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Published: 9 years ago
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Total colon, All Body flush, non toxic, simple, health, check up, cost less than 6 cents a gram. Massive amounts of Vitamin C taken orally is used up by the body as fast as you take it until it reaches the bodies saturation point and we experience a colon flush. It is called, 'Bowel Tolerance'. If more than twenty grams a day is required, it means the vitamin C is dealing with other health issues. Some people have had to take as much as 200 grams a day, most, less than 50 grams a day. One woman with herpes wanting a healthy baby was advised to take the vitamin to bowel tolerance. She did and report the herpes was gone at 4months and had a perfect baby, a simple trouble free birth.
Required 50 grams a day to bowel tolerance, then maintained at 44 grams a day.
After the colon cleans, taper off vitamin 'C' slowly to let the body adjust without a rebound effect.
Valuable Research, ‘’ and dr f r klenner’ or 'dr t levy'. …dez...

Any natural diet can be very healthy, but must be supplemented to optimize health. Equally important, is what we Don’t eat. Virtually every plant, bird, fish on earth makes this VITAL nutrient, ASCORBIC ACID (vitamin C). MAN is one of the very few that does not!
To Health scientists almost all disease and health problems are dietary, Eighty percent of our health is a healthy digestive system. Treat the body not the disease and the immune system will heal it. A healthy body does not happen over night. Years of neglect take time to over come. Some thing happen quickly, others take more time and supplementation.

Poor nutrition ends up with Vitamin Deficiency Disease and health problems and a very week immune system. It is virtually impossible to get all the nutrients we need at the supermarket. Excess sugars are used by fungus, yeasts, bad bacteria, diseased cells to propagate including cancer. Refined sugars are deadly for mental health. Raw fruits/vegetables are important for the enzymes aid digestion and for the nutrients that are killed or altered by heat and microwave.

To make it worse, Toxic Soft Drinks and Salad Dressing, high in Refined Sugars and vegetable oils like soy. Many soy products are toxic and harm sexual health.

To restore and maintain health, two grams each meal vitamin C, one tablet stress B Vitamins, One multi- vitamin tablet, one multi=mineral, plus 1 vitamin D plus one magnesium ever other day with 1 zinc tablet not the same day as the magnesium. These are mininums
Saturated fats, meats, avocado, nuts, fish oils, Vitamin E, B 3 are important for heart and mental health

Also acidophilus to maintain intestinal flora and are esenitial after enema???? ..dez...

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