journal of my 30 day juice fast
by ausjulie
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Day 3 of 10   14 y  
weekend temptations
mmm everything went great yesterday - i was a bit hungry in the evening but that went away after a few lemonades. Drinking heaps of water and slept really well. Dropped the kids off to school and then went back to bed and didnt want to get out. Feeling really good but my old arch nemesis is here FRIDAY!! I love fridays. I dont think i am going to make it thru the weekend. Will see if i crack later today.   visit the page

Day 2 of 10 day master cleanse   14 y  
asian noodle soup anyone???
Things went pretty smoothly again yesterday, slept well which i love about fasting - very vivid dreams. I can already feel my emotions calming down. Fasting gives me time to react to things more naturally- toxins chemicals process foods and alcohol all make my nervous system very sketchy. Just wish i could maintain more of a balance in my life. Not even just about weight but about peace, and calmness and being grounded to whats real and ignoring all the rest of the bs. Well i guess life wouldnt be interesting if i had it together all of the time. Its all about Checks and balances - and re ...   read more

Day 1 of 10 day master cleanse   14 y  
time for change again
The master cleanse is my least favourite thing to do but i need a change and a challenge. Day 1 is always very easy for me and luckily i slept really well last nigth. i am going to try to stick strictly to mc lemonade but if i get to the point where i want to quit i will add a juice in here and there. looking forward to feeling better, less bloated and calm. life is pretty uncertain at the moment and i need to have the peace that fasting gives to assess everything. i am not weighing myself but yes i want to lose a few extra pounds. would like to commit to a longer fast but just not in that ...   read more

post fast day 1   14 y  
breaking the fast
i thought i would blog for the first week. today i broke my fast with banana, grapes and some tomatoes (they just looked so good in central market!). i am craving something hot because it is so cold here - which is very unusual. so tomorrow i am going to make a veggie broth. also looking forward to some steamed cauliflower- very strange the things you can feel like after not eating for 30 days!   visit the page

Day 30   14 y  
yahoo i made it to the end of my third 30 day fast!!!
Yeah i am so glad i have made it. today my weight is at 139pd, but yesterday it was at 138 so i am taking the 138 and saying i lost 22pd in 30days!! i think the reason its up a little today is oxypowder. i feel like when i take it at night it holds a lot of fluid in my body - i can feel it. then when the bm’s come it realeases it. so my guess is tomorrow my weight will be down again. but needless to say it has been very strange. i lost 16pd in the first two weeks and only 6 in the second half. however most of my size change came in the last half - even in the last week my jeans fit better. ...   read more

Day 29   14 y  
another good day
Last night i ran 4 miles straight and felt really good, first time for a while i have had energy and not feel exhausted from exercising. maybe i just needed to rest in between running..mmm..makes sense! slept amazing again - i love that on fasts. i am sick of juice but making myself have one during the day and if hungry at night another one. oxypowder has been working a treat - i will be glad when i am eating solid food and dont have to take anything. all in all a good second last day!   visit the page

Day 27 & 28   14 y  
nearly there
Today is a good day - only two more days to do! my weight is 139pd, which i am a bit disappointed about. that means in two weeks of fasting i have only lost 5 pds off the scales. although i know i have lost more in inches because i am down probably two sizes since then. and it’s still a weight loss of 21pd - so far. i feel really good in that i am sleeping well, wake up feeling rested and i am more focused. i am not hungry at all i am down to mostly just one large juice during the day and sipping on hot water at night. i have mixed emotions about finishing. i will be glad to be done but it ...   read more

day 25 & 26   14 y  
not feeling so great!
well yesterday was another low energy day - i ran again only 3 miles and as soon as i finished i went dizzy and felt sick - seriously i nearly threw up. i guess i am not getting enough calories for energy or maybe i am just spending a lot on cleansing. whatever it is its not good so today i am having a rest day, tomorrow i will walk or run depending on how i feel. i am in my jeans, comfortably which is good. so the next few days is extra! i still feel like i have a lot to go but happy to work on it. i am looking forward to some food - today i am hungry and ready for the 30 day mark to come ...   read more

Day 24   14 y  
low energy day.
Another good day. Although i ran this morning and i had very very little energy. i only managed 3 miles, my legs killed me, it was really very hard. i was suprised, it could be my body clock, i am not much of a morning person and usually run at night - or it could just be a low day on the fast???? i will have to start oxypoweder again tonight...i dont hate it but i sure dont love it! i had a dream last nite that i ate - gosh that would be awful getting this far and way that is happening. i am looking forward to getting thru this weekend and then seeing how i am feeling and ho ...   read more

Day 23   14 y  
Feeling on top of the world!
Today i feel even better than yesterday! Amazing. Finally my weight decreased. I could just tell this morning when i woke up i felt much smaller even then yesterday. so i tried on some jeans that even two days ago didnt fit and yep they fit! so i am back to what i call my safe weight. This is where i feel like i look ok not great but not bad i can also maintain this weight by eating and exercising how i want. So that is all good. I am 140pd. I would love to get into the low 30’s if i can but no pressure. The one thing that is not good is my body shape has changed a little due to not exerci ...   read more

Day 22   14 y  
good times!
Feel great, slept like a baby, have loads of energy, clear mind, just feel really good. Yesterday i had one juice in the middle of the day and it was all i needed - that and water. I ran 4 miles last night and it just felt soooo good. Today or rather tonight i am volunteering for a homeless organisation i am really hoping that this will work out and be a regular weekly activity. My skin feels good its still a little blotchy, i’m not sure how long that would take to juice to fix up completely but my bags under my eyes are gone. Three weeks in is for me the best time on a fast - i always fee ...   read more

Day 21   14 y  
yeah another milestone
i am glad today is here - i am ready to finish the last week of fasting and move onto regular life. i have loved doing this fast and right now i sit here feeling really good. i love the feeling you get of not being bloated, i love not being hungry and not having to worry about how much food i am consuming and i love how i sleep. and yes i love the weight loss. but i guess most of all i love that i am doing this for me, for my health not for anyone else it is purely for me! and it just feels so good to be treating myself so well. i have to apply this post fast to my eating habits which i am ...   read more

Day 17-19   14 y  
mmm frustrating
today i am a little low my weight is 143.5pd which hardly seems possible but in 5 days of juicing and heavy exercise i have actually managed to put on half a pound. it doesnt worry me in that it wont effect the fast...i have comitted to 30 days and i will complete it..but it is disappointing. i was going so strong at the start, i expected it too slow down but not to stop all together. anyway good thing is i ran my 4 miles withuot stoping and in a decent time, yesterday i went to the gym and did a really good workout, today i am debating a rest day or a nice walk later pressure. its ...   read more

Day 16   14 y  
yesterday i was really hungry - i just didnt have enough juice so today i am going to try to increase. i also had low energy and didnt sleep very well. all associated with too low a calorie intake i think. i managed a walk but really wasnt up to gym which is what i was planning. today is running day but i am not going to push it like i have other days...i just havent got the energy..and i think it is important to listen to your body. i love that each day i wake up i am day further away from my starting point and one day closer to my end! i am so glad i am doing this. i think it will become ...   read more

Day 14& 15   14 y  
Yahoo half way!!!
i am so glad i am half way - it feels really good. i am at 143 pd which is 17 pound in 15day, i am happy about that being gone..this is the most i have lost in this amount of time on any fast...not sure why when i’m not doing anything different... i think the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off and then when you have less it slows down??? now just another 10 to go! yesterday i ran 4 miles, three continuous a break and then the final one. i am aiming to get the whole 4 in one hit by end of this week. that will feel good. i am wearing pants today that fit again yeah!!! still a lon ...   read more

Day 12 & Day 13   14 y  
Things are good!
The weekend has passed without much to say..i am bored of juicing but love the feeling it gives me. i feel light full of energy, aware, calm and more myself. i ran yesterday i made it the whole four miles but stopped in between for a break. today i ran outside it was such a lovely day, another four miles. i am so glad i am back to the exercise and looking forward to a run tomorrow and then back in the gym. i am down to 144pd which is 16pd in 13 days. i am happy about the weight loss and more clothes are fitting. i still have a long way to go but definately feels good to be doing something ...   read more

Day 11   14 y  
Bit of a low day but i will pull thru!
Yesterday was such a great day but today i am a little low. i am missing food, not so much hungry, just missing it. i will increase juices to overcome. its also friday and as i have said numerous times i find weekends difficult. but its only 4 weekends that i refrain from our usual festivites so i have to remember that. that and how good i will feel on monday! i have slight detox today, pain in neck and shoulders. my tongue is whiter than normal too, i took oxypowder last night which has resulted in quite a few bm;s os maybe i am just moving some stuff out - which is always good. i am crav ...   read more

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