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Re: Legumes and candida

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purplepixie Views: 5,045
Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Legumes and candida

I didn't mean to suggest high carb is GOOD for candida - sorry if it came out that way.

I was mainly wondering why those with candida have tolerance to some carbs and not others - with the others giving bloating and gas symptoms etc.

I have such gut dysbiosis and whole body down-regulation happening i mostly feel whatever i try doesn't bring any changes/relief to symptoms. Little steps are important when feeling confused :-)

I KNOW FOR SURE if i can get my bowels/stomach acid/liver function much healthier - i'll be able to tackle the candida issues in other areas of the body.

As you've only just found out you have candida it would be worth your while to listen to how your bowels respond to food - Dr Jeff McCoombs (he has a forum here) candida diet is actually not so restrictive - brown rice, quinoa is allowed aswell as some fruits.
On his plan it seems that he doesn't introduce probiotic use until a few weeks on Undecylinic acid (spelling? Sounds something like that - ive forgotten right now to be sure!) This acid works to kill candida - i've read studies that show this to be true. After using that, he then introduces probiotics.
His website is informative with a lot of info and studies about candida.

Funnily enough - i went on just fruit for 6 weeks...ate nothing but fruit and herbal teas - and although my adrenals hated it, my digestion started off slow - but then improved. I certainly didn't have bloating and gas on fruit - yet i do with wheat, other grains, potatoes ( i LOVE potatoes - such a versatile food but alas they do aggravate my digestion). I had to stop the pure fruit diet due to not being good for slow oxidiser metabolism, hypoglycemia and adrenal function. I became very fatigued...but my belly didn't play-up!

Hence why in my original post i said about foods that candida LOVE - don't give any adverse symptoms - yet possibly foods candida doesn't like so much - one gets gastro-symptoms (in my case potatoes, white rice, wheat, muesli etc - however these foods are also high in Lectin - which causes inflammation of bowels really beginning to wonder if 'modern' grains are not suited genetically to the human bowels. )

Each person is different and all we can do is to gauge what foods cause an adverse reaction and cut them out. Whether it's candida, gluten or lectins causing an intolerance, who knows - but i think the body reaction has to be listened to. What works for one will not work for another alas.

Fill up and maintain calories on foods that you don't react to. I use quinoa for this purpose - it's a complete protein, warming, aswell as filling.

The turpentine/sugar cube cure is from a Dr Jennifer Daniels . Dubbed the 'candida cleaner' cure. She experimented on herself first to gauge dose and then started using it on her patients with success.
I'm not sure how successful it would be for candida that is in the hyphae form and semi-systemic - but it certainly seems to help with candida yeast excess. It's an old African remedy - and i looked in my old herbal books and found that the pine tree has alot of anti=parasitical properties so it doesn't surprise me that 100% Pure Pine Turpentine kills candida.
( mssge me if you want further info)
There are a few threads on this cure on curezone to read up on folks here who tried it.

I have candida semi-systemic - apparently systemic candida is the medical establishments terms for candida everywhere and about to kill the person. 50% of patients in intensive care die of systemic candida - i was reading studies yesterday and was completely shocked about these statistics.

So while it's still in just your bowels its important not to forget about it, as it will travel and morph into the fungal form, introducing leaky gut and blood toxicity etc , especially if one keeps feeding it with the same ol' diet!

So don't be too concerned about whether you should be high carb or low - look at Dr Jeffs diet - see if that works for you - eliminate problem foods that you already react to - and fill up on foods you can easily tolerate - while hitting the bit*h candida with various antifungals.

It's a confusing journey healing candida - die-off reactions cause a mindset of 'god, what the hell, damn this!' - but it's important to perservere and KNOW it's the candida causing such feelings and the more you lean into an aggressive protocol - the more headway you will make.
Candida has a sneaky ability to make one give-up on a protocol because the die-off is, for most, intolerable.

Finally, to help your liver deal with die-off - take milk thistle and dandelion every day...tincture or caps work well. I also drink water with fresh squeezed lemon all the time to help the kidneys secrete. It's these little things which help deal with the huge load of detoxing - enabling me to type this rather than be in bed feeling completely hopeless!

The mindset of KNOWING YOU CAN HEAL from this is hugely boosting compared to feeling confused and afraid. I waver between these mindsets several times a day and know i do better when i'm KNOWING i can heal this.

Huge luck and hugs :-)


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