUSE. It’s a nice book, w ...   read more

Rededication to 100%   14 y  
...Time to rededicate to 100% raw vegan!
My left foot hurts a lot tonight, more than it has in over a week. I’m sure it’s because of the non-raw non-vegan bites I have been eating. Today it was more than a couple bites. Could even be called a small meal. Time to get back in touch with reality!!! There are so many reasons I want to be and stay raw. I know I cannot complete my mission on this Earth without it, without my health, without weight loss, and without facing and working through this challenge. I want to be able to help others like me who find it so difficult to let go of a lifetime of cooked and non-vegan ”food” a ...   read more

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