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Re: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Has anyone had an ultrasound before & after a cleanse?

Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 10:08:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: [gallstones] Finally got them out

I am a 23 year old guy that recently spent two days
hospitalized because my pain in the liver area had
gotten worse and I also often woke up dizzy and in
pain in the mornings.

I have also constantly during the past 5 months had
back and neck pain and a very strange pain
in my right arm. My mother found a recipe in some
old natural medicine book for gallstone flushing and
I immediately said I did not want to try it and
that I don't believe in that kind of natural medicine

Surfing the web some day later I found this
recipe with olive oil and lemon juice so I decided
to try it but since we don't have Epsom Salts here
in Sweden I used fresh apple juice instead.

I drank the olive oil/lemon juice the night before I
went to the hospital and thought that if any gallstones
will come out I want the doctor to take a look at them.

The next day when I was in the hospital I went to the
bathroom in the morning but there were no gallstones
in the stool so my immediate reaction was that it didn't
work and I thought that I did not have any stones and that
the method must be some kind of hoax.

In the evening,
when I was lying in the hospital bed I felt some pressure and
pain from the lower art of my stomach so I went to the toilet
and I was shocked when I saw my stool, there was about 200
Gallstones in my stool, all floating at the surface of the water.

My first reaction was to ask the nurse to come in and take a look
but I realized it would have been rather sick to ask someone to
look at your stool so I took a plastic cup and collected about 15
Gallstones from the stool, the largest stone was about 2.5 cm in size.

The next morning when the doctors had their morning round and
they came in to my room I showed them the stones and immediately
one of them(who was a professor in medicine) said that it was
impossible so I got rather upset and asked them to send the gallstones
to their lab for an analyzes and they said I was ridiculous and
the professor said ironically to me that it was a medical sensation
and that maybe I should call the press, at that point I was very upset
and told him that with that attitude maybe he shouldn't be practicing
medicine. They left my room after deciding to give me a CT-scan
and a coloscopy. Later during the day one of the doctors that had
been in my room that morning came up to me and said that they had agreed
to send the Gallstones for analyzes. During that day I had the CT-scan
and the coloscopy without any results so I was released from the hospital
and am now waiting for a letter from the hospital about the
gallstone - analyzes.

It will be very interesting to see what their next
move will be in my case, if they will ignore me after sending me the
results from the gallstone -analyzes or if they will follow my case up and
make some changes in their system.

I am now waiting one more week to do my second flush because I still
have some back-pain and pain from the liver area, but my pains are nothing
compared to what they used to be before the first flush.

I am spreading the word about this to my friends and relatives and now
everybody want to try this flushing thing, I really hope that finally
there will be a mass of people that have done this flush and that can put
some pressure on the hospital bureaucracy to make some changes in their
narrow-minded system.

Best regards Boris


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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 08:11:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: To Kelly Re: Digest Number 132

The gallstone cleanse is not harmful unless you have kidney problems of
some kind because the kidneys have to take a pretty heavy load during the
cleanse, it is wisely to do the kidney cleanse before the gallstone
cleanse. Also remember that after several flushes you will no longer get
stones from the gallbladder, you might not even have had any stones in your
gallbladder, but the stones that you will flush out are dark green and come
from the liver, in the medical world they are known as intrahepatic stones,
stones that are formed in the liver and get stuck in the bile ducts of the
liver. The flow of bile does not work properly, the metabolism does not
work properly and that results in poor digestion and metabolism. These
stones are not hard calcified stones that people who have gallstones in the
gallbladder have but these stones are soft and are made up of 95% pure
cholesterol and bile salts. Remember that the liver is the human #1
metabolic organ and it cannot work properly when it is clogged with stones.

When I went on a ultrasound the doctor said I have fat-structures in my
liver(fatty liver) and it practically means that the liver is full of
stones, though they are not visible on ultrasound because they are
"fatstones". If fat was visible on ultrasound the doctors would never be
able to look through the fat-layer all humans have on their stomach.
Doctors might also argue that if there were any stones in the bile ducts
then they even if they do not show up on ultrasound or x-ray must cause the
walls of the bile ducts to become unsmooth and lumpy because stones are
stuck there, but these stones are soft and fit perfectly in the bile ducts
like a hand in a glove.

After my 4 cleansings I have lost 40 pounds and my digestion and metabolism
hasn't been this good since I was a child. I really recommend it to
everyone who has not tried it.

Try it Kelly! you will not regret it.

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