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Original Hulda Clark
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sofia Views: 3,300
Published: 15 years ago


This is a channelling I made today of Quetzalcoatl (I know, it is quite funny to channel such a high figure, it was a chain of events that led me to him, some years ago. I don't channel only him, but on 2012 it was him I wanted to talk with).
The questions were made by Erik and me together.
I think it is a good channelling, sorry it is a bit long. Hope you'll find it inspiring.

Terence McKenna on 2012 says that time is accelerating until 2012, where there will be an impact or a leap into multi-dimensionality. He also says that plants are basically this: you change perception of time and then you have hallucinations and altered perception and psychological issues coming to surface, but basically it is dealing with time. Reading on this acceleration it came to my mind the dream I had when little where there was this big machine going faster and faster and at the end exploded. Was that a pre-cog of what will happen?

I don’t know myself what’s going to happen to you.

But do you know what’s going to happen to you?

I also have traces from the future.

I thought you lived outside of time

There is still the unknown

So in the 4th dimension…

I’m not in the 4th dimension

Where are you then?


How did you get there?

Well you can’t avoid it, because you can just move forward

But then how come I’m still in the third?

Only some aspects of you are there, others are much forward, you’ll go forward as you become more and more whole with them

So is there a reality where you channel me?

There is the possibility of it, but maybe not the need

What do you mean?

That the universe avoids unnecessary enfoldments

So what is it that makes this enfoldment necessary (the one where we are here channeling you etc)?

It is a necessary enfoldment for your mind, it is an archetype you need to refer to.

Explain better please?

Let’s say that you are a very specific area of creation covering very specific modalities of existence. You are also holographically everything, but you are that specific dot also. I am also a specific dot. A dot is close to an archetype, putting it very simplified. So for your own expansion you need a certain sequence of models, archetypes, dots, memories however you want to call them in a certain time zone. So some dots of the universe are kind of dormant for you now, some day they will be meaningful but now they are neutral. So I might be meaningful for you, but it could happen you are not meaningful for me in a certain time zone. In the perspective of eternity, you‘ll be meaningful for sure eventually.
So going back to your dream, that is a trace of a dot, an activated dot. This could not be so for others.

So does it mean that what’s going to happen will be different for each of us?

The metaphor will be different, but for some of you, living together the same thing, the reading of it could be similar.

Ok the metaphor is different but the substance is the same?

Yeah, it’s a jump in the abyss. Do you want to know how to fly?

Does it mean that those who can fly save themselves and the others will be absorbed by the abyss?

Erik you know the sensation I’m talking of, it was the butterfly breath. These days are filled with messages, pre-cog, examples, dreams, etc. to give you the idea. It is nothing you don’t know, you have died many times already.

Ok, tell me how to fly. Erik: no, it is not ok. Is it true how Sofia put it, that some will save themselves and others won’t?

Erik the fact is that they don’t want to.

What will happen to them, in the jump?

They will be absorbed into the night. It is exactly the same that has happened to all of you many times during the bardo, so called, until you express the choice to stay conscious.

Will they be reborn again as individualities at their level?

There will be probably kind of exchanges among separate realities, some will need to rehearse exactly the same chain of existence, same facts, same people, same events and they will do that in some sort of replicate reality. It is possible that also you have passed by several replications before now. It is like a loop. ,like when a cd gets stuck, until it finds the point of continuing. It might require eons for them to get unstuck, but meanwhile from their perspective the rest of the universe will be out of sight. And this is in particular the very point of the jump, which is the reconnection with the other levels of yours. When you are conscious of them, you go forward. When you are still in separation, you rehearse. The universe has many points of discontinuity like this, this is a big one but not at all the only one.

Is there someone in this reality who’s a level of yours?

It is a group. The more you go on, the more you fuse, so the higher level you go, the fewer intelligences you find.

Are you conscious of that group? Will you help them?

Of course.

Are they conscious of you and are they all together?

Yes they are conscious, no they are not all together.

Could it be anyone of us three?

Well Erik will have problems with this *laugh* but yes, we are one. I gather many, because my level is 9 dimensions higher than yours, so you are…


(I can’t catch the number he gives me, around the one thousand)

That’s not too many, what about the mayans?

They have passed already to another level

And the ones who have stayed?

Who? They were not mayans

So the people who go around claiming they are descendents of the mayans, who are they?

They are people. Mayans were not all the people who used to live in that area, mayans were those who had a certain knowledge and a certain connection with me, besides others.

Did they pass by a gate like 2012?

They actually made a nice trick, they preview the gate and as they were ready they brought it back in time, or they brought themselves forward, if you like it better. You live now because you are likely to be ready now, so once arrived to point of readiness for the passing you incarnated in the right time. It is not a strike of luck that makes you be here now, it is a precise choice to locate you in the time of 2012.

But I still don’t get what happened to the mayans

They were able to play with time, so they didn’t need that precise location, they could dislocate.

All of them?


But many many or just a few?

Around 500

So few? I thought there were more there

Yeah, the others went back to the night

How come they had been able to travel in time and not be ready?

How come some people are incarnated now and are not ready? It is the same situation. Some people don’t choose to be here but happen to be here, in order for them to gather memories. Without this memory they would never get out of the loop.

So how come some have already memories and can pass and some others don’t?

The ones that don’t pass are the past selves of those who pass.

So we live simultaneously with our past and future selves?

Yes, everything is simultaneous, also more than what you mentioned. I am simultaneous to you even if at this point one can say that my connections with your reality are not physical. Not literally physical at least. There are many who travel in time and for whom this simultaneity has a different hue than for you. They are able to be very compact.


Can you say more about that?

Time traveling in the pseudo-physical is a talent you acquire at some level of consciousness. It is basically the result of the ability of your consciousness to withdraw from conditions. To give you an easy example: try to stand on one foot, you have withdrawn from a condition, that of having a second foot sustaining you. If you are able to do that, you can walk. So movement is favored by an ability to be compact, as I said. Also movement in time is so.

Some years ago I had an experience where I felt that if I went further I would loose my identity for ever, I would melt into the light, aware but not individual. Is it something like what’s going to happen in 2012?

Yeah, it is very similar. What will help you in the passing in 2012 is to know there won’t be anything left anyway, that you could be missing. You will also have the chance to go into the light with your friends Sofia and Lake. But after the light has dissolved your old ego, if you keep your consciousness steady and patiently wait for the process of the passing to be completed, you’ll come out on the other side as one and whole. You won’t dissolve your core.
So now we’ve come to the most important part of this channeling, which is about how to do the passing. You already have traces of this in the recommendations on the bardo, but the process here will be enormously more potent. That’s why it is possible to pass only for those who have already experienced several times the continuity of consciousness during the bardo.

Did we?

Yes you did. You might be not totally conscious of it, but you have many memories of other lives helping you through this labyrinth of mirrors where you are now.

We never read anything about the bardo, should we? Can you describe it?

No, you don’t need to read, the descriptions you have are not so close to what you will face, they are filtered by the minds of those who were writing back then, as your experiences will be filtered also by your minds, and not two minds work the same way. You can instead find traces inside your mind, memories.
Anyway, what you need to know is that you don’t have to do much. It isn’t something about any effort, as effort is result of limitation. You just have to focus and be ready to go, I mean, ready to leave behind the reality you know. This is easier to think than to do, there can be attachments. It is like a birth, not easy, but you know you don’t have reasons to panic. It will be all in the white. The biggest fear will be the one you already met, the one of loosing yourself. But remember that you won’t. Remember it when the time is there. You cannot loose yourself ever. It is only a ghost. Prepare anyway yourself to let go of your self, this is the ultimate offer to the lady of life, and the only condition to your rebirth, as you access to life only by offering yourself to it. Something very valid as a practice, if you want to practice, is to go to the point of ego-death with some power plant. It isn’t necessary anyway, because what is going to happen will surprise you anyway. The passing is something you can decide little about. Either you are ready or not. And it is ok anyway, as some time you will be ready, so as time doesn’t exist, you all are ready. That’s how unity and diversity are kept together.

Ok then, what to do before the passing, in these 6 years?

There will be, there is already the acceleration we were talking of in the beginning, so you won’t need to figure out what to do as it will be given by the circumstances. As always, what to do is to be. There is a growing polarization between the freaking out of the dark lords on one side and the coming out of the memories on the other side. Your inner world is rafting you towards the point where you have to be. It is the usual, trust, honesty, clarity, lightness, relaxation, focus, don’t ever think you’ve got to do some homeworks. This is a time where you don’t lead the changes, you just flow with them, willingly or not. There is a big vortex there, you're feeling it already now, all you have to do is follow. This is a time where whatever happens is much beyond the individual choice. So you can consider yourself on vacation, do whatever you still would like to experience in this reality, remembering that if you feel the need to loose compactness you can’t cheat, it means you won’t pass, whatever you try. So loose it , your compactness, if so you desire, be what you are, and see where your destiny takes you.


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