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Re: Absolutely not! I agree with Wombat, and... Re: Do you all consider MRIs safe?
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Absolutely not! I agree with Wombat, and... Re: Do you all consider MRIs safe?

 With or without contrast, I understand the magnetic force (as Wombat cited) is 50,000 times the strength of the Earth's magnetic field....and this obviously causes significant damage or change to the natural body, likely more if someone is significantly compromised to start with.

Do you have any proof to this claim or is this like your other claims that were proven bogus?

Hver accused Wombat of leaving out valid information (that the contrast agent can be avoided...but of course, that's only IF one can find a physican that will agree to leave it out, and the patient knows to ask or insist), yet Hver himself left out extremely valid information in his initial reply by saying quite plainly  MRIs(magnetic resonance imagery) is safe.  If taken at face value, this might have led anyone to believe MRI's ARE safe without considering the known dangers of the contrast agent, hence exposing themselves to the known (very serious for many) risk. 

Why are you focusing on me? Wombat was the one that left out the facts that contrasting agents ARE NOT always used, and was only focusing on one of over 70 contrasting agents.  That is a LOT of omission on Wombat's part. But instead of addressing those omissions you focus on what I pointed out and was true. Is this payback because I proved you wrong so many times in the past?!!! Get over it Unyquity. So you were wrong again and again, learn and live with it!!!

Hence one would have assumed that Hver would have been truly thankful for Wombat noticing his omission and possibly saving someome from great harm due to his erroneous ommision. 

What erroneous omission Unyquity? There is NO evidence that the scan was even going to include a contrasting agent, yet alone the single dangerous one Wombat focused on when there are over 70 different contrasting agents. You are really showing your agenda against me and we both know what that is all about. Again I gave you an opportunity to learn the facts since your claims were wrong. You should be thankful since you are now smarter than you were when you made your incorrect claims.

Hver also did not address the risks of the exposure to the high magnetic strength issues that Wombat so clearly showed

Clearly showed?!!!! Are you nuts?!!!!! Just because Wombat made an unsubstantiated claim about the magnetic field this does not make it true. Oh that's right you also believe in the tincture faeries that Nature uses to provide us with our tinctures. If you or Wombat EVER come up with some REAL evidence of the harm by this magnetic field I would sure love to see it.

There's a reason that allopathic medicine IS the 3rd leading cause of death in the US (according to the JAMA in 2000, ten years ago), and part of the reason IS unneccessary invasive/damaging testing.

Again let's see PROOF, not unsubstantiated claims, that the magnetic field is harming us.

 It takes no more than googling "unnecessary MRIs" to see that MRI's are recommended & done unnecessarily extremely frequently.

Just like enzymes are frequently recommended and used unnecessarily. Same with colloidal silver, hormone supplements,........... This does not make them inherently dangerous. Only a paranoid fool would think that way. 

Hver is in no position (nor is anyone else) to know if the OP has incurred damage that would require an MRI for an adequate diagnosis.

That goes both ways. You and Wombat have no clue what the poster is suffering from that MAY require a scan. The poster's doctor is going to know this better than either of you. What is worse is that you and Wombat may seriously putting this poster's life at risk since you don't have a clue what they may have and how serious it is. What if they have a potential tumor or aneurysm for example? But the two of you could care less if this person dies or is injured because you scare them out of the scan all so the two of you can get back at me for proving both of you wrong in the past.  So it is pretty clear to me how low the importance of life is to you and Wombat.

Hver seemed to imply was the only other option, other than 'skull cracking': CT scan, which will subject the person to massive amounts of radiation, MRI or crack the skull open.)

I see you omitted the rest of the statement I made to change its meaning. Typical of clueless people with an agenda to get back at me for proving them wrong so many times in the past. So were you born this deceiving or did you have to work really hard at it to get so good at it?!!!

It is not intrinsically wrong for someone to choose to avoid testing that is known to be harmful, or for others to recommend against it.

Again there are times that these tests are necessary and they have not been proven to be harmful so you are trying to mislead people as usual. And you know NOTHING about what the poster is suspected of having yet you automatically think that they do not need the scan. So I guess Uny thinks he is a psychic doctor now!!! Tell me Uny, blood transfusions are also potentially dangerous. So if you had a severed a major artery would you avoid a blood transfusion to save your life?

 Yet Hver seemed to make "not having one and the dangers of not having one" the issue of the thread. 

The more you make it about me the more you prove your post is merely payback because I proved you wrong so many times in the past. And what I pointed out since you are being so misleading as usual is that we, minus the physic doc Uny apparently, have no idea what symptoms the poster has that may require a scan. And that he MAY have something serious requiring the MRI. But since the psychic doc Uny thinks he sees all maybe he would love to share with the rest of us what this person has and why they really do not need an MRI? Come on Uny, don't be shy. You seem to think you know it all and therefore have all the answers. So please tell us all why this person DOES NOT need the MRI that his doctor thinks he needs.
Yet his manner of posting (in my opinion) can be extremely rude & disprespectful to other people and their viewpoints..

ROTFLMAO!!!!! Have you read your posts Uny including this one I am responding to? You even started an entire thread about me full of lies about me on your forum where I could not even post to point out how many times you lied. Not only is that unethical and immoral, but it was also a childish tantrum. So when you grow up Uny then you will have the right to bitch about what I write. In the meantime let me point out something to you as well. As was pointed out this is a public forum. We all have the right to post here. And you also have to right to ignore my posts since you have a problem with truth, facts and evidence.  Nobody is forcing you to read my posts. What you do not have the right to do is to make up lies about people in a personal vendetta then block them from responding to your lies. 

To tell someone that Magnetic Resonance Imaging IS safe (without stating the known dangers AND the possible dangers, whether one "believes in them" or not), could definitely cause harm.

LOL!!! Every herb and tincture you recommend has potential dangers. Tinctures have potential dangers. Water has potential dangers. So do you warn everyone about these potential dangers every time you post? Or is this just something you came up with since you had nothing else to go after me with in your revenge?

The reasonable person though is not paranoid about unfounded dangers. If there is a known, proven danger such as much of your advice then this is a different story. So instead of screaming the sky is falling just because you and Wombat think there may be a danger why don't you show all of us solid PROOF that the magnetic fields are really harming us. Can you do that for all of us psychic doc?

 It takes only a few minutes to review the posting history of the OP to know that this poster is definitely intelligent enough to know the possible risks of choosing not to have an MRI for a head injury.

If the original poster did have a serious head injury then they could also have an internal bleed that could lead to a hemorrhagic stroke, brain damage or death. So which would be more dangerous Uny? A potential danger of magnetic fields or the risk of stroke, crushing of the brain tissue or death? Please answer this one as well. Let's see how smart you really are and how important life and health of others is to you.


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