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Vibration of Love   16 y  
The vibratory field of love, the courage of Love, the generosity of love, the gift of Love
The only thing between you and Love is what you’ve decided about it. If you don’t feel the Love that you are, decide differently. Ask for Love’s presence to embrace all areas of your life. You are here to Love. Be Love. Give Love. Accept Love in all the ways it is being offered up to you. Every time you decide to put Love first it affects the energy of everyone and everything in your stratosphere. Imagine a world of Love makers! Quite a delightful vision, wouldn’t you say? Hold a vision of Love with one-pointed concentration, and all that you’ve feared and resisted will change bef ...   read more

Eurythmy-Forms   16 y  
AUG 13 Ann Arbor, MI SEP 11 Boulder, CO SEP 14 Seattle, WA SEP 17 Davis, CA SEP 18 San Rafael, CA SEP 20 Portland, OR SEP 22 Fullerton, CA SEP 24 Flagstaff, CA SEP 26 Montreal, QC SEP 29 Minneapolis, MN OCT 1 Portland, ME OCT 5 New York, NY OCT 8/9 Chicago, IL OCT 11 Toronto, ON OCT 13/14 Harrisburg, PA OCT 16 Durham, NC Making Music Visible Conducted by Jim Papoulis Artistic Direction by Dorothea Mier Annelies Davidson Produced by Marke Levene For information: VLM NewArts Management Larry & Victoria Temple 707-824-0655 newarts@soni ...   read more

Honesty 4   16 y  
Good ol Billy
honesty ”No legacy is so rich as honesty.” - William Shakespeare (1564-1616) I am becoming very cereal or is that serial? 9th   visit the page

Honesty-3   16 y  
Still more from my friend and mentor Socrates
honesty ”The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world, is to be in reality what we would appear to be; and if we observe, we shall find, that all human virtues increase and strengthen themselves by the practice and experience of them.” -Socrates (469-399 B.C.)   visit the page

Death by Caffeine   16 y  
I came across this bit, while enjoying my second cup of coffee in the last 5 days...Drat!
Today I am drinking coffee for the first time in a long time- I did make Sadhana but I caught them ”not ready” for company. I was 15 minutes early-but ususally prayer is going on in this portion of the 3 hour (for them) block ( I only do 21/2 hours). Doc was not there. How I miss his sweet voice. He is the powerhorse behing the early morning sessions. He holds the space for an awesome practice. Without him the whole experience shifting into a ”more unstructured”, or maybe just less intentioned event. Yoga was good, prayer was not chanted, and chants were not chanted...when I looked ...   read more

Yogi and Poet at 16   16 y  
Gee, he's ahead of the curve...a practitioner of the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga....AND A POET, (feels like he's 5...gee I'd rather be 16 myself!)
Sat Nam, The World around me is one. I am the world around me. I see a bright rdiance emitting from all objects...... The world around me is one. I am encompassed by love. This energy has taken me so high........... And I am feeling younger by the second...... Im 16...but inside i feel like Im 5....... ”Wide eyed and hopefull, wide eyed and hopefully wild” Peace and love Namaste, -Matthew K. Taylor   visit the page

Honesty& Relationships   16 y  
That pretty much says it all for every and ANY situation
honesty “Honesty is better than any policy.” -Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) Our topic this week is honesty. Policy is open to interpretation. Honesty is clear, and simple. When we live honestly we are governed by our own conscience, we answer to ourselves. Relationships based on honesty have clear channels of communication, which generate openness and trust.   visit the page

Navel Point of Power   16 y  
God Self is Piloting this day in every way-YIPEE!
Sat Nam, To be in your power, you have to do navel exercises every day. Like life, we evolve. The more you do navel exercises, the more you develop your power center. Keep going and never stop. Sat Nam, Gururattana Went to Sadhana this morning 4am sharp.Today was the first day I’ve woken up feeling refreshed and reasy to go...Too cool! It has taken 6 days for my body to adjust to the new regime. Oh I am so thankful that I no longer feel tired. We work the navel point every morning at Sadhana. Thank you Dear One, who gives all life and energy to me...Thank you little cel ...   read more

Enlightened Being Pic   16 y  
Guru Rattana, PHD, yogi, disciplined and serious...But is fun when she wants to be, and nothing but always loving..
I double Dog Dare you to spend a day with this unassuming yogi, hahaha Does Breath of Fire, Pumping Abs, Blowing Breath,mean anything to you..?   visit the page

Soul Seat   16 y  
Probably into another shift, I think when one lives freely life is a series of shifts...this is closer to reality than the static nature we impose on our existence.
Was with the Turbaned One all day today. I am like putty in my own hands. I did 91/2 hours of Kundalini Yoga today, and yes I have lost my grip...but for me~that can’t be all bad! I am a hump of human ecosystems, the mind has been tamed and put on a cookie sheet to be baked.... My God, what am I thinking, Oh well, I guess we already established that I am not thinking. That simplifies. I am going to bed right now, and will wait for some time before I take on this amount of yoga worship in one day. I am energy is amped and flat at the same time. A strange combination ...   read more

Sadhana #4   16 y  
Just an update on Sadhana #4, I am clearing the vessel to receive all my good! Sat Nam and so it is! stronger and more open~ May we live ininteresting times!
Went today at 4 am;same group, but one new male who was so funny, he sang every chant for 1 whole hour. What made it especially humorous was that I sang every chant for the entire chanting hour the first time I appeared- 4 short days ago. I have now learned to conserve my energy and sing one or two of the six chants, and rest between exercises...ALL of which are stomach exercises...My weakest point! (So of course now we know why God directed me there, my intuition knew my next step was to strengthen the core-hahahah...My intuition led me to exactly what I needed. I can pretty much count ...   read more

5th day Sadhana   16 y  
Today was day #5 of Sadhana- hehe Only 35 more days to go...HAHAHAHAHAH
Oh dear, today was the first time I was tempted to ignore the alarm and go back to sleep. I hit the snooze alarm instead..and by the time my 5 minutes had elapsed I was ready to rise. I was 10 minutes later thanususal and they had tuned in with Ong Namo before I had gotten there. I regretted that -the tune in aligns us as a group with the ”golden chain” of masters. This Kundalini has been in existence for thousands of years the Ong Namo tune in aligns us and allows the ancient wisdom to flow through the ages to us today. Time travel, that is not at all that, since time (as What the B ...   read more

Yoga+Dolphins=Healing   16 y, Where the Wild Things Are- Bimini and Costa Rica....Fun and adventure
3-4 years ago I had a guided meditation and came up with a vision of my place in the world. After listening to Rick Jarow’s Anti Career guide tapes, I realized my vision included clear light green (warm) water. I saw a wood pier and a house edging a small knoll, with boats in the shallows. I have never seenthis place on the earth plane, but it exists ~ that much I know. Many resonate and are healthier in their envisioned ideal environment. How do I find such a spot? Start vacationing in latitudes that have this type of water...and I love animals~ particularly WILD THINGS....So I b ...   read more

Death and Rebirth   16 y  
Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan. In the Golden Chain of Ancient Wisdom you are a Jewel!
In between birth and death, you have time to emit light so you leave behind a legacy” Yogi Bhajan May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you And the pure light within you, guide your way on. Sat Nam 9th~ And to all of you the same! When was young I did yoga, and sought meditation to ease my insecurity and pains, but now I just love to meditate and I seek nothing but the joy of my own being, and to soak in the like minds around me! Off to Kirtan!   visit the page

3rd Day Sadhana   16 y  
The celebration of Yogi Bhajans Birthday was different than Day 1 and 2 of Sadhana. For one there were more people, it started earlier and there were mor participants. AND...I slept. 3Ho saying for the day :"Woman's place is in her grace" Yogi Bhajan
Today the celebration began an hour earlier 3am PST rather than 4am...I arrived in the dead of night, still asleep with a cold water splash on the face and barely brushed teeth. The prayers were already in progess and it was a full house. Fourmen, 5 women and a child all sitting i easy pose on the floor. Today the lights were on! It’s Yoga Bhajan’s birthday...We are all praising and worshipping by observing the Sadhana internationally~ all 3HO members and KY practitioners are praying together, all at once. But I am exhausted from my schedule of work, play, and the lesser hours of sl ...   read more

Treating Grief/Lung Congestion   16 y  
Kundalini Yoga addresses the whole person, food and asanas for dis-ease.
Sat Nam Satnam! :) The lungs are an organ of grief emotionally. Ayurvedically seen as a Kapha imbalance. If you give more description to the cough (dry, wet, deep, painful, etc.) I could give you a little more info. Herbs that strengthen the lungs would help as would bringing the arms overhead(elbows straight) palms facing backward and move them back and forth rapidly about a 10-12” range. This opens the lungs and also will help bring up grief. If you are dealing with some form of grief don’t be surprised with a strong reaction of release occurring with this. Sitali breath is grea ...   read more

Sadhana Day 2   16 y  
Day 3 Sadhana begins an hour earlier, my stomach muscles are sore and my insides are glowing...Day 3 begins early so we may share Amrit Vela worldwide- tomorrow is Yogi Bhajan's birthday-the first one since he has transitioned...we are showing our devotion and love...I have a date friday night- wonder how he'll like my snoring and drooling...It is the true test of a man...We are going to a Kirtan I may be able to sneak in 15 minutes of sleep...
Made it for the 4am call to practice Kundalini, meditate, (and nap this time), and chant. WHoa, I feel a difference all ready...and I am getting all ready... 4am~I come in they are already gathered and reading prayers...I sit and get ready for the KY portion...Breath of fire up the ying yang...Heh! then leg lifts (which are good for me) while doing breath of fire. Each excercize is 11 minutes, Lordy...with breath of fire and the exercise it is slightly taxing for me...AND my stomach muscles are sore from yesterday...Oh well the results will be worth it. 5am~ we lie on sheepskins wi ...   read more

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