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Re: SCIENCE: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse and had successful results?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: SCIENCE: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse and had successful results?

The short answer is that I recently had an ultrasound the day after I completed a Liver Flush and it showed that my gall bladder was normal. Unfortunately I did not have an ultrasound before I did the flush - but I am pretty sure based on symptoms and on the "results" of the flush that my gall bladder was full of stones prior to the flush.

The story goes like this: For a full year I had been experiencing pain in my right shoulder that I thought was a pulled ligament or tendon or muscle or something. It was pretty constant. Also for some time I was feeling sort of "off" kind of bloated or overfull. One evening I had what I believe to be a gall bladder attack - acute pain in the upper right abdomen - right under the rib cage. I could hardly straighten out. It lasted for an hour and I think I would have gone to the emergency room if it had not subsided when it did. For the next 10 days or so - I felt horrible - lots of discomfort across the top of my abdomen and I made an appointment to see my doctor. A day or two before I was to go, I had some garlic soup for dinner and almost immediately felt better - the tight discomfort in my abdomen dissipated. I then saw the doctor who suspected that I was having gall bladder trouble and booked me for an ultrasound a couple of weeks later. I knew if the ultrasound showed stones - that the physician would recommend surgery.

I then scoured the web for alternative treatments to surgery and came across many different versions of the liver/gallbladder flush. I wasn't sure what I thought - the whole idea initially made me nervous. But then I had another attack - shorter but even more painful than the first and I realized that the pain in my shoulder was somehow connected to the abdominal pain. That convinced me that there must be something up with my gall bladder because I knew that pain in the right shoulder was often associated with gall bladder attacks. I realized that probably my gall bladder had been unhealthy for a long time. I figured I had nothing to lose by doing the flush.

I kept everything in the flush to the lowest dose I could - I think I cut the Epsom Salts down from four tablespoons to four teaspoons, I used a half cup of olive oil and the juice from one grapefruit - I put some garlic and ginger in the juicer too. I spilled hundreds of stones the next day and while it was a little inconvenient - there was real no pain nor was it particularly gross. By evening, I felt wonderful and the chronic pain in my shoulder was almost completely gone.

I had the ultrasound the next day but had to wait for nearly six weeks before I got the results. In the meantime I did a second flush and spilled only a very few stones - which I found very encouraging. I got the results of the ultrasound yesterday and I was thrilled.

Since the first flush, I have also been taking milk thistle to support my liver. Every now and then I feel a twinge in my upper right abdomen and my shoulder- I suspect there are more stones coming down from liver - so I plan to do another flush sometime when I can give myself the time I need to do it. I feel like my shoulder acts as a bit of a barometer for my gall bladder.

I had to think long and hard about the flush before I did it and convince myself that I would be okay if I tried it. I knew that there was a chance that I might make things worse, but I believed that I would recognize if things were going wrong and get myself to a hospital right away if it did. I can't say I recommend that everyone do it, I think you have to come to it on your own terms.

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