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Re: still no.
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: still no.


Have you ever had an MRI this year? Well you are one of 75,000 who were tested with this high magnetic imaging test to find your problem? You are first given a dye, gadolinium, that is injected before the MRI is done. Then you are place in chamber with a strong magnet 50,00 times the gravitational force of the earth’s magnetic energy. The magnet sends stimuli to the center of every cell of your body. The cells send a signal to create an image that is picked up by a computer. It is a highly sophisticated test. But does it have problems?

The dye gadolinium makes the cells send out a better signal to the image machine. The dye is quickly excreted from a normal kidney. The test takes 1 hour compared to 5 hours when the MRI was invented in 1977. The images originally were blurred but with the gadolinium dye the images are sharp and detailed. If you had a knee or hip replacement, the heat from the test can weaken surrounding tissues and weaken or displace your knee or hip replacement. If you have a pacemaker, your heart can beat irregularly and your heart may fail. If your kidneys are weak, you may get renal failure. If you are pregnant, your fetus may die form the extreme heat of the test.

The MRI magnet has one significant twist; the coiled wire is bathed in a solution of liquid helium. Helium becomes a liquid at 452.4° below zero. This extremely low temperature lowers the electrical resistance of the wire to near zero, allowing relatively small amounts of power to create a large magnetic field.

You get excess magnetism by MRI and x-ray machines. The MRI is up to 15 tesla (150,000-200,000 Gauss). All things resonate at different frequencies. Different organs in the body also oscillate at different frequencies. By varying electrical inputs, magnetic fields can oscillate at different cycles per second. All body tissues also oscillate at different frequencies. These frequencies are altered by disease.

There are 10-12 pints of blood in the body and 45% of it are red blood cells, while the other 55% is fluid. The red blood cells contain iron (4 atoms of iron/10,000). This makes the red blood cell slightly magnetic.

When you magnetize the blood, you get increase oxygen uptake to the cells and hence more energy. The cell membrane is a protective shield for the cell. It is an amplifier that resonates. It has an effect on enzymes. An ionic pump governs the flow of ions in and out of the cells. Mitochondria energize the cell by making ATP. Calcium, potassium and sodium are key to these interactions.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, and white blood cell counts drop. There is an increase in cortisone, red blood cells, and increase in clotting. Since the body is 70% water and 50% blood, there is a diuretic effect with magnets. Sulfate particles are dissolved and there is an increase in the immune system.

Magnets increase the blood flow in tiny capillaries by 300% within 5 minutes. They relax muscles and connective tissues. Lactic acid and toxins are flushed away. Oxygen and nutrients are sent to cells. There is increase fluid exchange. An invisible motion of ions ad entering and leaving cells. Each cell is energized by an increase production of ATP. Positive charged ions (Na, Ca, D, MG, all compete to hookup with negative charged chlorine and phosphates. The injured areas are alkalinized and acidic conditions are neutralized.

Originally the MRI was called nuclear magnetic resonance and this scarred people so the name was changed. If you want an MRi to check your blood vessels you will get a MRA that will display your vessels. It will require 2 x the amount of gadolinium dye for a good image. The FDA does not approve the dye for MRA's, but the test shows good imaging and is often performed. Unfortunately you should have super kidneys for this test.

Magnets have an effect on bacteria as well. Bacteria are sensitive to magnetism (they have magnetite grains in them).

Hormones in the body also have magnetic particles. The brain itself has the same magnetic particles scattered in the brain covering (meninges). The total weight is one millionth of an ounce. MRI and strong magnets may excessively stimulate these areas. Magnetic treatment may increase the release of toxins, increase mineral solubility (dissolve kidney stones), and decrease lethargy.

Your radiologist will interpret your test. If it was done in your family doctor’s office, he will interpret it with his limited knowledge of radiology. The convenience of doing the test in his office is replaced by the inability of him to find your problem.

Your Medicare or insurance company hopefully covers the test, or you may pay a hefty fee for this service.

Long term, all the cells in your body are extremely magnetized and must recover. Perhaps you get a repeat MRI in 6 months. Have your cells yet recovered? The iron in your cells is magnetized. Does all this have a negative effect on your cell metabolism and can the cells undergo negative changes as a result of this excess magnetism? Only time will tell!

NRPB recommendations: a magnetic field of 2.5 tesla is safe for everyone. Over 4 T harm is likely. Tesla is equivalent to 20,000 gauss. The magnetic field produced by the earth is 0.5 gauss. The most common MRI magnets used today are 0.5 Tesla to 2.0 Tesla (magnets greater than 2 Tesla have not been approved for human use but are used in research). This means that the magnetic field used by a typical MRI is approximately 40,000 times stronger than the gravitational field of the earth. But it is only for one hour! Hah!

Sources: NRPB (National Radiologic Protection Board),

for more information on controversial medical subjects. Your comments are always appreciated.


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