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Will God mind me playing Grand Theft Auto 5?
bigman88 Views: 10,865
Published: 9 years ago

Will God mind me playing Grand Theft Auto 5?

Whats up, everyone!

I'm a 24 year old man, and i have seen the truth of Jesus Christ and his father God about since about march of last year, but i only stopped being lazy and started doing things to actually become a better person and build myself up spiritually about 5 months ago

Before i learned of Yahweh being an actual real God and Jesus being a real spirit that God sent to earth, i was a beleiver in the whole ancient aliens theory of alien beings from Nibiru/Planet X coming to earth in search of gold and stuff, creating us humans to go dig it up for them. That made the most sense to me at the time, looking at all the evidence that was presented with this theory. Before that i ascribed to evolution. During these times and up to until i started praying most to everyday 5 moths ago, i did whatever i felt like, within reason and societal morals.

Now that i see God and Jesus as no joke, i cut out a few things. I stopped burning so i could get my mind focused (i think God was telling me to ditch the bud for the past few recent months anyway, i would get these weird good and bad voices and opinions in my thoughts when i was high, after years of burning). I started praying twice a day most days, some days i forget, or fall asleep and forget to pray. I am trying to clean up the thoughts in my mind concerning women (i'm a 3 year paraplegic from a traumatic spinal injury, and my reproductive organs are on permanent hiatus), that is HARD. I fail daily, even though i cut out all p 0 r n. I am reading this book geared towards young men that guidelines them on how to clean up their sexua| thoughts and actions. After that i want to tackle the KJV bible.

Another thing that i cut out that i love is videogames. My ps3 died, and my lil bro let me borrow his when he went to the marines. But he took it with him upon heading back after leave, and i din't bother buying another one, and don't really miss it (videogames have been getting boring and generic this console generation) I mostly concentrate on reading up on random things online, or the books i have with me.

There is this game called Grand Theft Auto 5 coming out where you play as three criminals. You pull off robberies, blow things up, gunfight in the street, have high speed chases, and do all things straight criminal for whatever reasons the characters in the game do them. I must say, it looks like amazing fun, and REALLY want it.

I have DEEPLY hated and avoided television and mainstream music, culture and trends for several years now, so i consider myself mostly unplugged from the mental matrix.

Would God mind me playing videogames? Especially something like Grand theft Auto 5? I can commit myself to reading my bible daily, having God in mind and heart, and only playing videogames a few hours a day, i rarely went over that in my gaming history, anyway. What do you guys think?

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