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I have begun to notice some resistance in myself to keeping up with the Master Cleanse. I had come into this cleanse not feeling 100% passionate about it, but still knowing that it was part of my plan to make improvements in my health. So, for me, the challenge is to manifest the motivation to stick with the program and open to the changes I know this kind of shift facilitates.

Today I am beginning my emotional self-improvement with this article from Marcie Hunt on Manifesting. I want to manifest motivation and willpower and most important, the intent that not matter how much my mind needles me to stray from the path I am on, that I will not cave in!


Create Clear Intentions and Manifest Your Desires in 7 Steps

By: Marcie Hunt

These 7 effective steps will guide you to greater clarity

1. Becoming silent and receptive

2. Defining the qualities you desire to experience

3. Being aware of any inner resistance

4. The question of contribution

5. How your decision affects others

6. A technique to connect with your intuition

7. Asking for inner guidance from your Higher Self

Step 1: Inner Silence

Many of you already have a habit of going within and being silent or meditating.
For those of you who do not practice this at all, or infrequently, you will find
that creating silence within is extremely powerful in achieving clarity.

Allowing the mind to be silent with no distracting thoughts creates space. When
you have space between your thoughts, then you can connect with inspiration. Inspiration may appear at the time you are silent, or at a later time. Inspiration may show up through thoughts, images, or a book, for example. Or perhaps someone relates a message that provides you with clarity around your question.

Silence within also brings a sense of peace. Since stress is often a big factor
in most people's lives, inner serenity plays a key role in allowing greater focus
and clarity.

There are many ways to enjoy silence through various forms of meditation. You can
practice by finding a quiet place, sitting comfortably in an upright position, and
closing your eyes. Take three deep breaths-inhaling peace and exhaling tension.
Keep focused on your breath. Gently let go of any distracting thoughts. Take five
to ten minutes or longer. With each session, you will find it easier to have a clear
mind and to enjoy serenity. You create a "receiving" mode for guidance
and inspiration.

Step 2: Understanding the Essence of Your Desires

It is easy to get wrapped up in taking "clear" action toward goals in
daily life, only to discover that when the goal is realized, it does not create the satisfaction and fulfillment anticipated. Focusing on the deeper qualities you want to experience is a lasting path to happiness.

What are these precious qualities? Several years ago Laura defined the relationship
traits she desired as mutual love, trust, joy, adventure, compassion, abundance,
passion, ease and flow in communication. When she met her Soulmate, now husband,
these essences were all manifested. Her clear intentional energy had drawn a truly
loving relationship to her.

Grace clarified the essences of joy, creativity, freedom, financial abundance and
life balance. Soon after, she received these qualities in her life with her new
part-time job. She became an events coordinator for an international company contributing to culture and education. She was able to work part-time and still spend quality time with her husband and child.

Do you have a question, a path to take, or a situation you would like to clarify?
Can you write down the qualities you would like to experience now?

Step 3: Are you feeling resistance?

When I want to be really clear about my choices, the first thing I do is to check
in with my resistance level. You can do this very easily. First ask yourself the
question you are pondering, or the decision you are thinking of making. Now, notice
how you feel. Do your sense tension anywhere in the body? Do your feel anxious,
worried, stressed or angry? Or do you feel light, open, happy and inspired?

If you feel good, then you can move forward. If you feel uncomfortable, then acknowledge how you feel and let it go. Your path still needs some clarity, or perhaps the solution is a question of timing.

Step 4: How does this decision affect others?

For example is the business agreement you are considering mutually beneficial for
everyone involved? If you are a mother deciding to go back to work, can you find
ways to maintain balance for your family and for yourself?

These answers are not always evident, so check in with your "resistance"
level to see if your decision "feels good." You will always have an easy,
open energy when a choice reflects your true desires. The positive feelings are
a reflection of your heart and your Higher Self.

If you are still feeling confused or conflicted, you may wish to use the Golden
Light Technique. Close your eyes. Imagine the person or persons affected by your
decision. See them bathed in golden light. Send feelings of compassion and love
to them. You can also put yourself into this light and imagine feelings of joy for
everyone involved. This tool helps to lift confusion and frustration, and often
helps a situation to shift.

Step 5: How Can I Contribute?

This step considers the Higher Purpose of your intentions. Can you visualize the
result of your decision? How can you give to others in an uplifting way? How can
your gifts, your passion, your love and creativity contribute to the well-being
of your family, friends, community or the world at large?

If your decisions are influenced by inspiration, then your actions will naturally
be inspired, as opposed to acting from an artificial or forced motivation.

You might want to take a pen and paper. Don't take time to analyze- just free-flow
your ideas and feelings. At the top of the paper in one column write the question,
How Can I Contribute? In the second column write What Qualities Inspire Me to Contribute? For example qualities might include: guiding others to be successful, finding innovative solutions to business challenges, or bringing beauty to the world. Of course the idea is that your written words resonate with your true desires, as well as with your unique gifts and talents.

Step 6: Checking Your Intuition

This technique works well to receive clarity for any situation-and particularly
if you are looking at several possibilities.

Close your eyes and imagine there is a small meter in front of you. There are numbers ranging from 1-10, and an indicator will be used to stop at a particular number. Now check in with your current feelings of joy. Imagine your meter stopping at a number. This will happen automatically. Let's say it stops at 4, which is a moderate level of joy.

Ask your self again what your level of joy would be, should you make this decision.
Notice where the indicator stops. If the number shown is 7 and up, then your decision will bring you joy. If the indicator is still low, then you will not experience the joy you deserve. You may ask the same question using the essences of love or peace instead of joy.

Step 7: Asking for Inner Guidance

Asking your Higher Self for guidance enables you to receive the highest form of
knowledge possible for whatever decision you make. Your Soul knows exactly what
your deepest desires are, as well as the best form for these intentions to manifest
for you.

The key is to trust guidance you receive from the Higher Self. Its voice is generally neutral and loving in tone. An angry or critical voice, or thought, is your ego responding.

Higher guidance is often repeated several times at intervals, particularly if you
don't act upon the message. Since the Universe always responds to your intentions,
it will keep giving you the message until you get it.

By following these 7 steps, you will find that you become more centered and peaceful. You will be aware of when you are resisting. You will also be able to use your inner meter to clarify the level of joy any decision brings to you. Your intuition and Higher Guidance will become easier to connect with, trust, and act upon. As you practice these steps on a continual basis, you will be easily manifesting your clear intentions.


Marcie is the founder of Inner Vision, Outer Power. She began her Life Coaching
services in 1987. She proceeded to develop the Power Your Life method through
years of research and spiritual growth. Besides her coaching services and programs,
Marcie also provides guided imagery CDs. The CD Finding Inner Peace In a Troubled
World is now available, as well as Finding Your Dreams, and Living With Purpose.
To find out more go to

be happy, be well,

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