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Peace   16 y  
In reviewing my reading materials for a class I am taking, I came across this piece on fear by E Holmes. I am coming across all these spiritual info because I am playing catch up with three chapters of reading and homework. What has become clear is these works would have been helpful (and still are) during the timeframe they were assigned. Everything in it's perfect place and time is available..It is up to me to "open my eyes" and "see" it.
It is Sunday and I’m reading through my study material for a class I am taking. Is Peace the opposite or remedy for fear? Peace is the Power at the Heart of God My peace is found at the heart of God. The heart of God, for me is found at the very center of my being. It does not matter how closely the confusion of the outer world presses against me, I am not even disturbed by the confusion in my imdediate environment. I know that the only way to counteract confusion is to bring peace into play. ”Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto ...   read more

Dharam on Meditation   16 y  
Dharam compares the energies acquired by the consumption of food to the energies generated by meditation and their nadir complement
Meditating is a sort of eating, a consumption of subtle energies which are digested by the mind’s subtle digestive fire. Meditation is a critical element of all daily programs because it satisfies the mind’s hunger. Insufficient or improper meditation keeps the mind hungry, and makes it turn outward through its sense organs to seek satisfaction from sense objects, including especially physical food. Use of food to satisfy the mind alone without consideration for the body always leads to disease. Good meditation nourishes the organism so thoroughly that the body can maintain itself on ...   read more

Mul-Mantra Decoded   16 y  
Banana Nana Nana Fanna Fee Fi Mo Manna-Maaantra!(This dates me!) Let's decode a Sanskit Mantra and see what the sounds mean!
Mul Mantra is one of seven mantra’s that make up Sadhana EKC Ong Kar = One Creator, Creation Sat Nam = Truth Named Kartaa Purkh = Doer of Everything (I feel like this Today) Nirbhao = Fearless Nirvair = Revengeless Akaal Moorat = Undying Ajoonee = Unborn Saibung = Self Illuminated Gur Prasad = Guru’s grace (gift) JAP = Chant Aad Such = True in the beginning Jagaad Such = True through all the Ages Haibee Such = True even now Nanak Hosee Bhee Such = Nanak says truth shall ever Be. Nanak is the bearer of Kundalini and a Holy Man. The Mul Mantra ...   read more

Affirmation of Surrender   16 y  
This affirmation pretty much says it all. Self talk in a good neighborhood. If God makes the reader uneasy then try Higher Power, Universal Spirit, whatever flips your skirt!
There is one Life, that life is God, that Life is perfect, that life is my life now. Everything I do, say or think, is governed by Divine Intelligence and inspired by divine wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love, and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality, and inspiration are in every thing I do. I am aware of my partnership with the divine. Every thought of not being wanted, of being afraid, of uncertainty and doubt is cast out of my mind. My memory goes back to God alone , in whom I live, move, and have my being. A complete sense of happines ...   read more

Dissolving Accumulated Subconcious Blockages   16 y  
Kundalini Yoga prepares the spinal column and brain to accept and pass energies throughout the body. This is enlightenment, pure attainment of True Identity.
Kundalini Yoga - as taught by Yogi Bhajan Dissolving the Accumulated Blockages in the Subconscious Mind This is a yoga where numerous means have been developed and preserved over thousands of years to release and free up energy blockages. You may have heard the phrase from the Third Zen Patriarch, ”When thought is in bondage, the Truth is hidden.” The Truth is that our individual consciousness is not different from the Universal Consciousness, which is the support and substratum of the entire manifestation of the apparent diversified universe in all its planes. The accumulation ...   read more

Meditation for healing yourself and others   16 y  
This is a particularly powerful meditation for women during the Full Moon. If a woman has a worthy request and practices the meditation at the full moon, her results begin manifestation. Certainly it is a healing meditation for all healers at anytime.
Raa Maa Daa Sa Saa Say So Hung Meditation is very ancient. It is a very healing meditation. It can be done alone at any time for healing and to find your personal power This meditation has been traditionally done in-groups for healing and at the full moon. Start doing this mantra for eleven minutes and work up to thirty-one minutes Directions Sit in easy cross-legged posture.or the lotus seat. Use a chair if you can’t do the other two. Keep your elbows close to your sides. Keep you arms close to the body Keep your fingers together and pulled dow ...   read more

Yoga for balancing your polarity after an earthquale or tsunami   16 y  
Any sensitive ones feeling out of sorts since the tsunami? Maybe your magnetism is out of whack?
The eyes are focused on the tip of the nose Hold the LEFT arm in front of you and parallel to the ground. Hold the LEFT hand cupped over the ear. Gently strike the left hand to the head in time with the beat of the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. LEFT HAND is held as if in a ”one handed” prayer pose, palm sligthly cupped and fingers straight. Stretch the right arm out to the side parallel to the ground. Bend the elbow so that your RIGHT fist is at your ear with the hand like the conch shell. The conch shell represents the great power of creation. Point it forward like a conch shell. The ...   read more

Breathwork that clears self anger, and ill will   16 y  
Breath is our connection as Spirit to all encompassing "One". It joins us to our universal self with is our true nature thereby calming and reassuring us that we are loved, protected and worthy of everything we are made for.
Mudra meditation to calm the mind and to cure feelings of ill will, self anger, hostility, self-hatred or self-animosity. This is a mudra/ breath meditation to remove our self imposed obstacles. Sit in easy pose with a straight spine Stay alert. Fix the eyes on the tip of the nose This meditation requires the trunk of the body to stay straight without rocking back and forth. Relax the arms at the sides and raise the forearms up and in toward the chest until the hands meet in front of the chest at the heart level and make fists of the hands. The palms face each other. ...   read more

Meditiation for negative emotions past and present   16 y  
Step-by-step instructions for a ganpati meditation erasing negativity, past, present and future
GANPATI KRIYA (Pronounced ”gun” and ”puti”) This is a very sacred kriya. ”Ganpati” also means ”Ganesha,” the elephant God who rode on the back of a rat, a rat which could go anywhere. There’s nothing in the world where Ganpati cannot penetrate. It is also called the impossible-possible kriya, where all negatives from the past and present will be redeemed. Ganpati is sometimes called ”mangalam” - the God of Happiness. This meditation deals with samskaras, karma. and dharma. It will take away all samskaras, all the negative karmas you carry from past lives and have to pay ...   read more

Swami Beyondananda BIO   16 y  
Beware of Yogi Humor, it is known to be a FUN PUN affair! All spiritual and no earth makes the body boring!
Who Is Swami Beyondananda? Once in many, many lifetimes comes a being so evolved, so enlightened, so pure that the entire world is transformed. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone like that around these days. Fortunately, we do have Swami Beyondananda to help us maintain our jestive health in a world that has become less and less funny. As the Swami says, ”Indeed, the world is in a grave state -- and the best way to overcome gravity is with levity.” Swami can truly say he came from humble beginnings. His parents operated a Humble gas station just outside of Muskogee ...   read more

Owner's Manual For the Mind-Or How to Meditate   16 y  
This is your guide to the beginning steps of meditation! DO NOT be discouraged it takes practice, and you will see just how much and what kind of self talk is going on up there!
Method of Yoga Meditation The following are a few easy tips to remember while practicing Yoga Meditation: • Sit in a comfortable posture with an erect spine, preferably in a specific yoga posture such as the padmasana or the Lotus posture. • Energize the breath through pranayama. • Hold a visualization for a few minutes to clear the sensory field and focus the mind internally. This may relate to peaceful colors, geometric designs (yantra), natural images or that of a deity or guru. • Repeat an affirmation or prayer to increase positive thought power. • Repeat a mantra such ...   read more

Meditation   16 y  
quiet the mind, get out of the bad neighborhood to save your health! If you live in a good neighborhood, quiet the mind to enjoy and love yourself. Visualize yourself as a happy, healthy, and whole person. And so it is!
Yogic meditation is a means of training the being to tune itself to the workings of the Divine Being. The central principle of such meditation is to concentrate one’s mental faculties upon the object of quest. But it requires long hours of practice for the mind to be able to attain such sustainable levels of concentration and absorption. This discipline, above everything else, is the essence of yoga meditation. The success of yogic meditation depends largely on the sincerity and strength of the yogi behind it. It is not the duration but the intensity of the aspiring consciousness, which ...   read more

Traditional Yogi Diet   16 y  
What are the foods Yogi's? Some may forgo the dairy!
Foods to Eat: • Fresh, sweet fruits of all types, preferably taken whole. • All vegetables except onions and garlic. • Whole grains, such as rice, wheat and oats. • Ideally beans like mung, aduki and tofu, other types in moderation. • Not overly roasted or salted nuts and seeds such as almonds, coconuts, walnuts, pecans and sesame. • Butter, ghee (clarified butter) and all good natural plant-based oils like sesame, olive and sunflower. • Dairy products like milk, ghee, yogurt and cottage cheese from dairy animals who’ve been treated well. • Natural sugars such as jaggery, honey, ...   read more

Pranayama   16 y  
health, youth, long life, balance internal systems, and organs
’Pranayama’ is a compound term (’prana’ and ’yama’) meaning the maintenance of prana in a healthy throughout one’s life. More than a breath-control exercise, pranayama is all about controlling the life force or prana. Ancient yogis, who understood the essence of prana, studied it and devised methods and practices to master it. These practices are better known as pranayama. Since breath or prana is basic to life, the practice of pranayama helps in harnessing the prana in and around us, and by deepening and extending it, pranayama leads to a state of inner peace. According to Hatha Yoga, ...   read more

Some background information on Hindu/Sanskirt words/practices   16 y  
background on next postings
Sat Nam All, Sat Nam means true identity. That we are incarnated in the flesh and have a definite journey to take, we are immortal and spirit or energy. And we are all one, part and parcel of this energy. It is the beginning of the awakening that we are more than we appear. We are more than we appear and we have more power at our disposal for creation of our true selves and our true path. Kundalini Yoga is the pathe of joining ”man” with his energetic spiritual nature. I have heard fear and horror stories about this awakening-but a proper preparation and a deep seated respect ...   read more

Sadhana a chanted meditation   16 y  
Sadhana is the ancient practice of discovering your true identity, and bring peace to your journey
Quotes about Sadhana: Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, gave many lectures on the importance of Sadhana. Here are some of the things he said. ”Sadhana gives fearlessness and a sense of self, as well as projection, polarity combination, equilibrium, respectability, totality, internal and external self-knowledge, purity, dignity, divinity, and grace...You become a shining, living grace.” ”All these changes that you are seeing in your personality did not happen because you got counseled, or your teacher was great. You all changed because you wanted to change and you did sadhan ...   read more

Types of Yoga   16 y  
Insight into ancient divine practice of yoga
”What is the purpose of Hatha yoga? The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to raise the awareness. It is a technology to bring the apana and prana, the moon and sun powers, together to raise the consciousness through the central equilibrium line. In other words, its stated aim is to raise the Kundalini. That is the purpose of Hatha Yoga. The problem is that it takes about 22 years to raise it that way, even with perfect practice. That is the long method”. Yoga, as most people see it is simply Asana practice and maybe some groovy meditations. Kundalini as Yogiji taught it to us retains the integ ...   read more

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