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Re: RE: To Anonymous Shut the F up post
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: RE: To Anonymous Shut the F up post

I have not been on this forum in a looooong time. I posted a lot in the early-mid 2000's. I did not leave and forget everyone because I got magically better. I have been up and down a lot since then, chasing the candida monster all the while my liver function getting poorer and poorer. Anthony is soooo right. The liver is key. I have also discovered that food intolerances are also really hard on liver function, and that most so-called "die off" is just your body reacting to foods or more and more supplements that it simply cannot handle. They are poisoning the system in many cases. The meat and veggies only diet is really bad for candida. He is right - you do need good carbs, if for no other reason than they feed the good bacteria, and provide the body with energy to heal. No Sugar is very important, tho small amounts of fruit are fine, especially berries. At least I have found this to be true for me. I have a known liver defect - genetic - that is not all that uncommon. My phase 1 detox pathway runs too fast, so I am a "pathological detoxer", meaning that when I take in a toxin (or eat something I am intolerant to, or take stuff to detox), my phase 1 pathway detoxes it way too fast for my phase 2 pathway to keep up. Phase 2 is the pathway that preps and eliminates the toxin from the body, so if it gets overloaded, the toxins have nowhere to go and recirculate and you feel awful. In any case, I am getting better now by taking in less fat and drinking fresh-squeezed veggie juice every day.

Healing of leaky gut is also important (L-glutamine powder, Aloe juice, deglycerinated licorice), and if you do want an antifungal for the immediate meantime, honesty, the best one I ever found was Inner Defense by Young Living. I took it on and off for ages, and I never developed a resistance to it. But he is right, antifungals are NOT going to cure you.

So, why am I posting now after all this time? Well, I was wandering through lately just to see what's up, who is still here, etc. (hi Jorge!) and I wondered, who it was that was getting all this flack? So, I read the posts and just wanted to put in my 2 cents, based on experience, that his ideas don't deserve the anger he has been getting.

Good health to all!


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