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Re: Fasting - No Supplements
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Fasting - No Supplements

Hi Archus, I am curious, since you mention you had this cyst since you were a child. That's the first time I'd heard that. You seem to be on very intimate terms with it. :-)

Do you know exactly when it came to you? (it sounds like you might) And can you point to anything going on, that triggered it?
I'm not even thinking, anything physical. Yuen Energetics has always maintained that anything "chronic", no matter what it is, is not physical; in the sense that approaching it physically is like giving the wrong answer to a question. I'm wondering if the Yuen Method can resolve this, once and for all.

Another thing that I've been impressed with lately is QHHT, which was pioneered way back by Dolores Cannon, and has been evolving, through her students. I have seen a few video'd sessions online that are pretty amazing. While it was initially aimed back in the 70's, 80's when it was seriously uncool, at "past life regression", it now does so much more; including inviting certain energies that may have caused the person trouble, to leave the body, and "return to the light". All this is handles very matter of factly. This is not to be confused with what's called possession, and exorcism. But a person can have say, an energy that was invited in at a certain time, through matching the host's frequency -like for example, if a person was feeling very scared, they might, vibrationally invite in a kind of bullying, bouncer energy. Over time, this protective quality the person might once have found comfort in, turns to being
a big hindrance. Imagine if such a person then went through psychotherapy and other mainstream approaches.

Again, to use that example, the person finds that no one can get near them- as if they repel people. Even those they's like to attract. But it's not the person who's really doing this, it's the energy attachment. Long story short, some of these energies can be other life remnants, if you will.

Anyway, if you are interested at all in the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), just to see what is possible for people (that in itself is inspiring, to me!), Alba Weinman is a good person to choose a video from. She has evolved her own method somewhat, she seems very skilled, very good.

The idea is, a person should only need one session, to clear up
many many questions, obstacles, and various physical issues. I like that idea, it's got integrity, and i respect a modality that can claim that. I think Kam Yuen CAN claim exactly that, and he's even resolved sports "injuries" that meant an athlete had to retire. And resolved them, in -like, minutes.

I am still learning the method, and am seriously thinking of setting up something with crowd-funding, in order to get certified. Everyone contributing would benefit, with sessions!

But back to the subject at hand.

On the other hand, lol, (since we do live in this world of contrasts), I do get a sense, and I hope you don't take this as insulting, that this cyst has been quite a constant companion (emphasis on "constant") for you... it seems to get a little smaller, say, with some water fasting, and then to come back, and so on. Maybe it has also provided you the impetus to explore various things you might not have, otherwise. It going away totally might at some level make you feel quite If perhaps you resist it leaving, at some level?

Just raising a few questions, a few ideas, for what they may be worth to you. Or to anyone else reading this. (I noticed too, you say your family eats junk, (spouse and kids?) but then your parents always ate well, and your growing up sounds like it was quite rare. No junk! wow. My family was a bit of everything, ( a bit of home garden, and a bit of indonesian food, but we had that then-"modern" junk margarine in the plastic bag with the little button so you squeezed the colour into it, and Velveeta cheese, and baloney, etc. . . and my mother actually loved "Kam". (the canned "meat" stuff.

Now I love Kam Yuen. :-) )
Not meaning to be advertising, but this has some good testimonials.

all the best,

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