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Re: Just really want to vent. Feeling depressed... don't be, for candida is easy to remove off the face.

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Just really want to vent. Feeling depressed... don't be, for candida is easy to remove off the face.

Dear PM brandnewlife,

I have been working with a mild solution, 6 percent Magnesium Chloride for more then 4 years. A simple search on the subject of MgCl uses for bodily consumption/uses are located on many websites. In regards to how i have been using MgCl, on myself, just search curezone website with 2 key words:beesting, candida, and you will find several letters on the subject.
There you will find a solution's makeup.

Wipe your face with this solution morning and night. And let it dry on your skin. The candida can not live in this solution's presence. If you want to attack the candida inside your digestive tract, start by drinking 1/2 oz of 6 percent MgCl nightly. Your entire digestive tract will begin to kill the candida within. To kill the candida in your blood stream, it takes another treatment. I am currently under that self testing process now. I have disabled the candida, but not kill it out of the entire body.

p.s.1. All those skin problems are due to saliva outflows, outpouring onto the face during sleeping hours. Once the yeast within the mouthís saliva contacts out surfaces on the face (skin), it burrows inwards to richer grounds.

The itching and disturbed looking skin blotches and sorts on infected skin is the result. Once candida has burrowed past the skin's three surface layers, it discovers a wonderful place to establish a permanent home within the body; connective tissues are rich in glucose (sugar).

The skin bumps and/or white patches on the surface (can be on the tongue inside the mouth and everywhere within the digestive tract itself) are successfully established as colonies of candida, they begin to form more bumps Ė thus raised skin layers!

Over time, the raised portions of slowly dying skin get bigger and more smaller ones begin to appear all around the former colony itself.

In fact, the candida real target is not the connective skin, so much, but the thin fatty layers in between the skin and connective tissues -- a thin fatty layer covering the entire body itself. Fat is just longer chains of glucose (sugar) and alcohol the shortest Sugar chain in chemistry.

The sad news is this: If you have candida outpouring onto face, forming colonies all about the head, it means the candida will flow outwards to all connective tissue zones, including the scalp itself. It further means, your entire body is infected, and when it gets to the brain or other major organs of the body, it will form lesions or openings for the colonies to grow and develop (all yeasts make gas) further. These lesions if close to the organ's parameter (outer surfaces), it will form a major injection there. If the immune system can attack or harm these now major infections, the resulting sore within the infected organ will slowly move towards the surface (inside the body cavity itself). Once there it will form an open sore or sorts!

These inner sores within the body cavity could become the perfect ' site of inflammation' for cancer to attach and develop itself.

What a big mistake doctors' are making here (is it money or help), they should be looking for a useful cure, not issuing expensive prescriptions to the suffer's of candida. In the advanced case these patients become cash cows and eventully // the walking dead//!!! Candida is a saprophyte! It lives off the victim energy (sugar), and will not leave it the body on its own, not even after death itself!

The good news, consider looking in the few letters I have posted on curezone. Key words are candida, beesting. I am working with blood root for many months now, and believe partial relief is within the use of this herb alone. Read my comments carefully, for this herb is not a weak medicine, but an indian herb of long ago (use only pure blood root powders, not someone else's makeup online).

I have freed my entire digestive tract for the short run!, but have a long ways to go to get a total elimination of candida in my body. I will use the saliva gland and its liquid saliva, to prove that i am free of candida body wise.

In other words, if the saliva gland is infected so is my entire body. The task is to get a pure sample of saliva (not contaminated) from the mouth itself. Whatever this routine is, it is now priority one with me.

Finally, it may be a series of herbs, t be taken by me, not expensive pills made in some factory elsewhere, to get final results I am looking for. And I will use house this sugar-jar testing procedure to prove i am infected or not -- not any labs or 'deep pocketed' doctors results.


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