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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver


To elaborate a little bit more on the subject of no more pain after having
flushed for awhile I'll try to explain so that it is repeated one more time
for the whole group.

Before my first gallbladder attack, that is the one that sent me to the
hospital, I had other more minor attacks. These were just preempting what
was to come, they were painful but nothing like the times I went to the
hospital. I had my first hospital visit on February 16th, very early in the
morning around 03:00. They did an x-ray of my body in the adominal area but
found nothing. Three days later I had another attack and this time they did
an MRI and found my gallbladder to be thickened and to have "A" stone, as
they called it. My follow up with the doctor got me a request to call a
particular sugeon within the next two weeks and schedule an appointment to
have my gallbladder removed. I never called. My doctor did however provide
me a prescription for pain medication to deal with any further attacks even
after I had started doing the flushes.

I ended up going the he hospital two more times over the next seven months.
The third trip happened because I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak,
because I was getting away with eating pretty freely whatever I wanted again
thinking I'd gotten rid of my stones completely but I had only done one
flush so far. The third trip was on March 22nd of that year. From then on I
was being much better about what I ate and when I ate. I would still have
attacks and was surprised at some of the attacks because I'd eaten good
foods that were not hydrogenated or of saturated animal fats. However, they
did contain foods that stimulated the liver and gallbladder and that was
what caused me attacks that would have me taking up to four roxicets to get
rid of the pain. I always said if I had to have more I needed to go to the
hospital for that type of pain management.

The last trip to the hospital was on October 27th of '99', and the problem
wasn't because of having "A" or any stones. I was having liver damage with
Hepatitis showing its ugly head. I was, according to an extensive
ultrasound, stone free and my liver and gallbladder looked prefectly healthy
otherwise, except for the enlarged bile ducts and the report noting AST,
ALK, ALT and bilirubin to be off the chart along with Hep C and B showing in
the mix. It didn't show the C and B as now active just that it was there

Well, this prompted me to start studing a bit deeper into my new liver
problem. That was how I came to be aware of the Liver Doctor Dr, Sandra
Cabot and her book "The Liver Cleansing Diet". I read her book and it all
came to light what I had done wrong in attempting to rid myself of the
gallstones. The worst thing I had done was to resolve not to eat any fat
products, what so ever. I literally avoided all foods with any sort of fat.

The problem with avoiding all fats is that the liver needs fat. It needs the
fat to produce the cholesterol that is necessary for the liver and body's
cellular structure. Talk about feeling like a fool for not taking more time
to do more in depth research regarding gallbladder cleansing. I went right
out and got all kinds of fats to eat. I mean to tell you I got avacados,
flax seed oil, hemp oil, primerose oil. I started eating primrose oil while
driving my truck. I would get urges to have gulps of flax seed oil or hemp
oil. My body was craving it for months. I don't get those cravings now but I
still keep taking in fats as best as possible and avoid, like poison,
hydrogenated oils and satruated animal fats. Don't get me too wrong here, I
have, on occation now, eaten some mighty fine prime rib but I have also
avoided eating the juicy fat that comes with it like I use to do. I use to
have to avoid eating things containing cole slaw and pecans too because of
how strong a stimulant they are for the liver and gallbladder, but now I can
eat these without any problem.

Some of the protocal that I used are these;

The standard oil and fruit juice flush using freash squeezed grapefruit
juice and the most virgin of olive oils I could buy. I would often premempt
my flushes by fasting for twendy four to fourty eight hours or more and
drink only fresh sqeezed apple juice for that time period with some other
fresh sqeezed juice like my special drink of a twenty four ounce carot juice
drink containing 1/4 of a beet, two Celery sticks, one ounce of parsley, and
one half of a whole lemon. (must keep it stired to enjoy the lemon at all
levels, - now my mouths watering)

I also would do castor oil packs and have colonics, which would also have
ozone insuflated with it after around an hour of being connected. The ozone
would be added for approximately one half, to an hour, or the saturation
point. (saturation can be noted by an almost burning sensation in the
throat, or the skin getting pretty pink, especially the palms) Usually there
will be more liver dumps happening after the ozone is turned off and you
start working towards clearing out the bowels to be disconnected.

I also used Colloidal Silver and the zapper, but make my own colloidal

So, Dawn, I hope this was the information of which you wanted. And I hope
you see there are more ways in which to approch keeping your gallbladder
inside you, and not thrown into a trash can. It does however take resolve,
lots of it.


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