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Re: Too much of a good thing nearly killed Gary Null
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Too much of a good thing nearly killed Gary Null

>- The trouble is agrifarming has depleted most soil (even that which many organic farms attempt to grow produce in), so people have nutritionally deplete diets.

I agree, but what youdo not appear to understand is that there is not enough direct nutritional support to feed the world so that unless you are very well off financially, you can not afford to sustain yourself completely.

Additionally, it is proven that there are certain substances that you can not possibly get enough of naturally for optimum conditions. Period.

I am fortunate enough to have a third of an acre and can grow some of my favorite vegetables, including tomatos, peppers, kale, carrots, etc. but not enough to survive.

I also grmy own sprouts several types), and herbs. Again, I am more fortunate than over 90 percent of the population.

That aside, no one can grow the optimum amount of methyl cobalamine, ubiquinol, or nicotinic acid, al of which can extend the usable lifespan when consumed in optimum amounts.

>- statements would mean nature screwed up

No, just that nature does not always provide everything in its optimum form and quantity.

You can eat 2 or 3 cups of green tea leaves and not get the level of antioxidents that is in 2 cups of tea itself. This is because many nutritional substances are bound and unabsorble in their natural form. Another example is Lycopene is only minimally absorbable from fresh tomatos but it is 10 times as well absorbed from cooked tomatos.

>- This opinion is based on many years of both personal experience backed up with lots of research

My opinion is based on many years of both personal experience backed up with lots of research, including the study of biochemistry and biomedical engineering.

>- In the end we must all decide what is right and true for ourselves.

Yes, agreed, but only after thorough understanding of the body's needs and mechanisms.

>- just as most animals in their natural habitat are healthy (especially compared to their domesticated counterparts) humans have this same capacity if they also utilize their ideal environment along with ideal nutrition

Yes, but those same animals could have their health improved and lives extended through nutritional optimization.

>- 6 years raw and my niacin levels, b12 levels etc are optimal.

Wow, amazing! So you get a daily niacin flush from eating your foods daily?? It has been shown in studies that achieving a daily niacin flush can reduce mortality by 90 percent.

BTW, what test do you take to determine that shows your niacin is optimal?

>- B12 can be synthesized in a healthy gut. North American lifestyles destroy this innate ability and it takes time and knowledge to rebuild function. Cultured vegetables and SBO's will do the necessary rebuilding

Yes, but studies still show that taking additional Methyl-Cobalamin (not cyano-cobalamin ) can further mental clarity and neural health.

In the final analysis, there is a significant difference between ok and great.

90 percent of all people in the US are deficient in iodine. 70 percent are vitamin D deficient.

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