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Needing Help!! I have been dealing with FBO for 3 yrs now and I want out!!!!
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Published: 13 years ago
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Needing Help!! I have been dealing with FBO for 3 yrs now and I want out!!!!

Hi there 123go,

Surfer27 here. I was new to the curezone site, a couple of months ago but now, I guess you could say I am, a seasoned veteran being here for a couple of months. lol. Anyways, I just wanted to talk to you about your progress with Odor Cleanse and you trying out Chlorella, if that's okay? Alright well, you mentioned in one of your posts, that taking probiotics and chlorella, did in fact help lessen the fbo smell a little, but never fully got rid of it? Do you know why that was? You also mentioned that, while taking chlorella, your smell got worse? Was that, as a result of the detoxification of your body? Another question, I had was this: when you first started taking chlorella, as you found that the smell got worse, if you continued taking it, do you think that they fecal Body Odor s would have permanently diminshed, if you had stayed on chlorella long enough? You also menioned in a very early post, that when you took 7 odor cleanse capsules after every meal, that within a certain timeframe, that after awhile you hardly noticed them at all. Does your success with Odor cleanse have to do with either, how many capsules you took daily, or does it have to do with what's in the Odor cleanse capsules?

Please let me know, as I am torn between getting the Odor Cleanse caps and trying to decide, if I want to get the Chlorella instead. I can't figure out, what to get next, as I've tried alot of different products, such as wheatgrass capsules, done intestinal cleanses, Colon Cleanses and bowel flushes and taken charcoal tablets and to no avail, I still have been dealing with these Fecal Body Odor Malodorous issues for 3 yrs still!! I just need some help and advice, as to what to do!! I know that, alot of the symptoms I have been experiencing, are as follows:
1. Feelings of incomplete evacuation, before and after a bowel movement. My butt feels this way, all day everyday.
2. Constant Fecal Body Aura, that smells like feces daily, even when I wipe properly and totally cleanup back there. It's frustrating!!
3. Feeling like my anus is constantly loose, even though I've been to doctors and specialists and they say, that I don't suffer from anykind of fecal incontinence, although from the comments of others, it does smell, like I am dealing with fecal incontinence every hour of the day.
4. My anus doesn't want to properly seal up after having a bm and yet, I am not leaking out any stool whatsoever. I don't understand this????
5. Pressure on the rectum internally up my the tailbone area. And lastly:
6. Sharp pains eternally and internally, possibly from hemorrhoids or internal inflammation.

These are the majority of the sypmtoms, that I've been going through for the last 3yrs in my life and I just want to get my life back, to where it was!!!!!!!!

If you could get back to me on this post I've written you, that'd be great!! Thanks and take care.

Ryan Annunziello

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