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sat Kriya   16 y  
Control and balance the lower triangle of chakras for stability and health on the earth plane
SAT KRIYA Sat Kriya is an essential key to the processes of Kundalini Yoga. It is one of the few exercises that is a complete action in itself. That is the connotation of the word, “kriya;” an action or series of actions that completes a process and has a predictable outcome. Most kriyas consist of a series of exercises that synergize. Sat Kriya can stand alone like a precious gem. The main effect is a control and balance of the lower three chakras or energy distribution centers in the body. It does this by mixing the prana and apana at the navel center. This generates a heat in th ...   read more

Tantric Kriya   16 y  
This sounds delicious! and and physical joining of the male and female energies internally and externally by sharing of your essence with the beloved
Tantrika International offers weekend intensives, weeklong retreats in beautiful locations, and personalized support for participants at every level. The courses are based on techniques from the Tantric Kriya Yoga tradition. This is a step by step process that is safe, powerful and effective, leading to greater fulfillment and flow. GATEWAY In the beginning, you will explore your subtle senses, play in the world of subtle energies. You will expand your sensitivity to sensual experiences and increase your capacity for sensual pleasure. Learn how to enhance your relationships, and also ...   read more

Throat Chakra   16 y  
Seat of TRUTH of your Divine Nature rests in the center of your Immune System-Gee, Imagine that?
VISUDDA-The Throat Lotus Chakra - Visudda Chakra is found at the throat at the base of the neck flanked by the collar bone. It is associated with the throat, ears, thyroid and parathyroid It’s element is ether, and it’s color is most frequently though of as royal blue. (Lapis Lingus - (Azurite) or Lapis Lazuli is often worn for healing at the throat chakra This is the chakra of truth. The Yoga Set THROAT LOTUS KRIYA or Kantha Padma Kirya This is a total workout for the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It works on the thymus gland and the imm ...   read more

How energy runs if you are clear   16 y  
Are you blocked-if you are ill I guarantee you are, if you are plagued by worries and doubts you are blocked-these mental thoughts make real life flesh and blood illness in your beautiful spiritual self....You are energy-and flesh is just low vibrating molecules
Knowledge Of The Roots How does this happen? How is Sahaja Yoga different from other types of Yoga? Kundalini, Vibrations and Self Realization Kundalini, Vibrations and Self Realization Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us, a motherly and soothing spiritual energy which lies dormant at the base of the spine in the sacrum bone (the ancient civilizations knew that in this bone resides a sacred energy). Self Realization is the awakening of the Kundalini through the central channel, piercing through the six chakras above the sacrum bone and emerging at the ...   read more

Kundalini and Self Realization   16 y  
The rising of Kundalini can make outrageous release in orgasm, or in spirtual recognition of your True Nature -OR BOTH
More Infomation Knowledge Of The Roots How does this happen? How is Sahaja Yoga different from other types of Yoga? Kundalini, Vibrations and Self Realization A knowledge of the roots Sahaja Yoga is a method of meditation which brings a breakthrough in the evolution of human awareness. It was created by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1970 and has since spread all around the world. In Shri Mataji’s own words: ”Global unity of mankind can be achieved through this awakening that can occur within each human being, so that transformation takes place within us. By this ...   read more

Heart Chakra-gate of higher vib8tion    16 y  
Anahatha Chakra-better known as the heart chakra.....The gate to higher consciousness
Anahatha Chakra ”The fourth center is called as the Anahatha Chakra, meaning the heart center. It has twelve petals and is placed behind the sternum in the spinal cord. This center produces the anti-bodies till the age of twelve years and then these anti-bodies are circulated in the whole body to be ready to fight any kind of attack on the body or on the mind. If there is any attack on the person these anti-bodies are informed through the sternum, which has a remote control of information. Heart center caters for the cardiac plexus.” --H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Deities T ...   read more

The Void   16 y  
The void is located by the navel point or the chakra of will...
Void ”As the Kundalini rises into the third part, next to the Nabhi Chakra, we become absolutely righteous. This area, which we call as the Ocean of Illusion, is enlightened by ten principles of mastery. The great masters have created these ten centers of commandment which are enlightened and we become holy. There is no need to be strict in one’s behavior. We automatically become really spiritual. Like an egg becomes the bird, we are born twice. In Sanskrit a Yogi or the one who knows about Brahma, meaning the All-Pervading Power, is called Dwija and a bird is also called Dwija, meaning t ...   read more

Star Wars Astrology & Numerology   16 y  
Star Wars astrology & Numerology site on Blogthings
This is a Astrological comparison of you and Star Wars Characters-- Who you be? Me? Obe Wan, babe! I’ve got your NUMBER, do you?   visit the page

Ujjayi Kumbhaka   16 y  
Mucous membranes in the throat and nose can be healed by this method
Surya Bheda Ujjayi Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana. Close the mouth. Inhale slowly through both the nostrils in a smooth, uniform manner till the breath fills the space from the throat to the heart. Retain the breath as long as you can do it comfortably and then exhale slowly through the left nostril by closing the right nostril with your right thumb. Expand the chest when you inhale. During inhalation a peculiar sound is produced owing to the partial closing of glottis. The sound produced during inhalation should be of a mild and uniform pitch. It should be continuous also. This Kum ...   read more

Kumbhaka Pranayam   16 y  
Yogi's have long addressed the concerns of maintaining the body in optimal health-zappers, and other extreme measures are not necessary if one refines their practice of yoga. God has given his domain to Man-We are God..God resides in Us-so of course all we need is present in us. We are It and It is Us.
Suryabheda Kumbhaka, Ujjayi Kumbhaka, Sitali and Bhastrika are the four divisions of the Sahita Kumbhaka. Suryabheda Kumbhaka destroys the intestinal worms and the four kinds of evils caused by Vayu. Ujjayi purifies the body, removes diseases and increases the gastric fire. It also removes the heat caused in the head and the phlegm in the throat. Sitali cools the body. It destroys gulma, dyspepsia, pliha, consumption, bile, fever, thirst and poison. These forms of Sahita Kumbhaka purify and prepare the entire physiological organism for the arousal of the Kundalini Sakti and for ...   read more

Satchel Paige Principle   16 y  
Secret to Youth?
A nutritious diet and a style of life that regularly raises some physical and mental sweat: Thos are your staunchest allies in the battle against aging. But there’s something else. It’s the all important to long-lasting youthfulness, and it’s something you can control: your view of yourself. Satchel Paige, the great wit of baseball once asked,”How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” My Grandmother, when she was in her 80’s , would have told you without hesitation, ”about 16.” She thought of herself as a young person, and that thought added lightness to her step th ...   read more

Relationship Plane   16 y  
This plane of existence is the relationship Plane. We are here together, and for each other~ Those who trigger you the most have the most to teach you~ The one's you gel with right away-you have known and loved before now.
God and soul are permanent. Everlasting. We are bound to go. Definitely we come and go. One day you will be at that stage. The body will become a permanent soul. We must know that the way we must go, that’s the way we should go. Let us understand we are the infinite ray of God. We should be as God is. That’s the way we can connect to God. We can connect ourselves with each breath of life. With every breath we can become cleaner and cleaner. It is the rule of God’s kingdom to cleanse ourselves, and then our ray can shine. Our lives will be happier then. That’s how it can be. Our rhyth ...   read more

Aquarian Times   16 y  
The Neutral Mind is the access to Power. Aquarian Times has this question and answer article from Yogi Bhajan-who has since passed-unless they are channeling him over at the Aquarian Times...
DEAR YOGIJI Dear Yogiji, Q:How do you handle a negative thought in a yogic, meditative way? A:For any thought you want to eliminate, there are two ways of doing it. Either you manifest it, or you put it in your meditation. If it stays in your subconscious mind, it will become a block there. It will recur; it will haunt you. When you block something, the more you block it, the more powerful it will become. So it is basically very dangerous. When you are chanting and meditating and negative thoughts start coming, let the thoughts come, but also let your mantra go on. You will be relie ...   read more

Purpose of Being   16 y  
I'll buy it!
Quote of the Day The purpose of the being is to receive love from the Unknown. - Yogi Bhajan   visit the page

Drifting Ramblings   16 y  
Bits and Pieces of Ramblings
The ayurvedic concept of Dosha, body and temperament type is an interesting Eastern Concept. I am subscribed to many Kundalini Yoga sources and every so often, such in the case of Numerology, and now Dosha I take ”quizzes” just to see .....Curiosity Cat... I like the Dosha site, and I see they have teas, which I LOVE, and herbal ”stuff” which I have a passing interest in....So all in all, I think it a fun and informative site to play on. Many of the foods that appeal to me are not in my pitta category of ”stuff” to eat that agrees with Pitta’s and some are on the forbidden list” (That m ...   read more

KY and Meridians Connect KY with Acu   16 y  
Meridians-KY meets Acupuncture
It’s Not Just a Body ”What is the secret to keeping up? You must let the psyche move through the meridians. Whether you are tired or not, whether you have energy or you do not, whether you are sick or healthy - these things are like the rain and the clouds, hot weather and cold, winter, fall - a part of life. But if you let your own energy flow through you, you will be all right.” -- Yogi Bhajan What is a Meridian? Acupuncture vessels, or meridians, are located throughout the body. They contain a free-flowing, colorless, non-cellular liquid which may be partly actuated by the ...   read more

Our Deepest Pain Reveals Our Deepest Gifts   16 y  
This is from Paul Bauer...He is a cool guy. Some of his stuff is directly from the "New Thought Spiritual Community", my flavor of feeling connected to "All That Is"
”Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding” - Kahlil Gibran Our Deepest Pain Reveals Our Deepest Gifts As we take a moment and review today’s quote by Kahlil Gibran, we have a chance to stop and take notice that whatever challenges or problems we may be experiencing may actually be a higher message for us to become aware of. When we struggle with something in our lives, we experience resistance - a sort of ”inner pain”. But many of us weren’t taught that pain of any kind is a signal from non-conscious parts of ourselves to awaken. Aw ...   read more

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