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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 19 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver

<< I was using the Dr. Clark method for my 8 cleanses and varied them
alittle with more ES (5 instead of 4 tblspns) and more oil too. >>

this is interesting. the man who turned me onto this cleanse is a d.c. in vancouver. he claims that in thousands of people he has never encountered a single serious problem. apparently your experience is different from his claim. i would like to check into this with him because he seems to have given me only good advice so far.

<< Why do thousands of autopsy reports claim no stones in the liver when
the gallbladder is full of them? >>

well, let's be scientific about this. please describe in detail the exact procedure used in these autopsies you talk about. if they don't actually cut open the liver into tiny pieces and examine every square inch, then there is a flaw in the autopsy method. and therefore liver stones may go undetected. same goes for impacted intestines and parasites.

<< The doctors do not make up the facts
that are evident to them because they don't want to believe them.

this has not been my experience in life. most of the doctors i have seen (over 100!)totallyh miss the mark ad concentrate on the most complex solution to a problem due to the nature of their training. because a person has m.d. after their name means very little to me. d.c. means very little to me as well. i do not assume anything anymore. it is not valid to just assume a doctor's motives or his intelligence

<< They
conclude for a reason.

please tell me the reasons for their conclusions. until we settle the question i raise about the nature of the autopsies, i will continue to question the reasons you have cited.

<< More stones should have dropped out of my liver into the gb, etc. >>

why should more stones have dropped from your liver into your gall bladder? whatg do you mean by etc?

i don't know either how this process works. but i feel i have raised extremely valid questions. i am still not sold on your explanation yet. but i remain open until you provide sufficient evidence to sway me. so far your evidence is weak. you are relying on hearsay from doctors. 10 years ago i would have been alot more inclined to believe you. but every time i meet a doctor, i hear a person talking in circles and riddles and hiding behind complex latin language, when the reality is that doctor's don't have the slightest clue as to how the body works. we are all equally in the dark as far as i am concerned. people heal without doctors. the human race seems to have evolved over millions of years without the help of doctors. all of sudden in the last few hundred years it seems we have found the care of doctors in the nick of time.


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