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virgin olive oil
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Published: 19 years ago
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virgin olive oil

seems to be the most commonly used.. mix rigth before drinking it with grapefruit juice and shek it up good to get eh watery mix going. i drank mien with a straw helpe dalot keepign less ooil inmy mouth.. and ialso put a small glas of apple juice on tabel right nex tto me...
i go tas far as about 3 sips shy of finsihing aand decided tha twas enuff/ 8) rather keepin wha ti got tehn los e afte ri ahd goen that far 8)
tehn i quikly swished with teh apple juice all aoundmy mouth and spit it back intoteh cup.
it took outthe oil formmy mouth..
remember younee dto try to finshith entire drink in 5 minutes whiel STANDING i di d mien wathcign tv with remote on teh easy chair i seelp on/ wathcin gteh tv diverted me form tastign it .. and i LIKE olive oil *laugh* jstu focus otn e grape fruit taste and soem thign els ean dyou willb e fine...
if you are elderly or in a weakend physical shape ehalth wise.. i think youcan allow upto 15 minutes to srink it... bu tit is best to drink tiall up in 5,
be all ready to goto sleep so you dont' have to get upagian..
about 30 minutes before teh tiem youare to take teh drink do wahtever younee dot do to get ready and and to squeeze teh grapefruit jstu etc... and after lyin donw stya as stilla syoucan fo r 20minutes... then an strethc lyign and goto sleep.. some folks amssage their liver ares tehn also form right toleft
soem willuse a heatign pad even 8) butnon of thatis vital jstu helpful.
after your 4th Epsom Salt teh next day begin takign in water drinks room temper ature and nomor e that 8 oz per hour so don't oevertax the kidneys..
it will helpyoru flush greatly

soem folks use almond oil i hav eheard bu ti woudl go witht oliv eoil if hav ento tried the almond oil
also alot of folks lie kteh lemon juice withthe oo better/ thought it makes the texture more gooey stickyglobby.
than the grapefruit.

what helpe dme withte Epsom Salt drinks.. i used grapefruit juice insssted of water withtthem and also had a slice of lemon tha ti immediatley scuek d on for abouta mintue after.. it greatly reduced the epsomtaste. oterhs liek to do tha t with a slce of lime.

best to you 8)
Ami Joi Benton.

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