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A Little Commentary   17 y  
My friend Poolagirl, and project co-creator is not afraid to blog it like it is, Baby! Thought it might resonate.
Have you ever listened to the side effects at the very end of the commerical? Who in their right mind would want to risk taking that drug? Side effects may include: dry mouth sexual dysfunction nausea internal bleeding diarrhea gangrene (just kidding) liver failure cardiac arrest boils (just kidding) skin rash lymphoma (heard that one this morning) hallucinations dangerous levels in blood pressure memory loss dizziness blindness flatulence insomnia respiratory illness headache bloating permanent discoloration of the teeth ...   read more

Through the long Night Watches   17 y  
And So It Is!
Through the long night Watches, His hand clasps mine At the break of dawn his hand clasps mine In the daytime of Work and Endeavor, From Eternity to Eternity His hand clasps Mine When Time shall have Passed When eternities shall be strewn about like falling Petals And Space and Worlds shall be swallowed up in everlasting blessedness His Hand clasps Mine E Holmes. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY Inner Presence, Great and Mighty Inner Light, that shines Divinely Inner Life, that lives Completely Inner Joy, that smiles Serenly, Inner Peace, that flows so Deeply Innner Calm, untroubled, ...   read more

Seal Sighting   17 y  
Another Cold Water Blog
I openwater swim in the San Diego Bay. It has been my practice since childhood. Today swam 1/2 mile rather than the 1/4 mile from a private (Peckham’s) pier to the Southwestern Yacht Club and back. That water was colder than the last swim, but the air was magnificent, a warm breeze with dark blue water. It is a second home to me, if ever there was an incarnation of sea mammal it still resonates today. I am 100% at home in the water. In some ways more than on land! As I was swimming I noticed a large shape swimming along the shore line (I am out by the bouys -water is 40 ft deep o ...   read more

Ardarsh on KY and Sadhana   17 y  
Sue has asked Ardarsh why one practices Kundalini Yoga, and this is Sweet Ardarsh's Response (Ardarsh joins us from Shanghai)
yes, we do yoga in order to unite and to balance all aspects of body, soul and mind. This raises the level of awareness and consciousness - that is the reason, why KY is called the Yoga of Awareness. Ultimately everything what you do, can become a conscious act or experience - means everything can serve the goal of yoga - e.g. conscious breathing, riding the subway and mentally chanting Sat Nam, listening to some spiritual CD’s in a car or lovingly volunteering for the good of the neighborhood. You are raising your consciousness and you become automatically a more lovingly and loveab ...   read more

Kundalini Recipes for the Kidney Cleanse   17 y  
Foods that heal and support the Kidney's systemic processes
The kidneys are my achilles heel-I watch water intake and remind myself to take time to slow down and take care of the kidneys when I am on the go! Sat’s Salad A tasty unique salad that will tempt your taste buds. Not only does it help improve kidney function but watercress and endive are powerful cleansers of the intestinal and circulatory system. • 2 medium heads of yellow endive • 1 medium apple, thinly sliced • 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped • 1/2 cup watercress leaves • 1/4 cup blue cheese Dressing • 1 T nonfat cottage cheese • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar • 3 tsp walnut oil ...   read more

Yogi Tea, yummy   17 y  
This is the best tea I have had the pleasure to drink, with soy milk it is out of the universe!
Tea By Peggy O’Mara The chai that is so popular now is a packaged variation on yogi tea, a traditional East Indian tea. Try this yummy tonic on a morning when you have some time. To one-quart pure water, add: 16 peppercorns 12 whole cloves 6 slices of fresh ginger root 6 to 7 small sticks of cinnamon Boil at medium heat for about 20 minutes. Then add ˝ cup honey and ˝ cup soy, rice or cow’s milk. Have the milk slightly warm before adding. Variation: You can add a tea bag of black or green tea or steep a few leaves in the yogi tea if you like.   visit the page

Kundalini Water Cleanse   17 y  
In the Yogic Tradition Spring is the time to "Clean House", or the Space Suit we wear on Earth -Our Body
Master Cleanse The master cleanse can help sooth and detoxify the entire body. This drink will dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion from the kidneys, digestive system, glands, joints, muscles and blood stream. • 1 quart of purified water • 1 shaved lemon (save as much of the white pith as possible) • 1 pinch of cloves (whole cloves or powder) • 1 1/2 Tablespoons honey, real maple syrup or stevia • pinch of cayenne Place all ingredients in a blender and blend for 20-40 seconds. No straining is necessary. Drink as often as you like throughout the day. Courtesy of Dr ...   read more

Sadhana-Why should I meditate in the Morning?   17 y  
Or why should I meditate in the very earrrrllly morning 3am-6am.
I have been practicing Sadhana for 11/2 weeks and I am TIRED- so all these benefits are not yet in evidence. I do have faith that after 40 days I will be strong in my practice and in equilibrium. Certain events in my personal life has got me determined to hold fast in the practice-! I hope I can stay awake long enough to last 40 days! Yogi Bhajan has prescribed a series of mantra meditations to be performed during sadhana, at that ambrosial time before sunrise when the air is cleanest, quietest and most peaceful. The total time for these meditations is 62 minutes. Normally the c ...   read more

The Law of Spirit/Healing   17 y  
A journey of Spiritual Healing has undertaken Me- through the power of My Word...I have been studying etymology for the last 11 years. The power of words shapes how we manifest our Godliness on Earth.
I have always felt very serious about keeping my word. I have always spoken the Truth with my Words (albeit ”my truth”-but it’s the only one I have!) I keep my promises, so when I make promises to others I never give my word lightly to look good or be socially popular. So I was in the ballpark, but not on home plate- And nowhere near the Grand Slam that is the Realization of Us. 9th Read On: Each partakes of the Christ (as in the Christ in us) nature to the degree that the Christ is revealed through him, and to that degree he becomes the Christ. We have only to turn to the living p ...   read more

Currency   17 y  
Sat Sangeet expresses his experience with prosperity, and abundance
Sat Nam, Just to add to what has already been expressed.....recognize that money is just a form of energy and energy needs to flow. Money is currency....which implies flow. So in order to recieve, one must give....and that doesn’t mean necessarily can give compliments, time, love, kindness etc etc It’s a circle that flows one end into the other...and eventually, what I have found is that giving and recieving begin to feel like the same thing....because when you can tune in and truly give what is being called for in any given moment (so in other words...a wise give) then ...   read more

Intuitive Perception   17 y  
The Doorway to the Absolute stands open at the Center of Our Intuitive Perception.
I accept complete Healing as a gift of Unconditional love directly from God. I enter a new consciouness of love for myself and others. I forgive the mistakes of the past. With a grateful Heart, I release Myself from all thought s of limitation. I NOW embrace my new life of Joy, wholeness, and peace. I am Free! I release these Words to the Universe, And So It Is! 9th   visit the page

Power of your Word   17 y  
Are you aligned with your speech, Are you True to your Word, I guarantee you, the words you speak are True to You-Pick them with care and honesty
My Word comes back to Me My Word comes back to me laden with the fruits of it’s own speech. My Word is Law to my Life, and Law to everything I speak. Oh Word go forth and Heal and Bless all Humanity Speak of their Divine Birthright No One is alone, but One goes with You who knows and cares. Tell the sick they are healed and the poor that they cannot want, Tell the unhappy of the Joy of the Soul, and Enlighten the Imprisoned. My Word shall come back to me laden with the blessings of God and Man. I release these words to the Universe-And So It IS!   visit the page

The Grand Dame of Energy Healing   17 y  
Clairvoyant, Medical Intuitive, Physicist, Chakra Queen, May I introduce Ms. Barbara Brennan
I am surprised no one has mentioned the Grand Dame of Energy Healing. Dr. Barbara Brennan has been researching the Human Energy Field for more than 30 years. Her best selling books – Hands of Light® and Light Emerging – are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine and her work has resulted in the development of Brennan Healing Science – a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. This work combines High-Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with the ...   read more

HeartMath   17 y  
I took a HeartMath class in San Diego in 2001, they used to do a circuit and a 2 day seminar. I realize there is a ton of great information on Curezone Site, but when it comes to consciouness and spirituality- it is harder to 'do', since it is a way of 'being'. Heart Math can help you train the body through technology of biofeedback to respond to the world with a different pattern because you have a different feeling! It's a software program for your computer turning it into a mini biofeedback lab.
This site is worth checking out-Science meets meditative Biofeedback Question: Why the word HeartMath? Answer: Although the words ”Heart” and ”Math” are rarely used together, Doc Childre, who founded IHM, felt that this combination reflected the two most essential aspects of our work. Heart—The word heart, of course, has meaning to almost everyone. When we think of heart, we think of the physical heart as well as qualities such as wisdom, love, compassion, courage and strength, the higher aspects of all human beings. Math—In the context of HeartMath, the word math refers ...   read more

To Love, Be Lovable   17 y  
Signals from spirit all serve the same purpose: to give you back your life as a creator. —Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra’s March Letter: To Love, Be Lovable Signals from spirit all serve the same purpose: to give you back your life as a creator. —Deepak Chopra To begin with we can’t keep confining romance to an emotional state; we must redefine it as surrender to the mystery of our own spirit—sat chit ananda—for beneath the turbulence of emotion that is what romance is. It is a state in which your primary relationship is not with your beloved but with your Self. Romance therefore begins when you can show your soul to another person. The secret to being attractive, if one consults the ...   read more

The Wild Divine Creator   17 y  
While taking a class in HeartMath, I came upon the HeartMath technology in Wild Divine-about 3 years ago. It was a tiny software company using biofeedback to train the body/mind in breathwork, pulse monitoring(relaxation), and thought. Now the company is really rolling and attracting the likes of Deepok Chopra, and others. Here is an article by 'Cool'and FUN Corwin Bell, The Creator.
At whatever perspective you want to understand it, meditation has a real effect. Whether the effect of meditation is understood on the neural chemistry level or from an energy or spiritual level, meditation trains our mind to find a quiet place and directs the mind to be quiet and to listen, and not just perform. Quieting the mind allows us to focus our energy so that we are not creating things in our life from a place that is reactive, emotional or commotional. I find that there needs to be a lot of trust in meditation. We need to be able to trust that problems will work themselves out ...   read more

The Authentic Self   17 y  
How is it we heal, vibrate, align, and attract?
OR How do I particpate in the Flow of the Divine for Self Expression and Authenticity. Aligning with Authentic Self Expression and The Divine Within? There is much talk of resonance and vibrating attraction, but not much about the authentic nature of self that produces such alignment. The shadows we all carry and the light that is Us as the divine. The balance and the Integration of the Human Spirit. To identify the Divine, the energies and Unity of the male and female within must work in peace and harmony. The community you belong to and serve must be integrated with the larger ...   read more

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