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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: [gallstones] gallstones are formed in the liver

Let me explain my point of view again. I am quite certain that I will
get out many blobs, globs, balls of bile by the hundreds without the
gallbladder but I am also pretty certain that there will not be any
hard Gallstones that are formed in the liver. The 'stones' that
everyone is talking about are in two categories for me based on
personal experience and hours and hours of study of testimonial and
medical information.

One is the 2,000 balls of bile (mixed with oil or not, doesn't matter
for this explaination and don't need to open that can of worms again.)
that I eliminated over 8 flushes. These balls (stones) are soft
throughout, without notable difference in center, and are made up of
mostly bile and cholesterol. These 'stones' in my opinion come from
the bile in the liver and will normally pass without stone formation
in regular bodily function and hardened stool. Fasting and flushing
makes those stones more viewable and in ball form. These balls of
bile do not cause colic pain and will not usually form hard
Gallstones but in some cases they will form hard Gallstones and could
add to the problem of existing gallstones within the gb. Different
bodily conditions will effect the number of balls eliminated in a
flush. Sometimes none and sometimes hundreds. These are coming from
the bile in the liver and gallbladder. Hard stones are not commonly
found in the liver. Autopsy reports have proven to doctors that when
the gb is full of gallstones while the liver is clear of 'hard'
stones that the calcification of calcium or cholesterol stones are
hardened mainly within the gb. Can't argue the facts there. The liver
will contain the bad bile that will create those stones but mainly
they are formed hard in the gb after the water is removed from the
bile by the gb itself or the organ itself is too sluggish to
eliminate the bile prior to stone hardening. This does not lessen the
fact that some small pigment stones and cholesterol stones can form
within the liver and then roll down into the gb but it is very rare
in autopsy reports.

Second is the hard calcium, pigmented, or hard shelled cholesterol
gallstone that is in the gb and causing colic pain while it tries to
exit. This in my opinion is the 'real stone' that is behind the pain
in our bilinary systems weither they are stuck in the gb or the
cystic or common ducts.

Because of these two definitions of 'stones' it is obviously
important to distinquish which you are battling against to correct
the problem of pain. First is to get out the gallstone and second is
to condition the bile so that those globs of bile you see in flushes
do not form into hard stones while in your body. Flushing can
accomplish both of these objectives.

I am not disclaiming the flush in any way. I eliminated a lot of bile
that was in the form of grainy sand, small pigment stones that were
black, a ton of sludge, and over 2,000 soft glob (stones) of bile
that could have very well formed hard within my gb. I believe in
gallbladder and Liver Cleansing but I also am aware of the
differences in gallstones and balls of bile from the liver. Both need
to come out but they both have different diagnostic principles.
They both have different potential problems based on the level of
their advanced developements. Both have different means of
elimination which can be quickened by a cleanse or left to exit with
regualr bodily processing. Study is required understand the
differences between the bile ball and the hard gallstone.

Good luck on the path for health and happiness.


P.S. I plan on flushing twice a year to eliminate any stagnant bile
from the liver and common duct. Cleansing the liver is always good
weither you have gallstones or not, and with or without a gb. Those
balls of bile may still have bacteria that could deposit grain or
sludge within the liver or common duct.


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