21 day Breuss drinks and superfoods
by lilly1

day 20 humaworm   16 y  
healing the root, healing the liver
Wow, this cleanse is amazing. I am releasing tons of sludge from the liver, lots of small liver flukes and tiny gallbladder stones, in all shades of green. Since the fast, I havenít had one day of cravings, mood swings, binge desire. Basically I donít have those very often anyway. But just before I started this blog, I had a couple of binge stints that would pop up for a few days. That made me want to make the change. Because I am not going to allow something like that in my life anymore. Nothing good can come from it and I know I can do better. I mean having a binge every two or three m ...   read more

day 7 humaworm   16 y  
amazing parasite cleanse
This cleanse is seriously working!!! Iíve been pooing quite a few worms and now I make these green poos with lots of liver flukes. And my mind is so clear and alert. And I am in a great mood!!!! It is amazing. And I am in no way associated with humaworm. So it doesnít benefit me, to say these things. I also did a castor oil pack on my liver and the whole abdomen over night and today a had the best bowel movement since the fast and I got my period which is 2-3 weeks late. I am convinced that the castor oil did itís magic. I will keep putting it on over night. I think it works better than ...   read more

parasite cleanse, diet, alkalizing   16 y  
getting on track with food and cleansing all the unwanted guests
Today is day three on the parasite cleanse. I got a few thin long worms out already.Not a whole lot though. But the program is 30 days long. Iíve been kind of constipated after the fast and since thatís not a good thing during a parasite cleanse, I got some castor oil and Iíll do a colon cleanse recommended by Anreas Moritz. You take 1teasp. castor oil with warm water first thing in the morning for the first week. Two teasp. the second week and 3 teasp. the 3rd and 4th week. What Iíve been eating after the fast: apple, wheat germ, flax, punes for breakfst, salad for lunch and dinner wit ...   read more

Day 12 and finished   16 y  
stopping the fast because of to much hair loss. Fasting can take a toll if overdone
The reason for my early stepping out is more than usual hair loss. I just have been fasting to much this year. 52 days in october 2006, 18 days in early spring and now. Iím just accepting that I cannot abuse this beautiful technique if my body is not happy. I started to eat with the egg yolk limes olive oil mild liver flush. These ingredients are also hair strengtheners. 3 egg yolks, juice of 5 limes and 3 T. oliveoil. Donít follow me on this. Itís not at all what is recommended for breaking a fast. But I am on a phase of having to make my own experiences and errors. I am not stopping to ...   read more

day 10 clay   16 y  
Supplements or not
Iíve been taking psyllium/bentonite at night and might do less enemas. Hopefully thatíll feel right. I think they can be too abrasive if overdone. I am also taking some other clay(terramin ). I presoak it and then mixed it with some apple juice,water, lemon and molasses. I know itís not Breuss,nor regular fasting. MOre like a mutt betw. Breuss, master cleanse, juice fasting and who knows what. Well Iím still having all the teas and the Breuss juice. But I was addicted to apple juice the last few days which bothers me since iím sugar sensitive. I end up getting really tired after a big mug ...   read more

day 8 pleasure from food or other   16 y  
things we love more than food
I am feeling lighter every day. And there is a little gap between my upper thighs now. It is incredible what a difference in body confidence a week can make. I guess, I have a tendency to always be on the border of slim and a little sluggish, never thin or heavy. There is a fine balance and Iím glad that Iím not too far from it. So, for all those who are further from it- try to get there and youíll have an easy time falling back into place when a little off. But for me itís still a 10- 15lb fluctuation. My goal is at most a 5 lb range from the balance point. I guess, thatíll happen once m ...   read more

day 6 radiant health   16 y  
beauty from a healthy balanced inside
I was hungry and moody yesterday and didnít just have the Breuss drinks. I also had some apple juice and grape juice, just to keep me satisfied.Sometimes itís better to stray a little, to ward off further frustration. Today, day 6 I feel pretty good. My skin looks glowing and my tummy is flat. I am a bit frustrated because I havenít exercised all week, just did some push ups while watching a movie last night. Iíll get back on it this week. Oh, and I have not stopped the phytoplankton yet. Also I did not try the psyllium bentonite. Just not ready for to many challenges. Iím not weighing ...   read more

4th day   16 y  
day 4 fast testing Breuss cure
Iím feeling secure in this fast and will try some days almost 100%Breuss cure. If it shakes my discipline for whatever reason, since itís tougher- not so many yummy juices and all- then Iím back to the plain olí juice fast. So Iím onto the kidney tea and the other teas I mentioned in earlier posts. I make 8 oz. of the Breuss juice and add a coup of homemade sauerkraut juice which I sip throughout the day. I have a lunch and dinner broth with a little coconutoil and low salt boullion. And I guess, Iíll try what the guy from Canada told me which is, having water with psyllium and bentonite ...   read more

3rd day calm   16 y  
feeling light and peaceful
I couldnít sleep so well last night since I had a sudden rash that I guess was a detox. It was gone this morning. Today, I am feeling peaceful. The fast is starting to show itís powerful effect of turning a depressed, sluggish person into light and contented. I believe that the mood mostly originates in the bowels, (if there isnít a specific reason for drama). If you are clogged up, there is a high chance that youíll feel mentally off. My tummy is almost flat this morning, yeay!Looks good. The third day means I am here for the long haul. See, now there is my discipline. I knew I had it. ...   read more

2nd day of the fast   16 y  
smells can nourish the emotions
I am going strong. For some reason I have all the discipline in the world right now. I am having apple juice, broth, the breuss concoction and grapefruit juice. Tee if I want inbetween. Also, I am taking a supplement called frequensea. It is supposed to be phytoplankton, noni juice, aloe...no synthetic vitamins or min. in it. Weíll see. Iím always sceptical with supplementation. I also add some quinton ocean water to my diet-high in minerals- just a couple of tablespoons. I donít like sage tea, so i donít make myself have it. Iíve got to enjoy my drinks otherwise there isnít enough pleasu ...   read more

1 day of 21 day fast   16 y  
starting the fast today
I am back on the fast and this time for good. the bowel cleanse was helpful but I ended up eating sth most days. And at some point I didnít want to wait to fast anymore. It seems to me, that fasting is so special in itís effect on the body. Green smoothies, bowelcleanses all donít top that. Not even close. This time I am positive that Iíll go through with it. I can feel my determination this time. Also, I am over waking up achy and moody. Itís time for a refreshing clean up. The last 2 weeks I have been eating in a healthy, moderate manner. So I feel that I am not starting from a messy, ...   read more

starting with a bowel cleanse   16 y  
bowel cleanse with psyllium and bentonite
I decided to start this process with a bowel cleanse. I believe it will make fasting a lot easier. So right now I am having 2 lemons, a little ginger and one big T. unsulphured black strap molasses blend in 1 quart of water in the morning with herbs and enzymes ( I take 3 arise and shine chomper and 3 enzyme caps). Then 1 1/2 h later I have 1 glass of water with 1 T. liquid bentonite and 1 teasp. psyllium +more water. 1 1/2 h later I have green juice with the herbs and enzymes, 1 1/2 h later bentonite/psyllium again ...until the end of the day. Last thing I have one cap of probiotics. I ...   read more

wish I could fast at a retreat   16 y  
fasting avoidance(-;
Ok,so I havenít started the real Breuss cure yet. I am circling around and around but it just sucks to do your regular tasks. For ex. you fasted correctly until noon then you go to the store and you are detoxing. Your mouth is kind of dry and does not exactly taste like a honey and chocolat smoothie. You see an old friend...you sit next to your husband while he has lunch...and..you decide to have one of those smoothies to put an end to this suffering!? And turn back into your sweet smelling self..lol No I have done fasting before and it is possible for me to be disciplined. I called the ...   read more

Tip for white teeth   16 y  
teeth cleaning, whitening, sage leaf
Hi I was worried about my teeth getting discolored with all the beet juice, green drinks etc.. And I remembered my mom once long ago telling me to clean my teeth with green leaves. The woman has the best teeth ever! Well, I went on the internet and researched it and found that brushing too much erodes the enamel layer and the layer below is naturally more yellow. So you might have very clean but yellow teeth when brushing a lot!!! I usually floss and brush with baking soda and himalaya salt -I have no metals in my mouth, my three fillings where replaced with porcelain/ceramic- I donít re ...   read more

getting more info on Breuss cure   16 y  
setting the stage for the Breuss cure
Hi I havenít abandoned my blog. Iím still waiting on my kidney tea herbs to come in the mail. Up to now Iím still having the greens in a smoothie with the alkalinizing drink and I also had some freshly made green juice yesterday. At the moment I am still contemplating doing the Breuss cure more accurately. Not that my plan now isnít sth. to go with but it is on my mind to try that. Today I called the nr. I found in the back of my Breuss book. Itís a place in Canada. And I spoke to the man who edited the book and wrote the foreword. He said that he never actually realized his plan of crea ...   read more

alkaline blood   16 y  
outlining my alkalinizing details
Hi My focus has shifted some again. I am now mainly aiming at alkananizing and filling up on minerals while staying on a light cleansing diet. I had an interesting experience. When I tested my ph yesterday morning my saliva was 5.5 and my urine too. Way to low. So I read a bunch on the internet on alkalinizing and since I am really into raw foods decided to try the green smoothie by Victoria Boutenko. What I did was mix my alkalanizing drink 1 glass of alkaline water( I buy reverse osmosis and structure and alkalinize it with some stuff I bought) For those who donít want to sweat all ...   read more

fasting and one superfood drink   16 y  
cleansing, beet juice, alkalinizing bath
Hi I changed the title of my blog because I am not really fasting. Today I did the same thing as yesterday which is fasting plus one superfood drink using the alkalinizing drink as a basis with green powder, enzymes, maca, goji berries, raw cacao, vit. and min. supplements. It makes me feel really good. So Iíll go with that for a few days and then see. This is definitely a powerful cleanse. I am also doing 1 alkalinizing bath everyday with epsom salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. I do an enema in the morning, then stretch or even do an excersise dvd-yoga or pilates. Weíll see when ...   read more

getting through the first day   16 y  
first day fasting isn't easy
Hi So I kind of stumbled through my first day, fully aware that the initial three days or so are somewhat torture. Since I am mainly doing the breuss cure I am sipping the fresh beet,carrot etc mix throughout the day by the tablespoon. I also am diligently preparing the sage tea, cranesbill tea and many more. The kidney tea herbs have not arrived yet.Iíll start on those when they come. It is perfect for me to start this on the weekend because my hubby keeps me from bailing out.Although having this blog binds me to the program, too. I did have a blood sugar low at 3 pm today and I medic ...   read more

starting tomorrow   16 y  
About me and my reasons for this fast
Hi I have been wanting to do this fast for a while. I know it is mainly geared towards curing cancer. But wouldnít it be great to heal your body before it comes to such an accute crisis? Let me give you a little background info on me and why I chose to do this. Growing up I experienced quite a bit of fear and stress. Lets say the average garbage that happens to western society kids in school.... Then I developed a full blown eating disorder at age 17 and that lasted for a few years. I smoked as well as that is what you do growing up in Europe,right? (; Iíve always been a somewhat intense ...   read more


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I am cleansing to improve my mood and give all my organs a rest. Fasting has in the past helped me a lot to feel at peace as well as super improve my digestion, mood and sex drive. It also helps me overcome my addiction, compulsive behaviour around food. I am mainly having the Breuss drinks because they seems promising from what I've read.Ö more...

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