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Re: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse?
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Published: 21 years ago
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Re: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse?

Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 16:44:10 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] From Ken A. -- Ridding the GB of Cholestorol Stones

Sorry for the late response to a number of inquiries concerning my
method of ridding my body of cholestorol stones.

After two years and 7 severe attacks and many stomach aches... I
have been pain free for more than 9 months. The gnawing ache under
the right rib cage and middle back has been gone for 9 months also.

My journey for a cure began three years ago with a searchj of the
internet for a cure to my gb problems. I learned many things from
this group and in my own research, along with some help from my
pathologist father-in-law. Here are the significant findings:

There are two types of stones, calcified and cholestorol. Most
stones (85%+) are cholestorol chunks. Logic dictates taht if the
chunks are forming it is because the body is not functioning
correctly OR simply is not getting adequate nutrition to keep the
bile smooth.

I began with trying the flushes... I did many flushes over two years
with varying success, but found many large and small greenies. An
ultrasound after my first flush could not find any stones, but still
I had attacks... especialy after eating milk products and high fat

I began to explore the idea that I could change the bile composition
back to smooth by what I eat. Fat is a minor part of the problem for
most gb sufferers. Milk products appear to be the catalyst for
creating cholestorol chunks.

Logic dictated that a chunky bile must be created by one of 5 things:

1. Too much cholestorol
2. Too little water
3. Too little lecithin
4. Too little bile salts
5. Calcium specs that the chunks form around

The first four items above are the essential ingredients of bile.
One or all opf these ingredients must be in too much or too little in
the bile to produce chunks.

I assumed that my cholestorol intake was NOT the problem. My blood
cholestorol is good at 160... Perhaps I eat too much chicken that is
loaded with cholestorol.

I significantly reduced my dairy product intake. Got rid of milk and
went to Rice dream (I actually prefer it now), same with ice cream
going to soy ice cream. Tofuti bars are the best!

I increased water intake by a quart or two a day.

I read that bile salts (acids) given patients will ALWAYS disolve
Gallstones but it takes up to a year and is expensive. I started on
inexpensive Ox Bile salts as a supplement.

I read that a huge number of gb stones with also resolved by the
intake of granualted lecithin. Made sense... in that lecithin and
water keep the bile smooth. So I began taking granulated lecithin
each morning in a couple oz.'s of oj.

I read that many gb sufferers problems stem from too few healthy fats
that allow the gb to erupt on aregular basis and clean out the
stagnant bile. I had been avoiding fats... so my gb was not
functioning properly. I mix flaxseed oil with my oj and lecithin
each morning and find that I am regular... with no constipation.

My journey has now lead me to fish oils and a significant reduction
in flaxseed oils. Now every third day I take a larger dose of
lecithin, fish oils and a little flax seed oil.

Overall, I beliebve that I have chnaged the composition of my bile.
I no longer have the milk products, but wheh I do I sometimes get an
old twinge in the gb region.

I can keep the bile smooth with what I eat, lecithin, biles salts and
water. AND I can keep the gb cleaned out each third day with my oils
in oj on an empty stomach in the morning.

My last flush produced NO greenies... Am I dissappointed? NO...
this would be the natural outcome of having a cure gb with a smooth
bile that is fuctioning properly. So a gb flush every 6-9 months is
my intention to make sure everything is still cleaned out!

Thanks for listening and good luck! The body functions very
logically and basically you are what you eat. at a lot of dead
things... and your body will die... Put live things, fruits, vegies,
purified water and the body will rebuild itself... Then you can eat
some dead things (25%) and not have problems. Dairy has to be the
worst, but I love pizza!

ken a.


Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:07:52 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Update from Ken A.

Hello old and new groupies!

I have been away for most of the summer and have missed all of the
interesting questions and insights...

As for me... my gb problems are basically gone... hopefully

Bottom line in my cure...

5-6 Flushes over a two year period... Last was December 2000

Flaxseed and Fish oils regularly each morning on an empty stomach
mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of granulated lecithin IS the main cure.

The oils make the gb erupt and along with the lecithin keeps the bile
smooth. I also take bile salts regularly and try to dink much more
water each day. I have basically given up dairy and found that Soy
and Tofuti Icecream is fabulous!

My side effects have been to significantly reduce headaches, TMJ and
many other arthritic pains especially in my hip joints... overall I
hate gb attacks of which I have had 7... but love what they have
done for me in forcing me to take better care of my body!

My step-mom went through the same process as me and is also has found
it to have cured her gb attacks. No more gnawing pains in the gb
region and middle back.

Good luck to all!

ken a.


--- In gallstones@y..., bootsy328@y... wrote:

Hi Johnna!

Welcome to the group. Our nanny had gallstone problems since she was
13 years old. She was in the hospital emergency room for the pain
many times. One day... 2 1/2 years ago she came to me and told me
she had to have a $6000 operation to remove her gallbladder. I gave
her the FLUSH information and she did a flush immediately.

Yes, this is only ancedotal... She has not had a twinge of pain or
discomfort from her gallbladder since that time. She repeated the
flush 4 weeks later. I kept asking her how she was doing... her
response was that she was getting fat because she coukld eat whatever
she wanted without ANY problems.... Milk gave her a little
diahrea... but lactose seemed to cure the problem. She flushed again
six months ago just to keep the gallbladder clear.

I believe that a young person has a much greater chance of completely
healing their gb... IF they make the right changes to their diet and
flush once a year. Heed Dale's words of wisdom... read as much as
you can from this site...

Healing the gb will not happen for everyone. Calcified stones will
break down and pass in a flush, BUT they are much more difficult to
deal with than sludge! Hopefully you are just full of sludge and it
can easily be removed with a flush

aka kalexan328


--- In gallstones@y..., bootsy328@y... wrote:
Hi gang!

Just wanted to let you know the results of the mini-flush...

A few weeks back I was headed to Europe and feeling great! I had had
NO problems for 3-4 months since my last full flush.

My Step-Mom, a fellow gb sufferer, was also feeling terrific...

BUT we both decided to mini-flush in order to insure that all the
sludge was gone...

The mini-flush consisted of 1 1/2 day apple juice, 1/4 of the
disodium phosphates and a full 3/4 cups of olive oil at night time.

Both of us produced results of only brown chaff.

Both of us began to experience gb symptoms... Mine were classic
discomfort under the right rib cage and pain in the shoulder balde

Her's were stomach upsets, pain under the right rib cage... gas so
bad that she went to the ER two weeks later. She went from feeling
great... to almost having emergency surgery to have the gb removed.
Two nights ago she had a brief attack and felt something moving in
her gb... Instantly she felt 1000% better and has since had NO

My symptoms have almost all disappeared 3 weeks later. I felt like I
could have an attack at any time, and almost fainted at a basketball
game as if felt ike one was starting.

The bottom line... If I do another flush, I won't skimp on the
laxatives (disodium posphate or Epsom Salts ). It seems that our mini-
flushes only served to clog up our ducts.

I read this on other posts where people did a flush and had negative
results. It seem's that the body MUST be completely flowing in order
for the gb to properly spit out its sludge!

I may skimp on the days of apple juice... but not on the laxatives to
keep everything flowing... Maybe the epsom slats do help open up the

Just say NO to mini-flushes and do it right each time!



--- In gallstones@y..., bootsy328@y... wrote:

Hello Group!

Sorry I have not been very active in the group lately... I am going
through another period of fabulous gb health! After suffering from 7
attacks over 2 years, I have not had an attack since June of last

I am eating almost anything I want... but I stay away from red meat,
fried foods and almost all dairy.

My biggest improvement came last July when I started taking flaxseed
oil every morning in a little fresh sqeezed oj.... I added lecithin
to it and bile salts in September and started really feeling good!

I have NO real stomach pain... a little discomfort once a week when I
eat too much. Red sauces and pasta are no longer a problem... hardly
any acidic stomach and great stools 1-3 times a day.

Yes.. it is a new world and I hope that it will continue. I am not
depriving myself whatsoever, but not eating a lot of bad foods...
just too much Sugar in my tea and honey and chocolate on my french
bread! (OK... I'm not prefect!)

My approach is to read the signs of byuilding sludge, which for me
seems to be indegestion. When I get indegestion twice in a week I
have done a flush. I get very few greenies anymore... That's the
good news!

Thanks to all the group for all the support and ideas. I hope that
my story will help those of you who are seeking great gb health to
keep working on both cleaning out the gb and also keeping it clear.

ken a. (Formerly Kalexan328@a...)

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