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Re: RE: To Anonymous Shut the F up post

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: RE: To Anonymous Shut the F up post

Yes! You'll rarely read something on this forum as logical and simply as you've stated.  Please read how I've won the same battle.

Allow me to share my own experience with you to see if any of it seems familiar. I will also provide references to the NIH and what they say about cholestasis. 

Following my own Candida die-off after a course of Nystatin powder several years ago, I went from an incredible level of energy, to a crash whereby I was indescribably sick. I had brain fog, developed psoriasis and had joint soreness.  Doctors said I had psoriatic arthritis.  I also had discomfort in my upper right quadrant. I went to a number of doctors and had chest x-rays, ultrasounds and a number of tests, but mainstream doctors back then wouldn't look for something like candida. They were starting to believe that it was psychosomatic, but I wouldn't give up. The summer heat would make me incredibly weak and I had no tolerance for any foods with fat. Since ultrasound had shown no sign of gallstones, and because I persisted, one of my Doctors decided to perform a gastroscopy and collect a bile sample. I was awake through the whole procedure. I was administered a drug through IV that was intended to stimulate my gall bladder to excrete bile while a sample container in my small intestine collected the sample. It didn't strike me until years later what the Doctor said after he finally pulled out the sample and showed it to me. He said that he had a difficult time collecting a decent sample. When the test results on my bile came back, he said that I tested positive for crystals in my bile and that it was possible that the crystals were causing my discomfort. He said that I could have my gall bladder removed, and that doing so may relieve my discomfort. The surgeon told me that under these circumstances, only about 5% of patients get relief from surgery, but I was desperate, and followed through with the surgery. The surgeon was right; bad idea and no relief. Big mistake! Now I had no gallbladder and was still sick. I went back to my dermatologist. I should have stuck with his program before going to other doctors. He did have me try the liver/gallbladder flush after I had crashed, and before I had my gallbladder out, but I did it halfheartedly, because I didn't believe that it was going to help. I now know that he was on the right track.

He started me on Tanalbit along with some other products, but I noticed that the Tanalbit resulted in significant improvement in my energy. I started to run in '97, because I was starting to feel much more energetic after taking Tanalbit in larger than recommended dosage. I had my ups and downs but restarting a course of Tanalbit along with cholacol (bovine bile salts) and Livaplex, both liver support supplements always re-energized me. It wasn't until 2003 or so that I really started to read about The Clark Flush . Back then curezone was in its infancy. As I read about it though, it started to make sense and I recalled what the doctor had said about my bile 1) he had difficulty collecting a sample and 2) the sample contained crystals. I decided to try the Clark Flush, but I followed it to a "T".

It wasn't until I considered hepatotoxicity
or overloading of the liver with toxins, as the possible reason why I became sick from the die off. Hepatotoxicity leads to cholestasis, or impaired bile flow. Without bile, fats are not digested. Bile is also a natural antibiotic for the small intestine. So, die-off can lead to toxic liver overload, toxic overload leads to cholestasis. Cholestasis allows opportunistic organisms to populate the digestive tract which leads to more toxins, continued cholestasis, the inability to digest fats, etc. Excess bile in the liver leads to fatty liver disease. I think of the candida toxins as a poison, just like alcohol and other drugs which can damage the liver. It was a vicious cycle for me.  A Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis showed that I had overgrowths of Candida Parapsilosis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus Aureus along with undigested fats.
My success was the result of breaking the cycle by restoring bile flow through liver flushes, while fighting the candida and other gram positive organisms with products like Tanalbit. The Clark Paracleanse may have the same effect as Tanalbit. I restored bile flow by using The Clark Flush . Restoring bile flow in and of itself, made a significant difference for me and restored my health, energy and sensitivities to many foods. I have no more joint pain and my psoriasis has cleared.
I also have measurable, step change improvements in my running performance with each consecutive flush that add credibility to its effectiveness. It's repeatable with each sequence of flushes, and based on that data I've collected, one Clark Flush is just the beginning of the improvement. Each subsequent flush, which are conducted at 2 week intervals, resulted in a measurable increase in my running pace. I have not gone beyond 7 flushes, but that was enough for me to complete my first marathon at the age of 42, and to do it so fast that I qualified for the Boston Marathon. Not an easy feat. 26.2 miles at 7:30 per mile average pace. I like to think of the flushes as being a "defibrillator" for the liver. I allso eat smartly as well, but "fat" is not a dirty word for me anymore. The NIH recommends that 25% of caloric intake should come from fat.  You'll see below that the body can't perform continuous strenuous exercise beyond 20 minutes, without having access to cellular fats for fuel.

Now for the medical references. Please visit the links to see if anything relates to your situation, or makes any sense. The numbers in parenthesis are references to the links at the end of my post.

Cholestasis is slow or stopped bile flow.(1)(6) Both bacteria and antibiotics can cause cholestasis.(1)(6) Birth control pills and pregnancy can cause cholestasis.(1) Amebic abscesses, or a collection of pus in the liver in response to an intestinal parasite, also cause cholestasis.(1)(3) Abscesses may be caused by bacteria, parasites, and foreign substances.(4) Intrahepatic cholestasis occurs inside the liver.(1) Symptoms of cholestasis include the inability to digest certain foods.(1) One of the complications of cholestasis is poor absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitamins.(1) Fat is essential for the proper functioning of the body.(5) Fats provide essential fatty acids, which are not made by the body and must be obtained from food.(5) The essential fatty acids are linoleic and linolenic acid.(5) They are important for controlling inflammation, blood clotting, and brain development.(5) Fats are also an important energy source.(5) When the body has used up the calories from carbohydrates, which occurs after the first 20 minutes of exercise, it begins to depend on the calories from fat.(5) Healthy skin and hair are maintained by fat.(5) Fat helps the body absorb and move the vitamins A, D, E, and K through the bloodstream.(5)

The underlying cause of cholestasis must be treated.(1) Bile is a natural intestinal antimicrobial.(2)

The point here is that cholestasis is real and there is no "cure" offered up in the literature for intrahepatic cholestasis, which if not corrected, leads to opportunistic intestinal bacterial infestations and/or ultimately, fatty liver disease. It seems couterintuitive to throw fat at a clogged liver, but it has worked for me, and clearly for others who have posted testimonials. The green and yellow floating materials discussed on these Liver Flush forums are bile, and provide an indication that I am restoring my bile flow. I proved this to myself by substituting flaxseed oil which is not greenish in color, for olive oil on a flush. The floating "stones" were still deep green. It can only be a constituent of bile.

The antibacterial interaction of the bile with intestinal candida can cause a die-off, which is why the Clark recommends the parasite cleanse first. In my case, I used Tanalbit
for two or more weeks ahead of a flush. It was my dermatologist who recommended Tanalbit for me.

To summarize, personally, and finally succeeded with Tanalbit (Plant Tannins)and the Clark Flush method.

I could get into my total experience and the measurable improvements, but this message is probably already too long. After 20+ years of this, I could write a book!

Good luck.


Other reading:



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