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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver

<< The flush worked fine for me. I produced over 2,000 blobs of bile
during my flushes and even got out a lot of sludge, 12 black small
hard pigment stones, but never the colic 1 cm gallstone from my
sluggish gb. So, it worked and it didn't.

from what you posted in a previous thread, the flushes were unsuccessful in stopping your pain. you said that after each flush the pain did not go away or was worse. to me this means it was unsuccessful. and it challenges what the person i mentioned told me. i am inclined to believe you. if there are others who have had the same problem then i am curious about their story as well. what this person claimed was that he never experienced a serious problem with his clients. yours was a serious problem as you went under the knife. i have experieneced problems with the flushes but not that serious. after my 8th or 9th flush i felt that i had to do many of them back to back to get all the very large stones that were ready to come out. after each one i was in more discomfort than the previous one. eating was very difficult, this is what prompted me to do so many of them. to quote this other gentleman, 'all things will pass providing you take the Epsom Salts '. so his words and your experience do not add up. i believe
<< When they do an autopsy they will cut open the gallbladder and cross-
cut the liver into sections>>

how can i verify this statement? how large are the sections you are talking about. it would seem to me that the since the gall bladder is a hollow organ, the stones would be so much easier to detect. unless the cross sections you are talking about are smaller than the average stone size, then we are still not on the same page here. i have a friend who was chief resident at mass general. he spent a rotation in pathology, i will ask him, as he has verified some of my other theories before.

<< Ask a mortician>>

a mortician is someone who puts makeup on a corpse :-)
but these people are probably less harmful than doctors.

as far as emergency room medicine i agree with you. modern medicine has a place there. they do save alot of lives. no one can doubt this. to me, this is a tiny percentage of the entire medical profession. my personal belief is that anything that has to do with the immune system, they are totally off the mark and cause vast amounts of damage. some of this damage occurs at birth when we are vaccinated with neurotoxic metals like mercury. do some research on this topic and you will be horrified at the stories of spontaneous autism occurring right after a 'vaccination'. the illusion of helpfulness is created. then twenty years later when your immune system shuts down for no apparent reason, the ama paradigm begins to unravel. you might even want to research this in relation to what happened to you. there are strong implications of mercury poisoning in hundreds of diseases. so i feel that my position on the medical establishment is completely justified. especially as i regain my health, and realize what the true
i do not feel like i am bashing doctors as you say. just calling a spade a spade. many of my college friends went on to become successful doctors. it's not that i have anything against doctors per se. it's just that i have come to an understanding of them.. they are just regular people. like lawyers, or accountants. i know the mindset. the motivation for many of my friends was to find a career to make good mooney and have some prestige. none of them struck me as altruistic individuals when we were growing up. to the contrary, many of them were some of the most self-serving people i have ever met. then all of a sudden after a few years of med school, their hearts are supposed to have changed? i doubt it. just realize that most doctors are there to make money and support their families. the same as a car salesman or a stock broker or short order cook. caveat emptor.


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