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Re: HIV undetectable
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: HIV undetectable

Update on results (formerly user ID Aifam55).
Beck zapper and whole Beck protocol did absolutely nothing to hiv. When I started using the ParaZapper extensively I went undetectable, but combined with the meds. The meds alone do work, but I wasn't getting me to undetectable on the ultra-sensitive test. I thought maybe the vitamin C was working too. The doctor kept saying how great the meds are and so I backed off using the Parazapper as much and was taking lots of vitamin C and D and other vitamins. Well obviously the vitamins weren't providing the results. It was the ParaZapper. It was tough to weed out all the variables. I'm now 100% certain the ParaZapper is the reason for the great results. The other aspect is that the positive offset is temporarily causing the immune system cells to be super-charged. That MIGHT be a way to a cure, as the super-charged immune system might do the job.
I'm now 100% certain that the meds alone aren't the reason for me achieving undetectable on the ultra-sensitive test. As I said before, that doctor kept talking up his super meds and I backed off zapping as much (with some days not at all) and the low viral load returned. How good I feel and how good the tests are (all the blood tests) are directly linked to how many hours a day I use the ParaZapper on a consistent basis.
The doctor's money is dependent on him selling drugs. Guess what? Most infectious disease doctors would be out-of-business if people used the ParaZapper extensively everyday. These 'doctors' are the LAST people I would tell about this zapping. Now, I don't trust them in the least. {$$$$money$$$ is their goal}. I'm not here to argue with people and I left this site due to people just being 'armchair block-heads' who only know what they read. They don't want to listen, fine with me. Zero-exaggeration on my part and on how well the ParaZapper achieves real results. When I say the Beck protocol doesn't work on hiv at all, I'm not going to go back and forth with some yoyo that likes to argue. That's why I left Cure-zone.
Now think this out. If I told people the ParaZapper worked this damn good with extensive zapping, figure what would be the reaction of Pharma?
Likely the zapper would work on Ebola, cancer and Bird flu, IF used Extensively many, many hours a day , everyday. And that's the key "used Extensively many, many hours a day , everyday". If you have a serious issue, you need to zap a lot. 99% of people WON'T do that.
I already determined the Beck zapper is weak (although it does work on some issues) and mainly just raises energy levels. I doubt anyone tested these things as much as I have.

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