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Don't know what to call this post.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Don't know what to call this post.

Isn't this discussion exactly the same as what we face on the whole Internet today?

Isn't it the experience of the newcomer, the person trying to find information and solutions they can afford, information they can understand and incorporate, the most important purpose of the CureZone?

I came here after experiencing a support bulletin board where the author gives all the information, up front, and free. I was astounded at the use of the Internet to point out a direction that was uncolored by religion or politics or personal bias; and which offered not only support but solutions that worked - for everyone.

The author acknowledged, up front, that she, we, were unable to help in areas beyond our fields of expertise...areas that were better left to professionals. By the way replies were usually worded, and by careful monitoring, she developed a website that was fully supportive and yet did not overstep sensible boundaries.

It's words, folks. What the writers of posts or blogs intend to say, and what they are capable of offering.

I've avoided many of the 'Ask .....' forums, because I've read a few and not found a style or information I can accept.

I've gone to sites off the CureZone and often found come-ons that carefully avoid giving any hint of the 'solutions' being touted.

Either these sites are selling books, personal consultations, or products. Often they go too deeply into theory or 'science', when all I want to know is how to stem the bloodflow until the paramedics arrive!

Frequently, they offer the 'God' connection, I'm never quite sure why.

But, at our house, there is one great equalizing factor that protects us from advertising of all kinds...we can't afford it.

If the site wants us to spend money, or time, or some form of devotion, we don't have the wherewithall to spend.

Like many who visit the CureZone, we need to find information that makes sense to us, and procedures we can actually incorporate into our daily lives. Unfortunately, we often find ideas that we must 'file' under 'General Knowledge'.

I find myself seeking an overall plan - an explanation that describes not only what is 'wrong' with our 'lifestyle', but what to do about it. I long to see someone on the CureZone compile a basic plan. ( Hulda Clark does so, and makes her whole program completely visible, but I have some reservations, some trepidations.)

Sincerity comes through in this technology (thank goodness), but there is some surprise in learning more about the thinking of an individual one may have admired. That's a drawback of this medium, any medium, I'm sad to say.

The most valuable people I can see here, or anywhere on the Net, are those who have accomplished some health, however they did it. A person giving a 'testimonial' needs to make themselves known to the reading audience, by some kind of regular posting.

I saw that comment here, that those who are 'cured' tend to stop posting. Even those trying a new protocol may not even say 'Thanks', let alone report back. I, myself, haven't forgotten that I have made promises I need to keep.

So, what solution can I offer to the question of 'commercialism' on the CureZone?

I think its this...set a standard of writing. Have those who want to sell something, say so, up front...don't suck us in reading all their 'pitch', only to find that we cn't know their answer until we buy the book.

And, take ownership of their opinion. "I believe" is an important statement.

It only makes sense that none of us knows it all. That's where 'progress' comes from. Who knew, once upon a time, that doctors should wash their hands between seeing patients?

Some of this is happening already, in that 'experts' on the CureZone tend to isolate themselves in their own 'ask' forum, or in forums of their specific interests.

I must admit that there are some people here I would like to talk to at length. I wish they would give us their whole philosophy.

It is the whole picture we all aspire to...what is really happening to the world's health?...and what is better?

Perhaps the 'experts' should give us a statement of their health beliefs, up front...something like a disclaimer, or policy statement, or something.

We can waste a powerful long time and energy expenditure finding out what an 'expert' really thinks.

My philosophy of selling is that telling the whole story upfront (giving away the 'secret'), sells like gangbusters! When 'customers' like how you think, they will follow you anywhere. A satisfied customer will bring you endless chains of new customers...and you become the 'guru'.

The old-fashioned way of doing business, keeping all your cards close to your chest, doesn't work in a wide open, informed, world of double the former population.

Advertisers of the day need to see that there is now an endless supply of customers who have never heard of your theory. The only way to be wildly successful is to tell the whole story, simply and up front, and let the public judge its worth.

Eventually, the best parts of your tale will 'catch on', spreading like wildfire.


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