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hi flaminghen

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Published: 20 years ago
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hi flaminghen

in your question to wellnessyoga, you must have just read his response to me, or misunderstood.
yes he said to basicall do the hulda flush on the same timeline,
but he gave me directions to use maganesium citrate as an alterantive to the Epsom Salt because last tiem i used them i bled from teh rectum. so ia m one of the few that has a bad reaction to them.
most folks hav enp at all.

2nd the enemas do not clean out form teh colon down , nor willthey elimante gall stones. they only clean out the lower bowel area.
to get a gllod full cleanse from colon down,
a colomic form a porfessional can do that/ or by buying a colemic board yoru self/ or by drinking about a a tablesppon of Epsom Salts in an 8 oz glass warm water first thing in the moring willgeive a full colon down flush/
ot havign codliver oil will do teh same.
it is generally recommended to do somethign along these lines to amek ysur eyouare clear within 3 days of doign a liver flush/ and within teh few following days to make sure non are left uphigh in colon to get stuck or reabsorbed and in genraly to further flush out any toxic residue for m teh toxins that are relesed form within you liver after doign the flsuh ( the stoens and bile ar eveyr toxic.)
drinking organic apple cider vinegar or usign malic acid thign along thise nature ... apple juice etc for a period of tiem before hand / the chinese bitter or goldcoin grass soem use.. to help softend and begina breakign up process of the stoen s to amke it easier also.

there are many thign s youcan do to begin detoxing your overa ll body .. one woudlbe to startintakeign cayenne to start it dislovign old fecal amtter and mucoid palue off your intesstinal lining... the Bentonite and psllium shakes ahdn in hand with the cayenne will problay greatly help.
a good kidney flush very eary to do/ can go a long ways also since they also deal with filterign ourt your system..
i woudl suggest and exceeltn read fo ryou to goto ask Andreas web and click on his forum topics and hei web in hte right ahnd corner and read about the entire liver glla badder spellsn stomach apncreas system i tis an incredible read / source of knowledge as to wha tyouare dealign with ..
alos the Image Gallery form the home page here is great to see what liver and gallbladders look liek and the stoens in tehm. is a very good web to consid er readign on btw.
and fish is 274 coutn in dioxin or 4 ounces vs poulty at 18
make sur eyouare only useign good oils olive oil/ sesame oil/ peanut oil/ etc canola oil is pure poison.

best to youand welcome 8) i wish youthe best... read as muchas youcan even in back posts an dold archives tolearn what other s hav epossted youmigh surprise your self wha tyou find *)
and as always post nay questiosn on teh active forums and you willge tanswers..
i fyou don't might repost on a mor eactive forum if oen is old... and not regularly frequented 8)

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