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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver

<< I tried 8 flushes and the pain got worse or more sensitive. >>

how much Epsom Salts were you using in the flush?

<< Strict dieting and loosing 15 lbs didn't help
or stop the pain. >>

dieting is a VAST subject. strict does not necessarily mean good. losing weight does not necessarily mean good either.
i have been studying diet for over a decade, and still i know very little. last year i learned alot about raw foods, raw animal products and raw fats. i think this is what prompted my liver cleansing

don't get me wrong, i am not at all faulting you for havign your gall bladder removed. you did what you had to do. i have no idea what i would have done in your shoes. that said, i still feel that your liver was chock full of stones. this is my own personal belief. that a person whose situation came down to surgery probably has some major things going on. though i am new to this flushing i still think you have lots more in your liver.

at about my 8th cleanse i hit a wall. nothing came out. i decided to eat alot of raw foods until my next cleanse. the last cleanses have been like a horror movie. huge black stones.

your gall bladder ultrasound test may have been accurate, and your liver testing may not have been accurate. my own experience as i have previously posted is that i had both mri and ultrasound done. neither showed any stones or abnormailites.

i am truly happy for you that your pain has been relieved.

i would suggest that you take in only raw fats. i'm sure you already know that. there is a person i know who was helped by stanley bass's sequential eating technique. he was able to gain 50 pounds of muscle after being emaciated from losing his gall bladder. you might also benefit from some of aajonus vonderplanitz' ideas on eating. he does not recognize flushing as valid, but he has some great ideas on how to eat. and he is an amazing diagnostician with iridology. he is also an extremist, so caveat emptor.

i still think you are kidding yourself about your liver. i hope i am very very wrong.
in my experience extreme pain is the very last signal the body wil give us. this is usually when it is almost too late to do anything about it. the body screams out 'hey stupid, look over here, you are going to have to listen this time because something very bad is about to happen'. the subtler signals are a bit harder to read, but i think they are everpresent.

i am going to get in trouble for this... but here goes...

have you ever tried organic raw meats? there are tons of people on the live-food list who are getting great benefit from eating this way. myself included. actually, there is no one who is not receiving health benefits from doing this. i know this is anti-clark, but i think hulda is a savant. part genius part idiot. anyways, check into what your ancestors ate before the white european devils disrputed things. that you mentioned 5 generations of your family before you proves absolutely nothing about it being a hereditary disorder. if you had family records that went back 20,000 generations, then i would be more inclined to believe that you do in fact have a hereditary disorder. try some organic raw buffalo liver pate. i bet you feel really really really good.


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