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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: ODOR CLEANSE (Champex) mushroom extract

Glad to hear you're going to try it out. 

1 I first took chlorella several years ago, and it did make things worse until I had a bowel mvmt.  The chlorella binds to toxins then must leave the body.  Now, after having done a few cleanses (Cleanse Smart, Florescence Essiac, First Cleanse) spaced out over about 8 months, and starting Odor Cleanse this year, chlorella doesn't cause a smell.   The mushroom extract neutralizes everything that emits an odour once it has circulated through all the length of the bowels.  It'll take several days to a week or 2 weeks depending on how fast your bowels are eliminating.  And it takes time to reach the blood stream too, but then it will remove smelly ammonia from the blood. 

2  I wouldn't take more than 500mg after each meal.  1500mg might have so much glutamic acid that you become constipated.  Best to observe the effects of 500mg per meal first.  You want to take the lowest effective dose of any supplement.

3  Probably should taper off the sleeping pills for a week before starting melatonin, as any sedative in your system will be made stronger by this natural sleep hormone.  Melatonin helps to reset the pituitary gland so it can properly release its own sleep hormone.  You can take it long term no prob. and it boosts the immune system/has antiaging effects.

5  I drink spring water, unsweetened pomegranate juice, unsweetened coconut water, rooibos tea.  Caffeine hits the adrenal glands really hard so I rarely drink coffee/black tea.  Caffeine depletes cortisol levels so if you are stressing, that will make you feel worse.

6  Flax oil has no effect on odor.  Preti recommends it because it contains the parent fatty acid ALA which converts in the body to Omega 3 EPA and DHA.  Omega 3 is good for depression and the intestinal lining.  He sites it as being a more desirable choice than fish oil omega 3 which might exacerbate this odor in some people.   Omega 3 and friendly bacteria also have a helpful relationship to each other.

7 Cortef is bio-identical cortisol.  It gives the adrenal glands a rest.   Inducers of cortisol release must be individually examined for proper restoration of adrenals:  Mental and emotional stressors » Sympathetic Overflow » Tissue Damage, Inflammation, Pain » Glycemic Dysregulation »» Cortisol                                                                                                                        

There are 7 stages to Adrenal Fatigue

1. Adapted to stress.                                                                                                                                                                                        
2. Adapted with DHEA slump.
3. Maladapted Phase I.
4. Maladapted Phase II.
5. Non-adapted, Low Reserves.
6. High DHEA.
7. Adrenal Fatigue.

I was at number 4 with low morning and noontime cortisol.  So I take Cortef in morning and noon only.  It was a saliva test called Adrenal Stress Index which also measures insulin and DHEA.  They give you a kit with 4 cotton tube things to put in your mouth for about 2 minutes and get saliva all over it--4 separate times in the day.  Mine was sent to Diagnos-Tech, Inc. in Washington.  There should be a lab somewhere  in UK.  Ask a compounding pharmacy for the name of one.

9.  I think Now is 50mg zinc picolinate dose.  Don't take that much.  25mg/day.   Dump half capsule out.

Good luck with your regime.  I think you will find Champex works very well.  


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