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Published: 15 years ago
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MoreLess, you wrote:

"...if the may be posting by their handle or using a number to hid[e] behind!"

If you were referring to me, allow me to explain the number.

1. I took a new job within the last year and my boss is a regular visitor of CureZone. He is also aware of my handle and, at this time, I would prefer he not know when I am posting on CureZone. I guess I do post on 'company time' given that my company thinks that ALL my time is 'company time'! (Hence, I am looking for a new job!!!) I do not want to have any more work dumped on me in the event that he thinks that if I have time to post on CureZone then I would have time to do more work!

2. I am a long-time contributor to CuerZone and if I was using my username, people would be asking me questions that I often am not in a position to answer. (See #1) By the same token, I travel extensively for work (I am the poster gal for road warior!) and there are many times that I simply do not have the time or opportunity to post on CureZone. This accounts for my sporadic appearances on CureZone during the last year. I don't want people thinking I am ignoring their requests, nor do I want to feel compelled to answer without the thoroughness that I have in the past.

3. I am also a CureZone moderator and, as a moderator, I am not supposed to use my primary username when posting on Debate Forums . In fact, I have another username for posting more 'controversial' messages that coincide with my opinions on subjects like politics, conspiracies and what not. However, I frequently do not use this username simply because of the hastle of logging on and off. Instead, I use the 'anonymous' number associated with my primary username. Two usernames allows me to assist those who have come to respect my opinions and suggestions while also maintaining some sense of freedom to speak my mind on certain topics and not have this color my responses when I use my primary username. Spirit suggested this for all moderators and I believe it is a wise piece of advice.

Using my number is no attempt to deceive is just a way for me to continue participating on this wonderful site, being of whatever service I can, and still maintaining some anonymity from my workplace. As soon as I am in a new job...soon, heaven willing...I will be back to using my username. And I can assure you that I am not peddling any wares on CureZone! I will recommend products or services that I have tried and found beneficial, but I have no affiliations whatsoever. At one time I was performing colonics and I would inform Chicago-area posters of my whereabouts if they were interested in colonics and requested to come to me. But I was not the owner of the business and she is the one that profited most from my services. And, alas, I am no longer doing colonics so I no longer promote my services in any manner. (I COULD give all sorts of advice now on seeking a job as I am currently an outplacement consultant, but it would be entirely free since my company's clients can only avail themselves to my services with the sponsorship of their former employer. Perhaps when I am no longer working there I will be more active on the Worklife Forum doing just that since the suggestions are good and should be available to the general public anyway!)

I hope that this lengthy explanation will clear up...once and for all...why I am using my anonymous number.

*I find it amusing that there is such much stink about anonymity on websites. I mean, it's not like a username is less anonymous! And for me, it is about the message and not about who is doing the posting. For instance, would you know #36 any better if she were...say PTree? Nope, you wouldn't.

**Besides, many folks here know precisely who #36 is...especially if they've been around for a while. You can tell by my writing style, the way I respond to posts, and other subtle clues that are peppered throughout my messages.


(*Phew* least now I can have a concise and thorough post to link to when this issue comes up again!)


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