10 day Madal Bal MC syrup fast
by Macy.Marie

re-Day 2   17 y  
Another repeat.
It was a pretty stressful day today; I had to deal with transmission issues on my Jeep and a mechanic that replaced my clutch when it might not have needed to have been. Anyway, after much yelling and worrying I found just a great mechanic that straightened everything out for me; itís unforunate I didnít find him before the new clutch. I really really wanted to eat though; there was a container of nuts on the desk next to me... so cruel. But YAY, I didnít! :) So anyway, later after work I ran to an auction that took about 2 hours too long, but I noticed my energy was good all day. I won ...   read more

re-Day 1   17 y  
Back on track
Another Day 1; nothing new here and it went just like my other Day 1 went, lol. I didnít tell C that I did what I did; I felt so awful and like a total failure but in the end it wonít matter. The first day she swithces to OJ Iíll tell her (since Iíll still be doing the lemonades) and then we have a weekend, so it wonít be so bad. *sigh*   visit the page

Blah   17 y  
Itís 6:15pm on Day 3, and yes, I broke. I ate. I ate some mixed nuts (my ultimate temptation), dried apples, and eventually a little dinner; not quite half a clubhouse. I donít know why. I think I just wanted to. I wasnít particularly hungry, but I just wanted the comfort of foooood. So I broke. Yeah, Iím really disappointed; I wasnít having a particularly rough patch or anything. Anyway, Iíve already decided to get right back on track and see it through again, starting with Day 1. Iím human I suppose, and I can be forgiven for screwing up, right? I feel so awful about it; I know C a ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
Another fairly smooth day
This morning was pretty rough; I had to get up an hour early for a BM; there was no way I could wait. I got back to bed and the hour seemed to be just enough; I woke up not all that tired, considering it was quarter after 5 in the morning. :/ I had to quit taking my allergy meds which has been a problem in the morning for me too... nothing like getting your makeup all done and then having a sneezing fit. I was weak... I refuse to take a cool or even lukewarm shower so that didnít help, but I have extra time in the morning anyway since I donít do a coffee run. On this morning it helped a ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Much easier than the first time!
What a difference this day 1 was. It just seemed rather normal; I wasnít particularly tired or hungry... I mean, there were a few spots where I was wishing I could eat but overall it wasnít as tortuous as my first day 1 the first time. I can only hope the rest of the time goes by like that one! Of course it wonít; Iím sure Iíll have a detox day here and there but itís encouraging to feel like it may very well be easier the second time around. One thing I want to mention is I was on the toilet quite a bit; Iíd say about 5 times thanks to the tea. Again this is alot different then what I ...   read more

The Second Fast - 10 Day Master Cleanse - pre Day 1   17 y  
Here we go again.......
Boy, I really wanted to update this before today; this is the first day of my second 10 day Master Cleanse. My friend C is once again joining me, and we have a new coworker joining us- M. Heís done a 3 day fast before, but heís never done anything close to this, but he likes the lemonaide which is so important. I wonder if heíll make it; I hear when he sets his mind to something he generally follows through, and heís an avid runner that has a very healthy lifestyle, so Iím pretty sure heíll do ok, relatively speaking. Anyway, itís about 7:15am and Iím having my second tea (my first was ...   read more

Wednesday, July 26 - small update   17 y  
An update on my weight and perfect BMs!
You know, I sort of forget how hard the Master Cleanse was for me when I was going through it- but I think thatís because the results Iíve been enjoying have overshadowed the struggle to get here. Iíve been weighing in around 115-116 pretty consistantly for the past 3 days; I donít know if this is where Iíll level off or not but I really enjoy being in the teens. :) It hasnít been easy and I seem to be so paranoid about gaining weight lately; Iíve always watched what Iíve eaten and I think watching the scale climb has been hard for me to see. I know 110 wasnít possible for me to hold on ...   read more

End of my first 10 day fast :)   17 y  
Best of luck to you ALL!
I weighed in yesterday morning and it was still at 113. I felt normal and Iím eating well again- no meat or milk products yet, and I hope I can keep the meat to a minimum and avoid milk as much as I can. Itís funny how the fast has put me in a better frame of mind to watch what I eat now- itís like I just cleaned myself out and I donít want to get it all dirty just yet. ;) Plus I had 4 great BMs yesterday too- w00t! I wonít be updating this blog everyday anymore, but Iíll check in and record my weight to see if it continues to go up or if indeed Iíll keep it off. Either way Iíll be ok w ...   read more

Day 3 of break - back on track   17 y  
A new day, new menu ideas
This morning I still felt pretty bad, and it seemed like I had something stuck in my chest, like the food wasnít moving and was just sitting there. I went to work and I made myself a fresh OJ with oranges I bought on the way in. I had another before noon and kept my water up but it just wasnít moving. I had the vegetable soup for lunch even though I wasnít hungry, and then about an hour later I decided to chew a piece of gum. It was utterly repulsive! Before the fast I probably went through a pack every two days easy, but now I canít stomach chewing one piece for more than 5 minutes. I ...   read more

Day 2 of break - a lesson learned and words of caution   17 y  
Oh boy I made a mistake... not the way to end my fast
I finished up yesterday in great spirits and spent a wonderful night with my BF. I really am lucky to have him; heís been supportive through this whole thing. Thanks Babe. :) Anyway, we went for a walk down by the riverfront, walked through the casino and ended up home around 9pm. Thatís pretty much my Saturday night- and I loved it. I had alot of energy for the most part, but towards the end of the walk I was feeling a bit light headed so we actually cut it short. I stuck to the fresh squeezed OJ all day, even though I couldnít wait to have some broth tomorrow. I kept my water up too- ...   read more

Day 1 of break - with a weigh in   17 y  
More weight lost than expected, yikes
I must be an exception because the scale showed a 10-11 pound loss this morning, which for me is a huge difference. Iím 5í 3Ē and started out at 121-122 and the scale was showing a solid 111; holy cow. I think if I can stabilize at 115 that would be terrific but Iím a little astonished at that number, and Iíve been getting the impression most people are experiencing a 6 or 8 pound loss. Regardless, I once again woke up at 4:30 with a BM from the tea the night before, and after I got back into bed instead of getting up for work (oooh yesss) I slept like a baby! I slept in until 9:30... I ...   read more

Day 10   17 y  
I made it! I made it!
Alright! I really did make it... I canít believe it. Ok the day isnít quite done but I feel so good and tomorrow will bring something new to experience that I couldnít wait to post anymore. Itís 7pm and Iím making some vegetable broth for myself- I am looking SO forward to having something other than this lemonade. As good as it is Iím entirely tired of it. :) I got a bag of organic oranges for some juice tomorrow morning and oh gosh, I canít wait. I wonít have the broth until the second night of my break but Iím energized and have time to do it now, so why not? It smells heavenly! T ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Seeing the light at the end of the long tunnel
All I can say is the two teabag thing from the previous night was probably overkill, lol. I was up at around 4:40am and I knew I had to go- my alarm is set for 5:10 and I try not to get up in the 4 oíclock hour for anything, but there was no way I could fight this. So I ran to the bathroom and decided maybe for this nightís tea Iíll cut back down to one teabag. ;) Although it was a drag getting up that early my morning was great! I had extra time to do a few chores before going to work and I got the recycling out that we forgot to do last night. My energy is fine, but it doesnít seem to ...   read more

Day 8   17 y  
I finally had a good day!
I woke up with my right big toe aching, just like it had been doing the last 2 mornings. I donít remember having any old injuries there but of course itís entirely possible. I crouched in my shower again this morning because I had the heat cranked up (I love hot showers) and it really drained me. Then I finally had a great morning! I was energetic and sociable, and had alot of work to do, which was great because I had gotten bored of surfing around trying to kill off the time. ;) And since I was busy I had to check to make sure I was having my scheduled lemonades... I mean, losing a few ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
Was this the Make It or Break It moment?
Today was a breakthrough. I woke up and immediately had a BM, which seemed par for the course lately. I canít say I felt terrific, but I didnít feel bad either; I was just... awake and getting ready for work. I wished that I would have some turning point to make this all so much easier but none came; it was indeed just Day 7 of my first 10 day MC. Nothing much changed about my routines at work. Same amount of energy, same amount of, well, enthusiasm about the day, which is to say there wasnít very much lol. And then the clock struck 1pm, and I think I hit a critical point in th ...   read more

Day 6   17 y  
Some random thoughts, and another successful day! Whew!
It was better today. I was sort of hoping C would come back to work and tell me she had cheated; that she had eaten something on the weekend and she was sorry, because all the while Iíve known her she hasnít had the strongest willpower with any of the diets sheís been on. However, my hopes were dashed- she came in all bright eyed and happy about the fast... it looks like Iíll be in for the long haul. I was very glad to be back at work- this is much easier during work days. Make no mistake- I can appreciate the benefits that something like this has, but do I think itís for everyone? N ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
I almost threw in the towel today!
I felt better than I had since starting the fast- I felt more normal. I slept well and woke up to the dogs banging in their crates. Theyíve learned to be early risers since I get up at 5:15 with them during the week when I have to get ready for work. They donít sleep in much past 7am anymore, which is great really, because no matter how begrudgingly I get out of bed Iím always glad to have the morning hours for myself. Had the morning laxitive tea; I enjoy the taste of it. I picked up a new box of senna tea from Bulk Barn and this kind is much more fragrant and strong. Iím glad I like i ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
A very long day... very long. And smellerifous.
I woke up in pretty much the same fashion as Day 3; a bit weak. Most of my bursts of energy come later in the evening unless I coax myself into actually doing something; otherwise I could relax and take it easy all day, but that makes for a very long day, especially being home on the weekend. I thought I would do the SWF this morning, but my BF got up early and we decided to go and check out some yard sales. I grabbed an empty water bottle and filled it with freshly made lemonade. Iím squeezing my lemons as I go as Iíve read itís more effective that way. We yard saled for about 2 hours, ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
A slow go... but I made it to day 3!
I woke up weak; I had to crouch while I took my shower in the morning. I donít usually do that unless Iím hungover. *grin* Since Iím not making a lunch or stopping to grab a tea in the morning anymore I have extra time to fuddle around in the morning and this comes in handy, and it certainly did today. I wasnít particularly tired, just weak. Work was better, but again my friend (Iíll call her C) had a tough day. She went to her van to sleep at lunch break; I felt badly that I wasnít having such a hard time. I wonder if it has something to do with our diets? Weíre 10 years apart too- ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
I had a good day! My friend had a horrible one...
Well, I woke up in alot better spirits than the first day. I was a little sluggish and weak but I felt pretty good overall. All day I wasnít tired which is surprising since I didnít have my morning tea again... I thought that part would be difficult. No headaches either- I had a good second day. I admit though, Iím wasnít as sharp as I needed to be at work. I made more mistakes and I needed to double check my work more often. I felt dull in that aspect. Iím glad I have a desk job, well, at least for this. But my job is still pretty demanding and can be stressful, but this week has been ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
My Day one of this Fast. Very, very tired!
So my day one was a pretty bumpy ride. To be honest, I think when I woke up I was much more tired than usual; I think it would have been a pretty long day for me at work if I was starting the fast today or not. So I get to work and my friend has the Madal Bal syrup, teabags, lemons... everything we need to get through 10 days each. Iíve read about people using regular pure maple syrup, but we decided to try the Madal Bal brand. Weíre also using pure maple syrup in case the Madal Bal runs out before the 10 days are up- and weíre hoping to go 14 days, so we might need it. I thin kIím goin ...   read more

Why am I doing this?   17 y  
This is why I'm doing this- my starting point.
Well, there are a few reasons really. I was really interested in the whole detox aspect of it. Iím constantly on a chocolate binge cycle and I wanted to break that sugar addiction (and carb addiction). I always seem to get into a terrible cycle with sweets, and I lost 35 pounds 3 years ago and I knew I was starting bad habits up once again. I am interested in losing the last 5 or 10 pounds. Iím very skeptical if they can be kept off however; Iím a firm believer in healthy eating and know what I need to fuel my body, so Iím under the theory that any weight I lose on this fast I will m ...   read more


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