Dreaming a New Reality
by lfire
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End Of The Year!!   58 d  
The last blog post for 2020, featuring new assemblage art and a look-back to events of the year.
”ENERGY GRID” Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2020 24” X 24” jute rope, gold mesh rope, hand woven paper Here it is...we made it through this crazy year! Going through it, it seemed to last forever, but looking back it flew by. Personally, I did an immense amount of art. With the art galleries closed, the thrift stores closed, and no one having yard sales, the art I produced just sat around collecting dust. The first thrift shop that opened again got a big donation of over 16 of my assemblages and a large sack of collages. The problem is, I seem to be making more art all the t ...   read more

Art: Assemblage and Collage   86 d  
I have been keeping busy this month making a lot of art, as well as developing new ideas for further art projects.
”Magic Limb” Assemblage Art by LFIRE(c)2020 This is a limb from an oak tree that is covered with lichen. It was given to me by Sandi at Loose Ends (online store)* The end of the year is approaching and I am busy filling my sketchbook with ideas for a lot more art work. I’m also working on projects for the California Arts Council grant I received this year. For the grant, I committed to showing my art at local galleries; although some of the galleries recently re-opened following lockdown, they have just closed again. I wanted to print a book of my 2020 poems along wit ...   read more

New Art for Gallery Opening!   3 mon  
Despite October being a difficult month, my local art gallery has re-opened, I'm making art daily, and I entered a new piece in the recent art show.
This is ”The Journey with Cholla” by LFIRE(c)2020 Assemblage 2 feet X 2 feet On wood backing, collage background, heavy woven jute*, with dried Cholla cactus featured. This month has been stressful. The well is still sitting without water; we also had a couple of weeks with intermittent electricity due to very high winds. Then my son had back procedures which laid him up for about 3 weeks. On top of all that the local art gallery decided to open for ART WALK the first week of November; naturally I had nothing ready. My son makes my frames and does all the fabrications. ...   read more

Visions of Healing and Art   5 mon  
This has been a difficult month, and emotionally I have been "up and down", yet I continue to Vision
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Here is another collage from my HUGE book of (more or less) 100 collages I can’t believe how depressed I have been. During all the mess this year, I have been able to maintain a positive attitude. But now I have been really depressed. Don’t want to go anywhere, or do anything. Don’t feel like talking to anyone. BLAH! Then, as I was working my studies that I have been doing for over a year, I found more and more that interested me. I became excited about what I was reading, and I began to feel better. I began to imagine that all this knowl ...   read more

Changing my Personality!   6 mon  
A month of personal changes and challenges...
College by LFIRE(2020) This photo is from a large hardbound book of collages that I have been working on for probably about A YEAR AND A HALF! I’m not sure what I want to do with it. I really would like to trade it in exchange for website work. I’m happy to see four (two pairs) of red headed woodpeckers out in the yard... I was amazed to see them. I didn’t know that there were any red headed woodpeckers here in California, as I’d never seen any before this. I’m so happy to see them! I’m also glad to see a new bunch of quail as the first bunch all died (or got caught, o ...   read more

Exceptional Month   7 mon  
A month with celestial events and synchronicities, and more Art!
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 This has been an interesting month! An EXCEPTIONAL event occurred! A very rare comet came, and here in Northern California it was south of the Big Dipper in the western night sky. It was amazing! Photo: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Naval Research Lab/Parker Solar Probe/Guillermo Stenborg https://www.sfgate.com/cnet/article/NASA-s-Parker-Solar-Probe-snaps-stunning-view-of-15404555.php#photo-19669867 They called it comet NEOWISE (an interesting name don’t you think?) NOTICE that this comet only comes every 6,700 ...   read more

Story of the Universe   7 mon  
Story of the Universe; Dreams and Visions; New Website; Personal Notes
Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 Story of the Universe: Somehow as a child, I knew this... but immediately ”forgot” it. Over the years , there were some ”hints” and then, just the other day... WHAM The whole story suddenly showed up. This is a story about the 3D earth and this universe (short version). First of all, there are ”endless” universes! No one talks about this! Maybe there are some hints around but all our great thinkers, all the great spiritual leaders...don’t talk about this! They all talk about THIS universe! Here is the secret... THIS universe was formed aft ...   read more

Near Death Experiences,Poetry,Art   9 mon  
Musings on my near death experiences, poetry, art, and challenging times.
Collage from the Book of Shadows by LFIRE(c)2020 I was about to send off this blog so that my friend could post it for me... I had been watching TV and at about 11:45 P.M., an ad came on, and this is what happened... Suddenly I was in a different reality! A different time and place! I was sitting with a really big book (maybe 2 feet square); I was looking (at a past time) in my NOW life and I was interested in the many times I had ”died” (had near death experiences). It seemed that what actually happened was that I really did ”die” but that my life just continued on and ...   read more

Crossing the Bridge   10 mon  
Art, Poetry, Dreaming, and Visioning for the New Reality
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_April_Blog.jpg From ”Shadows” by LFIRE (C)2020 This picture is a part of the Shadows book that I recently completed. This has been a depressing month. The energies are very strong and hard to deal with. No flowers blooming, the birds are absent. Difficult times. Still..I do small pieces of collage art and keep saying I love you I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you. As in general, just repeating...Thank you. It helps. My dreams have been very brief and confusing. But then...I got an inte ...   read more

Strange Times   10 mon  
Art, poetry and prose for these strange times we find ourselves in.
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_cloth_assemblage_2020cz.jpg Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2020 24” X 24”---Layered strips of fabric over background of music sheets and text. https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_1810_photo_collage_2020cz.jpg Collage by LFIRE(c)2020 The photo, circa 1810, is highly layered with paints and strips of cardboard packaging material Strange Times: Ascending up onto the throne of chaos we climb relentlessly Thrive we have been thrive we purport to be through the gates of nowhere We run fast. Blasting over our ...   read more

Burst of Creativity   12 mon  
Very engaged this month with making more art and writing poetry
Collage 01 by LFIRE(c)2020 Collage 02 by LFIRE(c)2020 Collage 03 by LFIRE(c)2020 Ignorance In our ignorance we decide that it is not necessary to understand... it is enough to adore. Adore what? Seems that anything will do. Even if we invent a God, like something from technology, inventing money, power and more, it is still a made-up god. We place those in power instead of those who are wise and just. Who would that be? Someone who has no personal interest. No wonder there is none to be found! Suddenly visions, visions, and more visions, ...   read more

Art and Poetry for the New Year   12 mon  
Very busy 1st month of 2020 making art and writing poetry. I've submitted one of my art works to my local regional art show.
Mixed Media Art by LFIRE(c)2020 cloth, cardboard, handmade paper; submitted to my local gallery for a regional art show going on currently This has been an interesting month. I started a program called ”Shadow”. It is a program that deals with the shadow self and all that goes with it, designed to start with prompts and writing the answers to the prompts. I read over the prompts, then ( as you can probably guess...) decided to make each response into a collage instead of writing down my responses. I really didn’t know what a big assignment I had given myself. Right now I h ...   read more

End of the Year/New Year Messages   14 mon  
End of the year spiritual messages, dreams, poetry, art, and astrology as we transition from 2019 to the New Year of 2020.
”Succeed” Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 12” x 10” CALC is an ancient Rune meaning ”offering cup poured out”. The symbol for Calc is in the shape of the World Tree. The Cup is made of the skeletons of the Ancient Ones whose remains fertilize the Earth. Their offerings feed the soil that feeds us; this is the cycle. What can you pour out that feeds your roots so that you can grow something new from the midst of the old? The willingness to offer up is a necessary part of transformation: CALC Here I stand, what offering can I give? I have walked a lonely road down the unmarke ...   read more

5th Dimensionality and Visioning   15 mon  
It has been a VERY interesting month! Spiritual experiences in the 5th Dimension, poetry, assemblage art, dreams and visions, and power outages--how do I integrate it all?
Assemblage by LFIRE(c)2019 24” x 24” Heavy cardboard rolls covered with a layer of handmade paper and then a layer of specialty embossed 3D paper; long pieces of whisk broom (center of rolls, sticking out). The background is music paper covered with handmade paper, and an added specialty paper. Wooden backing. Flirting with the Fifth The only reason that I am posting this experience is the thought that someone else has had this kind of experience and to assure them that they are not going crazy, just flirting with the fifth dimension. This whole thing took about ...   read more

Ebb Tide   15 mon  
It's been a rather difficult month, but still doing art.
”Ebb Tide” by LFIRE(c)2019 18” X 22” Framed collage It seems that time has just disappeared and days are not there. The clock seems to lie, and suddenly what was nine in the morning is now six at night. Everything seems strange; even the birds are acting differently. I am doing art like crazy. Different types of art....strange art. Then suddenly I can’t seem to do any art ...my hands and my brain won’t co-operate. I can’t think: muddled thoughts, and words don’t come out right. Strange dreams disturb my sleep, and the past keeps forcing its way into my brain. Recen ...   read more

Ancestor Wisdom   17 mon  
Art, poetry, visioning in honor of the Ancestors
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_collage_9_2019cz.jpg 24” x 24” Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 Poem by Kaliya Crowe When the star rises I sing my song. The light breaks into glorious colors Lighting my world, chasing the stars, tinkling their rays. Bright yellows and reds bring their illumination to a sleeping world... I dream, dance, and sing glory to the new day, the new life... I am on the greatest journey! Been thinking a lot about the ancestors. Wondering why they are so present now. I have been in an art frenzy. Just wanted to do art day ...   read more

Poetry,Insight,Dreaming,and Art   18 mon  
Continuing to make art; having more spiritual insights and dreams.Studying metaphysical healing.
  read more

In Some Far Future   19 mon  
Creating poetry and art
New Art by LFIRE(c)2019 Assemblage made with packaging material 24” X 24” TREES Perhaps in some far future time, someone will remember us. They will remember our long tangled roots that reached out into the deep earth... Roots that reached out to each other, talking together. Someone might remember the many birds that had nests in our branches and flew in the beautiful sky. Someone might remember the shade of our branches and our leaves that in the fall turned endless colors. It seems so long ago... yet, someday in the future they may remember us. I’ve be ...   read more

New Art: "Broom" and "Music"   20 mon  
I made lots of art this month, as well as having an interesting shamanic dream.
”Broom” Mixed Media Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 24” x 24” handmade paper, whisk broom fibers ”Music” Mixed Media Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 24” X 24” handmade paper, cardboard. After the melt-down last month, I tried recovering by trying to make more art again... (Story of my life) First attempt...I hated it! It didn’t do a thing for me. My art friend (who also puts up my photos for my blog) liked it so much (I don’t understand why): CitiScape by LFIRE(c)2019 Mixed Media Collage CitiScape Detail 01--toilet paper roll covered with lace Then I received i ...   read more

New Art   21 mon  
Focusing on making NEW ART
NEW ART: ”ALGAE” by LFIRE(c)2019   read more

Hidden Secret   21 mon  
More elder wisdom and art
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_Art_Homemade_paper_2019cz.jpg Collage Art by LFIRE(2019) art on home made paper Long ago and far away, as the saying goes.... the path chosen winds out into endlessness. But wait! There is a secret hidden, there is a secret not told. Hush now, quiet... whispers in the dark..... All those long ago times..... ARE NOW! It is ALL NOW! Whisk away the thoughts of yesterday, break loose of all those closely held concepts. Know that time is not real! Know that ALL time is NOW! Interesting drama inv ...   read more

Art and Craziness   23 mon  
Here are two art pieces I just created. Time has flown by this month.
”Western Theme One” Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 18” X 24” ”Western Theme Two” Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 18” X 24” It’s been a crazy month ....it seemed to fly by...mostly I could not stop doing art. I used up all my good art paper...Guess that is a good sign. The (strange) art project that I have visualized is sort of coming along. I ran into problems in getting shredded paper. Who knew it would be so hard? I thought the newspaper office would be the answer....nope... they do not shred the paper but send it to be recycled. Then I found a place that sells handmade paper wh ...   read more

New Possibilities   23 mon  
Interesting experiences lead to new possibilities
Collage by LFIRE(c)2019 Well February flew by. I did a lot of playing around with art this month. I had an interesting experience: I get lots of emails about online business opportunities, and so far ignore most of it. My thinking has been ”....don’t understand it... can’t do the tech stuff...too complicated... blah blah...” Then I got an email from a couple of guys whose business stuff I had seen before but... for some reason I decided to read the email. OK. blah..blah.......but as I read, suddenly what they were saying WAS something different. I kept reading. Ever ...   read more

Dreams and Messages   25 mon  
First Messages for the New Year 2019
https://www.curezone.org/upload/Members/LFIRE/LFIRE_1_2019cz.jpg ”Study in Black and White” by LFIRE(c)2019, 18” X 20” Interesting facts...the Bargello design (needlepoint embroidery) is from the 17th century often used in upholstery A Story It is up to you to believe it or not: Once a long ago time, which is also now, there exists a galaxy of a highly spiritual and evolved Beings. It was a time when the Earth was new and the people there were lost in their knowledge of the ways of Spirit. The people cried out for help in their quest. The Beings of this ...   read more

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