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Re: Several stories
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: Several stories

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:24:21 -0500
From: "Jim & Fay Themelis"


I am 34 yrs. old and have 2 kids. My problem began 1 yr. ago with "stomach
pains". I went to the doctor who prescibed Prevacid to help with the
pains. It worked for a while but then the pain in my mid-section ( just
below the sternum slightly to the right ) continued to increase to a
constant tight full feeling. Whatever I ate would bother me and the tight
full feeling would increase for a couple of hours and then it would subside
slightly after that. I went back to the doctor, who then recommended an
abdominal ultrasound. I did the ultrasound and it showed 3 gallstones
partially blocking the cystic duct and the gallbladder itself being
slightly inflammed. I was then referred to a G.I. specialist who
recommened my gallbladder being removed. I then went home and immediately
went on-line to discover if anyone had ever been able to pass gallstones
with a natural home remidey. I came across several articles about doing a
gallbladder flush with olive oil. Here is the treatment that I used.
A light breakfast (fruit bar & skim milk)
A light lunch (salad & fruit with a slice of bread)
No food after 2:00 p.m.
At 9:30 p.m. the following mixture:

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil cold pressed
1/2 cup pasturized apple cider
Shake well. Drink all of it 30 minutes before going to bed.
Lie on your right side all night and try to relax.

At 5:00 a.m. I went to the bathroom and passed 8-10 green stones mixed in
with my stool. I didn't feel very well, a little nausa and some abdominal
cramping. The stones were about the size of a dime. I went back to bed
and laid down on my right side again. I felt some cramping and some
gurgling movement and sounds in my stomach and abdominal area. About 6:30
a.m. I went to the bathroom again and I couldn't believe what I saw. About
4 to 5 DOZEN green Gallstones floating on the surface. There was very
little stool but A LOT of green stones, the biggest one was about the size
of a quarter. I felt much better after that and I went back to bed again.
I woke up about an hour later and had a little coffee and nothing else. I
just relaxed on the couch for a few hours and felt pretty good. The pain
and tight full feeing was gone and I was just tired and sluggish. I ate
some chicken soup and crackers for lunch around 1:00 p.m. I went back to
bed for a nap and when I woke up I headed for the bathroom again. Another
dozen dark green stones had passed with very little stool.


The rest of the day I took it easy and slept like a baby
that night with NO pain or tightness in my abdomen. The next day I felt
GREAT and was still in a state of shock because there was no more pain! I
did pass another 6-8 stones and also another 3-4 the following day.

I can't tell you enough that if you have gallbladder problems or are faced
with surgery like I was to give this home remedey a try first.

I will NOT be having surgery and I plan to do this treatment again
in two weeks. I hope this helps someone else out there with similar results!



From: "Val & Mario"
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:04:09 -0400
Subject: Re: [gallstones] about multiple flushes/ and about to do my first

Believe us when we tell you IT WORKS... Just keep doing what they tell you
and you will find out it works great. I have done 4 cleansings since my
first gallbadder attack after doing Amoxicillan for 6 days 4/26/01.I cannot
do amoxicillan anymore. And let me tell you the more I do the better I
feel. I am a very active person that have a very active personal life and
can only find times not in the schedule to do them. I may only do them maybe
once a month but believe me it works. I have passed more green stones the
more I do the cleansing. I am not lying. JUST DO IT1.. And you will not
believe the feeling you get after several flushes. I feel better than I have
in along time. Everything comes out on time now where it did not before. I
can even time it.
Just do it.......



Message: 3
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:28:00 -0800 (PST)
From: Suzanne Bembridge
Subject: Suzanne's Story


I am a 44 year old female. I have had 2 children and
I am at least 30 lbs overweight. During a recent
physical, I mentioned to my doctor that I'd been
getting stomach pains off and on, usually after meals,
for a year and a half. She suspected gall stones and
sent me for an ultra sound. The lab report confirmed
it. I had one gallstone in the neck of the gall
bladder. It claimed that the gall bladder walls were
not thickened nor were the bile ducts dilated. It did
say that my liver was slightly enlarged.

Being the internet geek that I am, I proceeded to find
all the information I could about it. I was more
concerned about the liver than I was the gall bladder
because the gall bladder could be taken out, the liver
I needed to make healthy.

After reading for hours and hours, I came to the
conclusion that I really should do everything I could
to keep my gallbladder and I needed to make my liver
healthy again. I believe I have what is called a
fatty liver (one enlarged from globs of fat). When I
read about the flush I was skeptical. I read
more...and more. I was concerned about
stones becoming stuck in the bile ducts but after
reading all the literature and letters I felt
there was no more risk from the flush than eating a
piece of pizza.

I also began to change my lifestyle. I must loose
weight. I have set a goal of being down
to my ideal weight range by March 1st of 2000 (I need
to loose about 25 lbs). I've all but eliminated
anything with fat in it except lean meat. I'm eating
5 fruits and 5 vegetables every day. I
drink tea instead of coffee (black) and drink lots of
filtered water. I've given up chocolate
(gulp!!!) and sweets. I'm walking 3 or more Kms every

On Dec 2, I did the flush. I didn't do a bowel
cleanse first mainly because my system is regular and
I don't believe I have a problem. I'm sure others
would disagree but I was too anxious to do the flush.
Early in the day I only ate "no fat" food until 2pm.
I sipped warm lemon water (warm water with a twist of
real lemon) until 6pm just so I didn't feel thirsty.
At 6 pm I drank the 1 tblsp of epson salts in a glass
of water (the stuff is gross - Does anyone have a
substitute?????) At 8 pm I drank another dose of epson
salts. By 9:30 my system was pretty much cleaned out.
I'd been to the bathroom 2 or 3 times. I got ready
for bed. At 10 pm I drank the olive oil and freshly
squeezed grapefruit mixture from the jar I used to
shake it. It was a creamy fruity shake.
I laid down immediately and tried not to move. I'd
forgotten to take the sleeping pills but decided I
have to forgo it as I didn't want to get up. I woke
up at 11:30pm with the need to eliminate. No globs
yet. I did feel woozy though..not sick, just woozy.
Went right back to bed and slept until
about 5am. Immediately went to the bathroom and
eliminated the start of many green
colored blobs floating on the surface. Some were 1/2
inch (about 1 cm), many were
smaller, like small peas. There was at least 50 in
that first elimination. I went back to bed
elated to know that it had worked. I laid there until
6am and got up and took another dose of epson salts.
I decided it would be my last dose because of the
taste. I'm not sure what that last one does anyway.
Over the course of the day many more stones came
out...and lots of chaff. I drank some juice at about
9am and then had some rice at noon. I never felt sick
to my stomach nor did I have any pain. I just felt
kind of wiped out. My bowels slowed down after that
but the next day, I eliminated 4 more larger blobs.
These ones were
tan in color and more like hardened clay. I didn't
see any more after that.

I've felt really good since then. I want to do
another flush after I've lost another 10 lbs. I
haven't been to my doctor yet to discuss the lab
report but I wanted to do the flush BEFORE she had a
chance to tell me not to. Plus, I decided to save
some of the stones
and show her. I'm hoping she'll offer to have them
analyzed. She probably won't be impressed but it's
not her body. I don't want to upset her either
because I do need her.

Anyway, that's my story. It's nice to know others are
out there are having the same problems!

Thank you for the forum.



Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:06:07 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Chinese Med & Gallstones

I have done 37 Liver Flushes over the last two years according to
Hulda Clark ´s methods in her "Cure For All Advanced Cancers" book for
my own cancer.

The numbers of stones I pass each time are slowly, slowly decreasing.

What I have observed to be helpful in reducing the numbers of
stones; removing my Amalgam fillings, giving up all dairy including
butter, taking ozonated olive oil daily (see the book), Essiac tea,
and taking ground milk thistle seeds.

I might add that I have passed probably several hundred stones that
were 3/4 of an inch around and have now passed 2 stones that were 1
and 1/4 inch. Passing the big stones felt no different from passing
the very little ones. I have passed over 13,000 stones total, most,
obviously, quite small, probably the size of a lentil.

The most I´ve passed is 1400 stones at once, the least I´ve passed on
a flush is 0. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks again Dr. Bob for passing on some really good liver



From: "Betty"
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 02:11:50 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: liver flush/advise please

I have FMS, arthritis, high blood pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
diabetes, and a number of other things. I´m hurting all the time,
and never have any energy. I learned about this Liver Flush about 2
weeks ago, and decided to do it because of the daily pain in my
back. I had not read all the info, but thought I better not wait any
longer to get started. This is what I did:

Thursday - ate lighter than normal, started apple juice w/dinner.
Friday - Prepared epsom salt/water and put in fridge. Had light
breakfast, mostly liquid, had apple and brownies for lunch (no
comments on my "nutrition" now! ;) Figured if I was going to ruin my
glucose and insulin levels with apple juice, I might as well sneak in
some brownies!) then sipped on apple juice the rest of afternoon at
work. Some soreness from running to bathroom so much.

Came home and drank 3/4 cup Epsom water at 6 pm. Drank 3/4 cup Epsom
water at 8 pm. Went to bathroom at 8:30 and thought I must not have
chewed up my apple very well. (didn´t even realize I was passing
already!) At 10 pm, had 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil shaken
together with 1 juiced pink grapefruit. Went to bed and went to
sleep. No cramps, soreness pretty much gone.

Saturday - Got up at 5:30. walked the dogs, drank Epsom water at 6 am.
Went to bathroom. Wondered if I was "going" right. Went back to sleep.
Got up at 8:15 and had last Epsom water. Bathroom again at 8:30.
Examined what body "flushed" and decided that "yep, it´s working!"
Dried samples on paper plate, wrapped in Saran wrap and scanned them
to my sister in FL who had gall bladder removed. She called and
screamed :"OH, you´ve avoided surgery! Those are gallstones!" So I
figured I was on the right track. Went to bathroom several more times
and then decided to shower, go to mall and go shopping! Can´t waste a
Saturday when you work full time!

I´ve had a few short trips to bathroom, but not much of anything since
passing several hundred last night and this morning. Largest ones
were last night when I didn´t even know what they were. No pain in
passing anything. Mostly pale tan, but several green ones this a.m.
Isn´t this gross??? But losing a gall bladder is grosser still!!!

Plan on doing this on a regular basis, since this body I live in is
the only one I´ll get and want to prevent any further damage to it.

Go back and read, read, read all the posts from the start of this list
and you´ll get a better idea of what´s going on. There´s not "one"
and "only" recipe for a flush, and not all people do all the flushes.
Start with what you´re comfortable with. It´s MUCH worse just
wondering about it than actually doing it...nothing mysterious at all.



--- In bowelcleanse@y..., zenalpha@y... wrote:

Get the book " The Cure For All Diseases " by Hulda Clark . Looks like
you probably have a parasite problem (or possibly there is something
wrong in your digestive tract that needs correcting). Substitute
magnesium citrate for Epsom Salts . It tastes better and there isn´t
as much nausea.

I did a liver cleanse this paste weekend and got out about 1000 stones (maybe more). My shoulder was aching and I had not done a successful liver cleanse in quite a while (for various reasons), which is why I did one. You´re supposed to use grapefruit, not lemons...btw.

The only time I felt really sick when doing a liver cleanse was when
there were parasites inside of my digestive tract (large ones). They
looked like a whole bunch of baby earthworms with little orange hooks
or "beaks" on the end of them. They came out with the liver cleanse
(I think the overdose of magnesium sulfate must have ´killed´ them).
So be sure to kill them, if possible (herbs seems like the best way to
do this, or possibly a colema in conjuction with anti- parasite herbs).


From: Cathy luxurylady@xxxxxxxx
Subject : My Gallstones story

About 1.5 years ago, I performed a Gallbladder cleansing using extra
virgin light olive oil and orange juice. I mixed 8 ounces of each
together (for a total of 16 ounces) and shook it until it was well
blended. I poured 8 ounces in to glass and drank it one hour before
going to bed. Just BEFORE going to bed, I drank the remaining 8
ounces. (It really didn't taste THAT bad!).

The next morning when I awoke, I IMMEDIATELY headed for the bathroom
where I "passed" 200+ little stones.......mossy green colored, irregular
in size and shape. I FELT TERRIFIC!!!!!

Until that moment, my doctor had tried to convince me to
have Gallbladder surgery, as I had had a MAJOR attack that put me in
the hospital ER for an entire day.

Since I DO believe that the body CAN heal itself,
I opted for this OJ/Olive Oil treatment.
Since then, I have had no other problems.
Before, the pain was unbearable.
Now, I can't recall the last time I had pain.

I also realize that I must remember that my Gallbladder may be diseased,
or else I may not have had the problems.
Therefore, I am constant in my search for ways to "cleanse" my body.

My mother died of colon cancer. Yes, I agree that ill feelings among
family members has a direct effect on our health. Only in my adult
years did my father inform me about the feelings of guilt and
intimidation that my mother received from my grandfather.
I do not find this hard to believe, as I have never found my
grandfather to be a particularly warm and loving person.

I enjoy everyone's "pearls of wisdom".
Am very happy I joined this list.

Good Health To All,


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