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BaBaBernhart   17 y  
BaBaBernhart is prostrate with grief, with forearm slung against forehead ..s/he looks to a what appears to be a man dressed in webmistress clothing dancing, laughing and being free I am touched by the humaness and good nature of their souls
Posting the void What was isn’t What was to be is limited I miss Sarah typing with one hand and Webmistress A/who is not A I love you both   visit the page

BaBaGee Unknown   17 y  
How can a being travel alone? Answer:
How can the unknown Be known? Ant*phony To some a lover of Innuendo To others a Defender of Hate Ends justifying Means Where is the Heart of the unknown within it’s relation to the Zone   visit the page

BaBaGee Quotez:   17 y  
Mother Teresa, gone but certainly not forgotten...And let us say a thanks to Martin Luther King, who had a dream, and Mahatma Ghandi, who had a vision...
”let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” --mother theresa   visit the page

Higher Ground?   17 y  
Apparently bene-voilence has taken a turn for the lower vibration?
Cycles of the Psyche Contain the Small and the upright Men of the Light are,neverless, flesh Men of the flesh attuned on the earth What flesh separates is brought together by eternal woman the void, the creative While you create your existence in prominence, and strength know that you came through the void By the generousity the joining of balance and perhaps pleasure whether for that moment or eternity In this moment you can act With Generousity Or Greed With tenderness Or Lust Your generousity of Spirit will outstrip flesh pleasure pomposity powe ...   read more

BaBaGee Seyz:   17 y  
There are some very interesting aspects multipersonalites of One. The red flags of conspiracy, is found closer to a bene-violent Home..Page
The Mirror You are an enigma that is wholly known but not *boxed* The game is in the *Seeing*! And the connection to the One   visit the page

Durga   17 y  
Durga is Here....
Wisdom, Wisdom is a game, and the name in the game is: Durga   visit the page

baBaGee Quotez:   17 y  
Yes, there is a man with a sense of humore somewhere here on Curezone
”Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss Well said and placed right where it needs be   visit the page

BaBaGee on Thinking   17 y  
Yes, thinking will get you somewhere.."But by the time the frequentist had enough data to draw a conclusion, he might already be dead" Amen to that brother
Bayesian Thoughts He died trying His death was... not in vain He was thinking really hard! Poor Thing.. BaBaGee More on Bayesian Calculative Thought Models:   visit the page

BaBaGee Believez:   17 y  
Amen to that brother
I don’t care what anybody says it’d be much better for the world to be governed by the women in it you wouldn’t see women going and killing and slaughtering...” James Joyce _Ulysses_   visit the page

BabAGee quotez:   17 y  
Van Goethe, do,start, and manifest
”Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute. What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Begin it and the work will be completed.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   visit the page

BaBaGee Quotes   17 y  
Shelley had the key back in victorian Britain- no new age or new thought-only old recycled
The One remains, the many change and pass, Life like a dome of many-colored glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity. SHELLEY   visit the page

Ramtha   17 y  
No BaBa- But Ramtha
”The Father I do love greatly for the Father and I are One, and I love myself greatly for the I AM that I am is the essence of ALL-THAT-IS.” Ramtha   visit the page

Fool   17 y  
No man can make a fool of you lest you let him that is to say; No man can make a fool of you, but you! BaBaGee   visit the page

BaBaGee Infinite Wisdom   18 y  
BaBaGee sez:
Your priorities are not what you say they are They are not what you think they are They are what you Do everyday BaBaGee   visit the page

BaBaGee sez:   18 y  
BaBaGee sez:
Woman is not a small instrument of divinity. She is the ultimate creative self of God. Yogi Bhajan   visit the page

BaBaGee   18 y  
BaBaGee, renown spiritualist and bearing of wisdom shares with U
Time is the healer of all wounds And the revealer of all truths Baba Gee   visit the page


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