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Focus on Iodine for Cancer
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Published: 5 years ago
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Focus on Iodine for Cancer

IMO, we need a thread focused on Iodine & Cancers- that is supported by doctors..

I have spent years researching & documenting this subject. Now all of this research may be paying off. My wife was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer in her left breast. She has been taking 12mg of Iodine (with selenium) daily for about 2 years, and this was apparently not enough to prevent this cancer.
As usual, the Medical Treadmill insists on Chemo Therapy, Radiation & a radical Mastectomy. A radical mastectomy removes all the lymph nodes under the arm pit, which results in Lymphodema in the arm.

I have had experience with Iodine curing Cancer & Fibrocystic Breast Disease. A woman in our neighborhood had been suffering FBS since she was a teenager, for over 20 years & her doctor insisted on a double mastectomy. I gave her Lynne Farrow's book, "The Iodine Crises. What you don't know about iodine can ruin your life" She started the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol, and was cured in only 3 weeks! Her best friend was sent to Home Hospice with terminal cancer that had gone into metastasis. She had nothing to lose, so she started the Iodine Therapy, and was cured within 6 months. A true miracle.

I have started my wife on the Iodine Therapy Program as I best understand it:
- - ½ tsp Natural Celtic Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Redmonds Salt or Hawaiin black salt
- - - If the Sea Salt is pure white, it is unacceptable - minerals have been stripped out
- - 200mcg selenium (L-selenomethionine preferred)
- - 400 mg Magnesium - Glycinate preferred
- - 2,000mg Vitamin C - Ester-C preferred -
- - ATP Cofactors caplet contains both 100mg B2 & 500mg B3 (Niacinimide) non-flushing. Take 1/2 caplet with each 25mg iodine up to 25mg.
- - Iodoral Iodine Tablets 50mg to start, then titrate up to 300mg

We are taking additional steps recommended by many of the iodine doctors:
- - Rub a mix of Lugols 5% with 50% DMSO over the cancer. DMSO is a carrier that saturates iodine deep into the breast
- - Verify body PH with PH Saliva/Urine test strips. It should read between 6.25 & 7.25 and take Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)in water to adjust level

There is much more on the Internet. Google (Dr. Name cancer) for more. Doctors Brownstein, Derry, Flechas, Dach, Kovalik, Sircus.

Also here is my research report on Iodine & Cancers:

Let us all pray for my wife. I will add more to this thread as progress is being made. I am very optimistic that Iodine Therapy will work for my wife. If this doesn't work, then she is doomed to a radical mastectomy, chemo & radiation.


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