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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver

sorry about misquoting you about the fluke. i guess i got my posters mixed up.

i have never ben in actual pain. i have experienced alot of bloating and constipation. i came upon these flushes in my search for curing chronic fatigue. in my early 20's i took Antibiotics for 9 months thus destroying my intestinal tract. thank you modern medicine. i am older and wiser now. but not well yet.

over the past 8 years i have passed approximately 100 pounds of waste from my colon and countless parasites along the way. at a certain point, i came to the realization that all of my bloating was not caused by the colon, thus the liver cleanses. i think part of the reason i need so many cleanses is that i was very very ill for a long time, and have alot of waste to dispense with. for many years i ate a paleo diet which is high in fats and meat. at the time i felt that i needed it because i was so weak and it seemed to help. i needed alot of fats to lubricate the dry hardened fecal plaque as it passed through my colon. now i think my body wants to alkalinize with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. it also seems to want to clean the liver pronto. 6 ounces of oil for me is nothing. i can drink it like water. do i plan to liver cleanse every two weeks for the rest of my life? no. of course not. that is not a solution. i plan to cleanse until i feel my liver is clean and then eat whatever i want and have faith tha
my main probem now is that after each flush i feel that it is incomplete and i get constipated. i am assuming this is more stones moving up and getting stuck. it is very aggravating and frustrating. hopefully it will chill out after a few more flushes. so to answer your question, yes the problem is still absolutely there. what is the problem. i think metal poisoning is a piece of the picture for me. probably the problem is combionation of alot of things. this is what i think chronic fatigue is. i am not looking to these flishes as the cure for all my ails, but hoepfully it will be an important piece of the picture.

many years ago, i was doing colonic therapy. i didn't like it at all, and eventually i found a way to achieve the same results with just diet. i don't agree that diet must be a strict proposition. to the contrary, the more i learn i about diet, the more i am finding that what is good for me is exactly what i want.

as far as using oil to 'coat' the problem. i can see your point, it is well taken. i don't know where i sit on this issue. on the one hand, there is theory that humans are innately carnivorous and should thrive on fats and meats. probably raw. on the other hand i can see that it just might be a kludge solution. only time will tell. also there is the possibility that alot of fats are needed to protect the body from the effects of mercury poisoning. this seems to ring true for me, as i have been doing mercury chelation for a few months now, and i feel my desire for fats greatly reduced. i still have damage to repair in my lungs, adrenals and thyroid. a long way to go. i am just blindly making my way through all of this trying to do what feels right. so far i have come a long way from being a bedridden vegetable for 5 years. still not there yet, so i have to keep my mind open.


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