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Re: Day 4 - Crustiness for sale?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Day 4 - Crustiness for sale?

Yeah well they look painful and I get a similar thing when I leave them alone, the dry/wet splitting of the upper lip is the worst because I've found it stretches a little more than the bottom lip, it seems to be more involved in things like smiling.

Personally I don't think you will ever heal from outside. If it's about better management in the meantime, try buying some calendula ointment, I use this stuff:

It's expensive but it does amazing at keeping them moist without applying very much and you can feel somewhat of a normal person, if you see my blog you can see what it's like using the calendula to manage the condition. I couldn't have travelled to Eastern Europe this year without it to be honest.

Personally? I don't think the Epsom Salts will help you long term (it's another management technique).. what you need to find out is what's happening hormonally first because that appears to be more of a co-factor in the lip peeling than something like cronhs, from what I've read. I think digestive disorders are overly subscribed on here mainly because it correlates with a lot of general skin disorders, people have a tendency to think it must be to do with that. You need hard data (diagnoses to base that belief on).

On a prorata basis there seem to be more people that have mentioned thyroid and other glans (pituary/hypothalmus) + adrenals in relation to lip peeling than gut issues. I'm not sold on the candida thing, candida lives in all of us it's only when the bodies immune system is weakened that it seems to run riot and you get skin outbreaks and nutrient deficiencies etc. Question is why?

The haemorrhoids I actually have myself, but I have lichen sclerosus so in my case it's related to that. It's itching/sensitivity around the rectum most likely related to the autoimmunity/irritation that is happening in the region. If you have itching/rashes in the whole region ???? it's most likely to be more than just haemorrhoids. I would get that more properly looked at by a dermatologist ?? and not just a quick look. You may as well say exactly what it is if you've been diagnosed??? I also have a secondary issue like that with my penis which is affected by the lichen sclerosus, so a double whammy. The next goal for me is to establish the full condition of my thyroid from blood tests and then follow up with an MRI scan of my brain to see if there are any tumours on the pituary/hypothalmus.

To get a better idea about cronhs push for a colonoscopy and then you have something to base that belief on. What I don't see enough people here doing is basing their healing strategies on hard data, there is a lot of bemoaning the condition but if you've had EC like me for over 20 years there's a cut off point where you lose faith. Keep doing the Epsom Salts thing if it means less violent drying out/dehydration of the upper layers of epidermis and then follow up with something like the calendula 3-4 times a day. See it as a management strategy and then focus on getting to the bottom of what's going on inside. That's what I would do if I was you right now. The way I see it, doctor's may be generally useless but the diagnostic testing available in this day and age is invaluable.

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