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Re: Icu protocol question, Liver Detox
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Icu protocol question, Liver Detox


OK, so detox of your liver is dumping some vile smelly, dark gook. It was a suprize to me when it happened too. Getting rid of parasites with a plugged up impossible.

....Dr Clark....

I think Dr Clark left behind the 1030 mg capsule of magnesium sulfate to remind us of how deeply she thought of the subject, and how to start the process.


I measure the bottom of the tongue PH first thing in the morning, without any water or food. I never tried waiting 2 hours, what you take, by mouth, will change the measurement.

PH below 6 means you are acid ish.
PH below 5 means you are acid.
PH below 4 means you are critical, full scale Minerals, and Spirulina. MSM and baking soda 4X per day.

PH will change, and go lower as you kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites. Knowing how to manage PH and practicing it will help you resolve your disease, and heal your body faster.

....Toxins, toxins, and more toxins...

As I suspected, your body is full of parasite garbage.

When your liver is full of garbage, the filter for your body, the entire pool gets dirty. The only way too have a crystal clear pool is to flush the pool filter every day, take 1 and only 1 magnesium sulfate every day.

....Magnesium Overload....

The human body can only take 700 mg of magnesium transport (ions) every day.

This is a busy transport, so limit the vitamins that go across the membranes:

1030 mg magnesium sulfate - AM
133 mg of magnesium citrate (Source Naturals)- AM

I know this is more than 700 mg, but the absorption efficiency of the gut is about 50%.
this comes close to 700 mg per day. if necessary you can take an additional 133 mg of magnesium citrate in the evening. If your PH is low, this can help bring it up, but it may make your stool loose. It is good to keep the GI trac moving, but making the stool loose will have you loose bile salt, which is bad, and causes loose stool feedback loop.

....Remove more toxic junk....

To detox tissues, organs, and blood, I would rotate Ginger (PM), Oregon Grape Root (AM), Golden Seal (natures way)-AM, Chaparral (Arizona Natural) Either AM or PM, KGP Flush - Saturday AM or Sunday AM (a full dropper in a glass of water, ignore the directions that call for 3 droppers, your urine could be black and you could get kidney stones to exit with pain). Do not be suprized if your brain hurts with Chaparral the first time you take it. Chaparral also is a strong anti-biotic, and some consider it a anti-parasitic. Anyway the pain will fade.

Take Dodder Seed 20:1 (x2) or 30:1 (x1) per day, in the evening PM 6 PM, purchased from Barlowes herbal elixirs (Fl) to flush lymph system. Do not exceed 3 or 4, you could cause a huge lymph flush, which makes you uneasy. I kept this up for 6 months till I had killed most of the parasites. I still do this occasionally just to make sure my fluids are clean. The body has 6 quarts of blood, 18 quarts of lymph fluid. The lymph system does a huge and important task.

The above detox agents may cause your urine to go dark. Do not be suprized at a rainbow of colors, dark, grey, orange, brown, red, dark yellow.

Take a B50 once a week, The liver is the primary store of vitamin B in the body. Take a couple of Vitamin A Palmitrate and a couple of Ester C 's a day to help heal the liver. I would keep vitamin A at or under 60,000 units per day TID. I would keep Ester C under 6 G per day TID. More than these numbers can be dangerous when taken for more than a month or two, the amount should be dropped to a couple per day, taken in the AM is best.


MSM water with a pinch of baking soda helps replenish your sulfur. A single clove of garlic quartered, chewed at noon is good, it has 153 sulfur compounds, place a little under the tongue after being chewed to directly absorb the sulfur into the blood. Leave it there for several minutes. Do not overdo garlic. It can cause parasite migration.


It may take 3 weeks or 6 weeks to flush the liver, I have done this Liver Flush for several people, the results are always the same, eventually your stool will return to brown. Taking magnesium sulfate every day 1030 mg keeps the liver clear during the disease process. It must be maintained to keep the liver clear. When the parasitic infection is finally over, it can be stopped. I intend to keep this up for several years, even if I back off some, but my Ascaris infection may take 3 years to kill the eggs, cysts. When the infection is gone, I guess you can eventually get off of magnesium sulfate.

....Clear GI trac of bugs....

A probiotic, chitosian, fucoidan, xylitol, caprillic acid, etc may be useful to flush any GI bacteria, virus, Sugar bug, or yeast from your GI trac. I typically do each one for a week or for 2 weeks. I flushed out a number of nasty buggers, as evidenced by acid loose and smelly stool, so acid it could burn your bum. The stool returns to normal after a day or two, once the bugger is flushed out.

....Minerals, and Metals....

Keep doing Magnesium citrate, Potassium Citrate, MSM, 2-3 zinc sulfate, 2-3 selenium chelate, 1 chromium chelate, 1 copper chelate or citrate, 1 tri-iodine, and one multivitamin with out iron, 2 natures way -source of life 3058 without iron, every day. I kept this up for a long time. I still take an occasional round.

Coral Calcium, and 1000 units of D3 does not hurt.

parasites absorb your iron. Kelp, or seaweed from that company in Maine, may help. A little is all you need. Swanson also has a spectrum of seaweed products.

parasites seldom travel alone, they bring their own infections. I took a few weeks of deoxycyclene, it is a good Antibiotic to keep on hand if parasites migrate you could get an infection and a temperature.

I still keep 60 Antibiotic pills in my inventory, just in case.

Once your hair analysis and PH are in bounds, your liver and kidneys are flushed, and your lymph system is flowing, you are ready to start a parasite removal. I would never try to remove a parasite until your body is strong, failure is sure to be the result from a plugged, sickly, acid, depleted amino acid body.

Having you healthy without feeding the parasites is the essential first steps.

I was so acid, I took 6 grams of Spirulina, and 2-3 grams of charcoal every evening for 3 months, until my PH started to rise. I was pretty far gone. I was totally infested, It took many many rounds to remove my severe infestation. I think I was worse that anyone else I talk to. You can recover, I did.

I still have a few buggers left, I am going into rotation to drive the final few to the promised land. Good rid-dins to bad rubbish.

Happy Hunting.


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