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Snap! 27 flushes
Deborah Lockett Views: 2,139
Published: 18 years ago
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Snap! 27 flushes

At first I thought I'd written your message myself. I've done 27 flushes too! Shows the two of us are in sync, eh? From now on, you and I are what they call on the Forum "flushing buddies". Here are your priorities as I see them:

1) Do a parasites cleanse if you haven't already done one. That may help you shift more stuff, faster, while you keep doing the liver flushes. Visit parasites Cleanse Forum to gen up.

2) IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU EAT OR DRINK but please try to stay alive as all of us on the Forum want to keep hearing from you! For goodness' sake don't get hung up on guilt. Just KNOW that you have provided yourself with a "safety valve", which is your flushes.

There are huge numbers of people who may eat and drink healthier than you BUT their overall health is slowly DETERIORATING because they don't do any cleansing. Yours, however, is IMPROVING however slowly it may seem to you. YOU'RE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION and YOU'VE GIVEN YOURSELF EVERY CHANCE OF BEING JUST AS HEALTHY AS YOU CAN.

3) Go to and order a copy of "Loving What Is" by Byron Kathleen Mitchell ("Katie"). When you've read the book you'll understand why I've recommended it. It contains everything you'll ever need to be HAPPY.

Katie herself is living proof that it works - her discovery brought her out of years of deep Depression and obsessive suicide thoughts. She now goes all over the world holding workshops and helping others. You can take a sneaky peak at

4) If you have Amalgam (metal) fillings, and if one of them breaks, don't have it repaired with amalgam. Have white resin or, if the tooth's too far gone, a crown. Also, whatever money you have spare, use it to have other Amalgam fillings replaced that are close to the filling that broke.

Over a period of years and without spending more than you can afford, you could end up with a virtually Amalgam free mouth. Any step you can take in this direction will help your health. If you don't have a broken tooth now, just wait till the next time one breaks.

I strongly recommend you go and see 3 - 6 dentists and ask for a treatment plan and no-obligation quote. That way you will be able to find out who can do a good professional job at a price you know in advance, and you can be sure to avoid the sharks, or a dentist who might talk you into believing you should keep your amalgam fillings because they're stronger etc.

I've had all my amalgam replaced. I had 6 teeth crowned and my fillings are white resin - that includes nearly all my teeth (I'm 50 years old and if I were a kangaroo, my teeth would probably be completely worn down by now). I was pleased because my teeth feel much better to my tongue and besides that I haven't had to go back to the dentist for repairs since the work was completed 18 months ago.

Final note: It's true what you've already been told, that when cleansing your body you're also cleansing your emotions. However, from my experience, you don't need to cleanse the emotions first, and get a clean body second. The body - mind - emotions are not separate, they are ONE.

Treat them all at the same time - carry on with the liver flushes. Don't, whatever you do, suspend your flushes and other physical cleanses JUST BECAUSE you think you have to cleanse emotional blockages or whatever else first. Just remember, you are the whole of you, not separate parts. No part of you is separate from any other.

I'll digress a bit to tell you a short story that illustrates this. A few days ago, one of my "best" clients rang and asked if he could come for a massage on credit, i.e. pay next week. Because I trust him, I said "yes".

However, within minutes I had to ring him back and, in my friendliest voice possible, say "no". I had been seized with terrible nausea in my stomach, and I would have been physically incapable of giving a massage, however much I wanted to.

The reason was that the client's request had brought up memories of previous clients who had conned me into giving them a free massage. Although the current client was known to me and I trusted him, and although I had forgiven the previous clients for conning me, the memory of what had happened with previous clients brought about a physical reaction that arose out of my subconscious and was totally out of my voluntary control.

Of course, after that all was well. I felt immediately better and I knew I hadn't upset the client as I'd been genuinely friendly with my explanation. The incident served simply to illustrate to me that my mind and body are absolutely one. They are like mirrors that faithfully reflect the changes in one another.

I hope you're still awake after reading this (!) and look forward to your next posting.

your Flushing Buddy Deborah (

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