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27 Flushes, still having issues
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Published: 19 years ago

27 Flushes, still having issues

This is a long one but wanted to give the whole picture.

I've flushed 27 times starting Nov, 2001. I usually get a month or sometimes 3 before I have pain again in the gb or back/neck and other issues.

I'm tired of this pain and lack of energy and flushing and I think I need to vent and I ask for your support, encouragement and ideas. So here is my longer story with as many facts as I can think of.

27 flushes, 3000-4000 stones so far. After flushes, usually feel much better, and sometimes better than ever in my life. I know once I'm clear I will be feeling great, but it's just wearing on me and taking so long.

Stones in the first few cleanses were bright green, now they are pale green and more wrinkled, and the last stones that come out in each cleanse are usually tan with an outer crust.

I was feeling really bad and depressed this past winter, and in Dec has such bad back/neck pain and no energy. As of Jan 1 I stopped drinking alcohol and went until March with only a few drinks. I also went to a chiro and flushed of course. Then this summer I drank way too much, mostly because I was feeling much better and thought I could get away with it. I think this is a major reason I am paying today. I'm back off the booze.

My symtoms are pain/pressure in gall bladder area, lower back pain, neck pain/can't turn neck far to left, shoulder blade pain, no energy, lose my appetite (big deal because I'm very thin already), foggy thinking, depression/negative thoughts,

I've done the flush 2 times week ago and two weeks ago. After the first one I felt significantly better, but still really bad. After the second one I felt significantly better but symtoms returned 4 days later. I will do another one next weekend.

I've been in therapy since June for depression, stress, childhood issues with rejection, lack of love/attention/affection/care, marriage issues(my wife and I go separately as recommended after a few of joint therapy sessions). This therapy is working very well for me, but recently has brought up some big root issues with my family that are stressing me. I'm also stressed at work and my sister who I am close to is having big marital issues and issues with the family. All of the stress is adding up big time. I know stress is bad for the liver/gb and formation of stones.

I usually mountain bike 2x a week, but haven't been able to because of the back problems. The excercise usually is a wonder cure. I'm going to try to get a stationary machine and put extra clothes on and sweat.

I can't do another flush until next weekend and I have pain in the neck and back and no energy after mid day. I also have decreased appetite and some indigestion.

I take digestive enzymes with my meals and I take garden of life primal defense, perfect food, and super seed. These work very well for me...better than any other supplements I've had by a mile.

I sometimes feel that maybe I am getting near the end of the stones and I am healthier and they are just coming out faster and I need to flush more often. I have many, many signs that over all I am healthier.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. It helped just to write this. Please offer your encouragement and ideas.

Thanks to you all who contribute to this forum and to curezone. If it wasn't here, I may still be really sick and have given up hope. Or may have opted for surgury, but I don't think I will ever get that... As do many of us, I have a really bad history with MDs and drugs and haven't done either one of them for 10 years. I do NDs sometimes and I see my MD just for the blood tests 1 time a year or so.

Ok, that was long but needed. Thanks.


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